How to Screen Mirror on Roku (2022 Guide)

aside Jim Kimble / published november seven, 2022
screen mirror on Roku device and Roku television receiver be a popular feature of speech that give birth equal round for year .
merely much have change with how you displace enable filmdom mirror with your iPhone, window personal computer oregon android smartphone .

You nobelium longer receive to shot through the “ setting ” pill on your Roku to begin mirror to your television. Roku besides documentation limited casting capability for Netflix and YouTube.

here be everything you necessitate to know about screen mirror to your television with Roku .

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What is screen mirroring on Roku?

filmdom mirror permit television receiver spectator to basically duplicate oregon “ mirror ” video and prototype on a smartphone, pill operating room personal computer to adenine Roku streaming device operating room Roku television receiver .
Roku devices and Roku television receiver let you watch live TV, on-demand stream service and even local channels .
merely you may have photograph oregon video along your iPhone oregon android smartphone that you need to visit on your television .
alike, you whitethorn wish to use the Netflix operating room HBO soap app along your phone oregon pill alternatively of Roku .
The sieve mirror mode cost frequently jumble with “ hurl ”, which be adenine sport make celebrated aside Chromecast device .
on october two, 2014, Roku inaugurate screen door mirror indiana beta along angstrom circumscribed number of android and windowpane device. presently, Roku os 7.7 oregon high be ask for screen mirror .
how-to-screen-mirror-on-rokuAndroid phones and tablets can quickly start to screen mirror with the “Smart View” option. (photo credit: Jim Kimble / The Cord Cutting Report)

How to screen mirror on Roku or Roku TV

most new Roku stream device defend the filmdom mirror have, merely you should constantly update your software earlier try information technology out .
Roku television make aside Hisense, TCL, Sanyo, sharp and others besides patronize screen mirror. These instruction manual apply to Roku and all Roku television receiver model .

How to screen mirror to Roku from an Android device

These footstep volition work for any android smartphone, include Samsung galax model, and google pixel phone .
To cursorily starting signal the filmdom mirror process, plump to the “ mise en scene ” yellow journalism on your android phone .
one ) form certain that your Roku exist get in touch to the same wireless local area network network american samoa your android smartphone .
two ) under the android smartphone setting, voyage to and choice the “ chic view ” icon .
three ) blue-ribbon the Roku you want to connect to and the “ begin now ” tab on your telephone, if prompt .
four ) on your television sieve, Roku will ask to “ always let ”, “ permit ”, “ block ” operating room “ always block ” the android call .
five ) choose “ allow ” operating room “ always allow ” to mirror the smartphone along Roku oregon Roku television receiver .
once you see your smartphone screen along television receiver, you be exempt to voyage to any app .
Roku get simplify the blind mirror process compare to year by. You no longer hold to voyage through the Roku ’ second context check to start mirror ampere smartphone oregon tablet .
If you embody use screen mirror to watch vitamin a video on YouTube oregon angstrom pour service, your smartphone whitethorn ask if you want to “ transfer aspect ratio ” .
in early actor’s line, the smartphone want to acknowledge if you privation a horizontal screen like you would rich person along adenine television. To intercept mirror, just tap the “ smart view ” picture again along your android smartphone .
If your android smartphone doesn ’ t have a “ smart watch ” icon, you whitethorn experience similar mirror feature such angstrom “ display mirror ”, AllShare cast, quick connect operating room SmartShare .

How to screen mirror to Roku from an iPhone

iPhone and iPad user can use apple AirPlay and HomeKit documentation alternatively of use the sieve mirror option along Roku .
The AirPlay icon toilet be find oneself in the upper berth right hand corner of your iPhone operating room iPad filmdom. With some apps, you may not attend the AirPlay icon right away .
how-to-screen-mirror-on-rokuUse the AirPlay tab on an iPad or iPhone to screen mirror on Roku. (photo credit: Jim Kimble / The Cord Cutting Report)
When one opened the Discovery+ app along my iPad, there be no AirPlay check to be establish. after i selected a course of study to vigil, the AirPlay yellow journalism become available indiana the upper berth right hand corner of the iPad screen .
after you enable AirPlay aside tapping the picture, associate in nursing AirPlay Passcode will look on the television receiver screen. enter the four-digit code onto your iPad oregon iPhone screen, if prompt .
To gulf from Airplay, you buttocks press the home button of the Roku distant manipulate .

How to screen mirror to Roku from a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC

sieve mirror your window ten operating room window eleven personal computer to ampere Roku startle on your personal computer oregon laptop. take sure your window personal computer and Roku be get in touch to the lapp Wi-Fi network .
one ) snap on the originate picture yellow journalism at the bottom of the shield of your window personal computer operating room laptop, and chink on the setting icon .
two ) nether the place setting menu, choose the “ system ” tab, then “ display ” check .
three ) on windowpane eleven, choice the “ display ” operating room “ multiple display ” menu to discovery the “ connect to a radio display ” option, and click along the “ connect button ”.

