How To Schedule Posts on Facebook [Top Tools + Tips]

Learn how to schedule your Facebook posts then you can save time, post more systematically and reach a wide-eyed consultation on the platform. If you ’ ve ever scrambled to get even content published to your brand ’ sulfur Facebook Page, you ’ ve credibly wondered if there ’ s a way to schedule Facebook posts ahead of time. well, there is !
Managing a social media content calendar becomes far more efficient when you schedule Facebook posts. Scheduling in advance can help your brand mail more systematically and stay on schedule. That direction, you can avoid long gaps between posts with little attempt .
There are two ways you can schedule posts on Facebook :

  • Natively. This method uses Facebook’s built-in posting scheduler.
  • Using third-party schedulers. Publishing tools like Hootsuite can be used to schedule social media posts across platforms. Advanced features like bulk scheduling are available.

Bonus: Download our free, customizable social media calendar template to easily plan and schedule all your capacity in promote .

In a nutshell, scheduling Facebook posts can help your business :

  • Post regularly
  • Stay on brand
  • Connect with your audience
  • Save time creating individual posts
  • Increase your social media engagement
  • Stay focused on your posting strategy

First things first : You need to have a Facebook Page to schedule posts .
( Don ’ thymine have one ? Find out how to create a Facebook commercial enterprise page in just a few steps. )
once your page is set up, follow this bit-by-bit steer to learn how to schedule future posts .
Step 1: Write your post
After opening Facebook to your timeline, chatter Pages in the acme leave recess of your splashboard to navigate to your business ’ second Facebook Page .
then, navigate to Business Suite in the menu :
Facebook Pages Business Suite
immediately, snap Create Post :
Create Post
Need a little inspiration ? We ’ ve got your back. here are some tips on creating an engaging Facebook station .
Step 2: Preview the post
Use this view to schedule Facebook posts using Business Manager
In the Placements section, select where you want your post to be published. You will be able to publish it to your page and the connect Instagram account at the same time .
As you draft the post, you ’ ll be able to preview what it will look like on background and mobile. If anything looks off, make changes to optimize the post. This is the time to make sure those radio link previews are pulling correctly .
Step 3: Select a date and time
If you don ’ thymine want to publish your post right away, pawl on the arrow next to the Publish button at the penetrate of the page .
select date and time to schedule Facebook posts
then, choose the day you want the stake to be published, and the fourth dimension it should go live .
choose day and time to schedule
last, chink Save .
Step 4: Schedule your post
schedule Facebook post
Click the gloomy Schedule Post button, and that ’ s it ! Your post is now in the publish line up. That means it ’ s ready to go live on the day and clock you set .

How to edit scheduled Facebook posts in Business Suite

You might want to edit, delete or reschedule the Facebook posts in your queue. here ’ s where you can find the queue and edit it .

  1. Navigate to Scheduled Posts in the Business Suite. There, you’ll see all of your scheduled posts.
  2. Click on the post you want to edit to view the details.
  3. Click on the three dots icon. You’ll see several options: Edit Post, Duplicate Post, Reschedule Post and Delete Post.
  4. Make your edits and click Save. By clicking the arrow next to the Save button, you can also choose to publish the post immediately or reschedule it.

It ’ south that slowly !

once you ’ ve connected your Facebook page to your Hootsuite account, this is how to schedule Facebook posts using the app .
Step 1: Click Create Post
voyage to the content initiation picture in the menu on the leave side of the splashboard. then, chatter Post .
Create post using Facebook scheduling app
Step 2: Select the Facebook Page you want to publish to
Check the box next to the chastise Facebook account .
select Facebook page in Hootsuite
Step 3: Create your post
Write the textbook, add and edit your image, and add a link .
create Facebook post with text image and link
Step 4: Schedule a publication time
Tap Schedule for later. This will bring up a calendar. Choose the date and fourth dimension you want the Facebook stake to be published .
schedule Facebook post for later
Hootsuite ’ s Facebook scheduling app makes it easy to post at the best times to generate gamey employment .
The Best prison term to Publish looks at your past engagement data to suggest optimum times to post on every net, not just Facebook !
( If you ’ d like to learn more, check out how the Best clock to Publish feature works for Hootsuite ’ s own social channels. )
Step 5: Schedule your Facebook post
Click the Schedule push button, and your mail will be published at the accurate time you set .

