How to Start Screen Printing T-Shirts at Home

shield print is a unique industry. Printers take a blank shirt and turn it into a make of art. You can make anything out of the trade, whether that ’ s a hobby or a full-time gig. Stepping into screen print can be a small daunting. There ’ sulfur so much to learn, and it ’ s a guarantee that you ’ ll make mistakes along the way. so where do you start ? Let ’ s walk through what you ’ ll need to start screen impression and the best ways to learn the craft .
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screen printing can be whatever you want it to be. Need a creative mercantile establishment ? Print some t-shirts. Are you looking for extra cash ? Start up a slope bustle from a spare room in your house or your garage. You can screen print full time, or just print t-shirts for family vacations. It ’ randomness all up to you .
Every screen printer started somewhere. Take Jerome Haygood from Aerogant Printing Company for model. Jerome began to screen print his own brand because outsourcing the print wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate working for him anymore. He set up shop in his basement and has been steadily growing ever since.

Bhavik Dhanak, the screen printer behind aesthetic Imprints, started screen print as a high school hobby. His first paid job was for a clubhouse at his eminent school. Since then, this young mark hustler has upgraded his basement shop with state-of-the-art equipment. The labor never stops .
The best part of screen print is that it ’ s scalable to your needs. There ’ south equipment for every size shop class. Let ’ s lecture about what you need to start screen print .


There ’ s a short ton of equipment printers can get to screen print, but ultimately it depends on what you want to do with shield printing and your budget constraints. You ’ ll need a imperativeness, curing method acting, ink, screens, squeegees, cleaning chemicals and so much more .
Shopping around for equipment and supplies can be fun. Comparison shopping gives you the best equipment for the best price. sometimes, it ’ randomness decent to have all the equipment and supplies in one place. You can add everything you need in one cluck and be certain that you aren ’ thyroxine forgetting anything. Check out the Riley Hopkins 150 Complete Screen Printing Kit. It has everything a novitiate printer needs to start out .
The Riley Hopkins 150 press is a bang-up newcomer urge. It ’ sulfur built like a raceway car, so it ’ south over-engineered to perform for you. The kit includes an exposure whole for exposing screens, and a flash dry to flash and cure garments. There are besides emulsion, ink, screens, squeegees, cleaning chemicals, and more. You ’ ll have everything you need to get started.

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so you ’ ve got everything set up in your shop space. now, it ’ sulfur fourth dimension to start riddle print. But how do you start ? Screen print is all about the eruditeness summons. even large shops are calm learning as they go. It takes time and practice to learn the tricks of the trade. The biggest thing to remember is that making mistakes is how you learn .
The great news program is that there are tons of free resources to help you learn to screen print. There are YouTube tutorials, blogs about everything from film output to proper screen storage, and absolve courses that cover the entire shield printing summons .
Looking for a comprehensive course to learn the basics of sieve printing ? There ’ s a path equitable for you. How to Screen Print with a Kit : 150 edition is a free course designed to teach novitiate printers the basics of print. watch or follow along and learn how to set up a darkroom, choose the right shirts for a problem, print with both water-based and plastisol ink, reclaim a riddle, and then a lot more.

The course uses the Riley Hopkins 150 Complete Screen Printing Kit as a spinal column, so you can follow along and get screen print. The class is besides packed with excess resources and helpful quizzes, so you ’ ll know the material inside and out .
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Screen printing is great, and takes a lot of time to learn. Get the right equipment that works for your space and budget, collect all the resources you need to learn the trade, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The only limit is your imagination.
screen printing is great, and takes a fortune of clock to learn. Get the right equipment that works for your space and budget, collect all the resources you need to learn the trade, and don ’ thyroxine be afraid to make mistakes. The only limit is your imagination .

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