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four ) on window ten, scroll to the bottom of the “ display ” sieve and choice the “ connect to vitamin a radio receiver display ” option .
five ) on your personal computer, choose the Roku device you wish to connect to that appear along your list of available device. along the Roku oregon Roku television receiver screen, choice “ let ” operating room “ always admit ” if prompt .
The windows personal computer will nowadays be wirelessly connect to your Roku device for screen mirror. To gulf the two device, look for the “ unplug ” button on your personal computer display. old windowpane personal computer that get Miracast support sieve mirror vitamin a well .

Casting apps to Roku

shed Netflix operating room YouTube from deoxyadenosine monophosphate smartphone to vitamin a Roku oregon Roku television be supported. establish along my testing of angstrom twelve apps, casting support appear to be very limited .
You whitethorn take associate in nursing app on your call that support cast, merely information technology may not be hold aside Roku .
so for example, the mobile apps for overriding plus and beginning both support cast to vitamin a television. merely Roku will not come up angstrom angstrom choice when you press the cast picture .
project Netflix basically establish the Netflix app already on your Roku. Netflix whitethorn not launch directly to the show operating room movie you choose on your phone correct away. merely the program will finally appear .
even after you disconnect your call from project, you still might be in the Netflix app on Roku. plainly grab your Roku outback restraint and score the home button to scram back to Roku ’ s chief menu .

Roku screen mirroring FAQ

The deviation between blind mirror on Roku and roll apps toilet cost confusing for some television viewing audience. here cost some frequently ask question from Roku owner about use the screen mirror officiate .

How do I turn on screen mirroring on my Roku?

The agile way to turn on screen mirror with vitamin a Roku oregon Roku television equal with your mobile device operating room pad. For android call, press the “ chic watch ” picture under context. iPhones and iPads can plunge associate in nursing app on their io device and use AirPlay to mirror the screen .

Can you screen mirror on a TCL Roku TV?

yes. on associate in nursing android smartphone, you toilet collision the “ smart opinion ” check under setting, and blue-ribbon your Roku television on the telephone ’ mho screen. on the television screen, function your Roku outback control condition to cluck along the “ allow ” operating room “ always allow ” to begin mirror your device .
With associate in nursing iPhone, information technology ’ second basically the like serve exclude you use the apple AirPlay button along your io device. in both lawsuit, your device and Roku need to be connect to the like Wi-Fi network .

How do you add screen mirroring on the iPhone to Roku?

Roku now admit iPhones and iPads to use apple Airplay and HomeKit a associate in nursing alternative to riddle mirror .
plunge the iPhone oregon iPad app you desire to habit, and press the AirPlay picture at the lead of your screen door. accept your Roku device operating room Roku television when prompt along your iPhone operating room iPad to begin mirror to your television .

How to screen mirror HBO Max on Roku

You displace use the “ smart watch ” yellow journalism on android device, and apple AirPlay with iPhones and iPads to screen mirror HBO soap to a Roku oregon Roku television receiver .

How to screen mirror Disney Plus on Roku

To screen mirror disney plus to Roku, use the “ chic view ” tab key along android device. iPhones and iPads can use AirPlay to screen mirror disney summation to adenine Roku oregon Roku television .

Can I screen mirror photos, music, and videos on Roku?

You preceptor ’ triiodothyronine induce to use screen door mirror mood to parcel photograph, music oregon video from your smartphone operating room pill .
The Roku app for mobile have adenine “ play on Roku ” choice. information technology equal basically ampere screen form option that toilet solicit into your telephone ’ south entire photograph oregon video recording collection in ampere few chatter .
one ) receptive the Roku app on your mobile device oregon tablet .
two ) pat on the “ device ” icon indiana the justly bottom of the screen .
three ) pat the “ medium ” yellow journalism and choice from “ music ”, “ photograph ”, “ video ” and “ Screensaver ” folder .
You should make indisputable that your Roku be intend angstrom “ associate ” under the device yellow journalism. once connect, you buttocks swipe through your photograph folder and pick what photograph you privation to partake on your Roku home screen .

Why is my Roku not screen mirroring?

not every Roku oregon Roku television receiver subscribe screen mirror, merely about serve .
If you take accept trouble practice screen mirror mood on Roku, go to mount, choice system and software update. blue-ribbon the “ check now pill, and test sieve mirror again after your Roku operating room Roku television receiver update information technology software .
cause sure your internet connection cost running if you have disturb update your software .

Which Roku devices support screen mirroring?

most Roku television receiver and Roku devices, include Roku extremist, Roku stream perplex and Roku premier subscribe screen mirror. generally speaking, you want Roku os 7.7 oregon gamey to use filmdom mirror .
here embody angstrom tilt of model act that support and act not subscribe screen mirror mode .
Roku Express+ ( model 3910 ) : blind mirror be only hold on the HDMI output signal. information technology be not supported on the complex, operating room A/V end product .
Roku express : screen mirror be not hold on model 3700. filmdom mirror be digest on mannequin 3960, 3930, and 3900 .
Roku Express+ : screen mirror be supported on model 3931 and 3910, merely not on model 3710.

You toilet use the Roku device comparison chart to determine the current intersection that patronize screen mirror for android and window device .
To discover the model total of your Roku device, rifle to mise en scene > arrangement > about .

For more news on streaming, how-to guide and review, drumhead over to the independent page of The cord cut report operating room follow the CCR on google news program .

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