How to Search For a Seller on eBay (4 Easy Ways)

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We ’ ve all been there, you find an amazing seller on eBay, spend some time looking through their memory and then…lose them constantly. This has been a reservoir of frustration for me many times as I ’ ve found and lost other sellers that I want to buy from, follow, or flush precisely stalk their sales ! fortunately, eBay makes it very bare both to find sellers through search and to keep tab key on them through either following them or saving a search with their list .
so if you are stuck, let ’ s answer “ How do I search for a seller on eBay ? ! ”

How to Search for a Seller on eBay

Finding a seller and their listings on eBay depends on whether you know their username. If you don ’ thyroxine know it, things get a snatch harder but it may still be potential.

If you have forgotten their username, try one of the following three methods:

  1. If you “watched” any of the seller’s items you can find it again under your watch list and scroll down to find the seller’s name/store
  2. Similarly, if you have purchased from them you can find their store/username through your purchase history
  3. If neither of the above is an option, you’re down to using the eBay search function to try and find an item in their store.  This can range from very simple for niche sellers to downright impossible if you’re not quite sure what they sell

If you already knew their name ( or precisely learned it ) this equitable got very easy !

1. voyage to the eBay Homepage and click Advanced Search

how to find a seller on eBay example

2. Click “ By Seller ” Under Items

how to find a seller on phone app example

3. type In The Seller ’ s Name and Click Search

how to find an eBay seller's store That ’ s all there is to it ! After you have typed in the seller name and hit “ search ” you ’ ll be instantaneously able to browse through what they have for sale, see what they ’ ve sold recently, etc.

How to Find an eBay seller on the iPhone App

Searching for sellers on the eBay app is a snatch different ( and in my public opinion, easier ). The “ how ” of searching for a storehouse on eBay is sol simple we can give it to you in one root : You simply use the search bar to type in Seller:username.
example of how to search for eBay seller on the iPhone app So for example:
Our eBay seller name is bymaji2011
We open the app and type seller : bymaji2011 into the search cake and it immediately brings up our storehouse .

How to search within an eBay seller ’ south storehouse :

If you are searching for something specific within a seller ’ south memory, plainly add a space at the goal of your username search and type in your keyword. For example, if you want to see if we have in widgets for sale in our store you would type in :

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As an concern chop hera, we use this system all the clock to search within our own shop. If we need to edit items, search for something on our call, etc. You can search for your own store and easily search within it to find what you ’ ra looking for .

How to follow an eBay seller ( or save them for late )

once you ’ ve mastered how to search for a seller on eBay, you can either “ follow the seller ” by clicking the short heart by their username or save the search by clicking the little heart up by the search stripe. Either one will enable you to receive notifications when they post fresh items in their shop and allow you to navigate to their listings much more cursorily. then there you go ! Super easy !
Hopefully, that was able to take the mystery out of things and help you find sellers more easily. If there is another agile tutorial you want to see from us just let us know in the comments ! happy betray !

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