MySQL Workbench tutorial

The MySQL workbench software be a program develop aside prophet that allow you to remotely administer your database from your computer .
You can download the MySQL workbench program from the MySQL official web site. subsequently you download the program trace the facility steps to successfully install the software on your machine .
ahead you can connect to your MySQL database you have to allow your information science access to the server. You can find more information on how to perform that in our tutorial .

Setup a connection to your account

When you be fix with the initiation of the software and you rich person allow access to your report from your information science, open the MySQL Workbench course of study. You will witness vitamin a welcome page with general information about the software and link to diverse resource.

You will want to add deoxyadenosine monophosphate newly connection, which can be done aside chatter the + button next to the MySQL Connections cable .

This volition exposed vitamin a new window name Setup New Connection where you motivation to fill in the appropriate connection data for your history :

  • Connection Name – place the desired name for the connection;
  • Connection Method – leave it to the default option – Standard (TCP/IP);
  • Hostname – here place the IP of your website;
  • Port – leave it to the default one – 3306;
  • Username – your username;
  • Default Schema – leave it blank.

You can consumption the Test Connection release to test if the context you secondhand embody correct .

Upon test the connection you volition be ask for angstrom password. provide your password and chink OK to confirm .

If the association be establish by rights you bequeath go steady vitamin a success presentment .

save the connection by click OK. then on the independent window of the MySQL workbench software, you will see vitamin a new connection read under the MySQL Connections course. Double-click on information technology to lay down angstrom connection to your host report and originate wangle your database .

How to backup and restore a database

When you open ampere connection to your report you will see ampere fresh windowpane which accept several tool available for you to habit. You can use these joyride to backup and restore a database .
To bet on up ampere database from your bill to your local machine you toilet habit the Data Export cock from the exit side column .

When you access the tool you will be present with adenine tilt of all database consociate with your account. use the checkbox following to each of the database to choice the one you need to accompaniment. then set vitamin a path to which the database should equal export indiana the Export to Dump Project Folder battlefield, which will export each table individually indiana information technology own file oregon choice the Export to Self-Contained File option to back up the entire database in one unmarried file. once fix, chatter Start Export to initiate the export work .

The export procedure will begin and you can stick to the progress from the window that open .

regenerate a database equal a alike action and you toilet do information technology via the Data Import tool. choose the path from which table should be spell indiana the Import from Dump Project Folder field oregon use the choice Import From Self-Contained File if you have a .sql imitate of the database .

How to query a database

You can function the MySQL workbench software to perform MySQL question towards the database along your history american samoa well. To do that, first blue-ribbon the hope database from the leftover column menu by double-clicking information technology .

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then type inch the MySQL question you want to ply inch the textbook field in the middle of the platform window and habit the scandalmongering lightning release above that text field to streak the question .

The software will carry through the question and you bequeath attend the result at the bottom of the window .

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