How to schedule multiple Facebook posts at once in Hootsuite

Hootsuite ’ s bulk schedule tool makes handling a busy posting schedule more efficient. The tool lets you schedule a maximum of 350 posts at once .
To schedule multiple Facebook posts, save your Facebook contented as a CSV charge .
Include these details for each post :

  • The date and time (using 24-hour time) that your post should publish.
  • The caption.
  • A URL (this is optional).

note that you can ’ triiodothyronine add emojis, images or videos to bulk posts. But you can include those subsequently by editing each individual scheduled post in Hootsuite .
After you upload your CSV charge, the Bulk Composer asks you to review all the posts. once you ’ ve made your edits and uploaded any extra media files, blue-ribbon  Schedule .
Don ’ triiodothyronine forget that you can edit individual posts subsequently in Hootsuite ’ second Publisher ( in the Planner and Content pill ) .
Learn more about Hootsuite ’ s bulk scheduling tool hera :

How to auto-schedule Facebook posts in Hootsuite

With Hootsuite ’ s AutoSchedule feature, you can avoid gaps in your sociable media calendar. The tool will mechanically schedule your posts for publication at optimum, high-engagement times. rather of manually testing different post times when scheduling your Facebook posts, let us do the mathematics for you !
here ’ s how to use the auto-scheduling feature of speech :
Step 1: Compose your post
Create your post as usual : write a caption, add and edit your visualize, and add a connect .
Step 2: Click Schedule for later
This will bring up the schedule calendar. alternatively of manually selecting when your post should go live, voyage to the AutoSchedule choice good above the calendar .
Step 3: Turn the AutoSchedule toggle to On
turn AutoSchedule toggle on
then, pawl Done. You can sit back and relax — AutoSchedule is enabled !

How to view and edit scheduled Facebook posts in Hootsuite

Step 1: Navigate to the Publisher
read/write head to the Publisher part of your splashboard ( use the calendar icon in the left-hand side menu ) .
Hootsuite publisher
Step 2: Go to the Planner or Content tab
Both tabs will take you to your scheduled posts .
If you ’ re a ocular person, Planner offers a handy way to get a feel of your approaching contentedness. It gives you a calendar opinion of your schedule posts :
planner calendar view
The Content tab key shows you the lapp data but uses a tilt. Both views influence for editing and rescheduling posts. The one you choose is up to your personal preference .
Step 3: Click on the post you want to edit
here ’ s how this looks in the Content tab :
content tab
Step 4: Edit your scheduled post
At the bottom of the post, you have the option to either Edit or Delete your post .
edit scheduled post
To open your station and make edits, click Edit. here, you can reschedule your post or edit its contents. once you ’ re done, just suction stop Save Edits .
reschedule post or edit contents
The Delete button will erase the post from your content line up .

If you want to schedule and automatically post subject to Facebook and Instagram, as well as TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, Hootsuite is a bang-up choice. It ’ second comfortable to use, and it comes with many utilitarian collaboration features for teams. You can besides use Hootsuite for social media analytics, social listen, and answering all of your comments and DMs from one space .
hera ’ s how Hootsuite compares to Facebook Business Suite :
comparison chart: Hootsuite and Facebook Business Suite
Hootsuite ’ s Facebook scheduler besides has a Best Time to Publish feature of speech that gives you personalize recommendations for when you should post based on your bill ’ randomness historical performance. Just choose the goals that matter most to you ( building brand awareness, boosting engagement or increasing sales ). then, Hootsuite ’ s scheduler suggests post times that can help you boost visibility and performance .
screenshot showing Hootsuite's publishing suggestions feature, which tells you the best time to post
With Hootsuite, you can besides bulk-schedule up to 350 posts at once. Think of all the fourth dimension this could save you !

Whether you schedule Facebook posts on an app like Hootsuite or directly on the platform, you should follow these best practices :

1. Always stay on brand

When scheduling posts, the blackmail to post immediately is off. so take the time to craft relevant content that will land with your consultation .
Scheduling posts can besides give you time to make surely your brand guidelines are followed when composing weeks or months worth of content. Make sure that your campaigns across Pages and even social networks are aligned with yours and your audience ’ sulfur values .

2. Carefully choose the publication date and time

Avoid posting when your audience international relations and security network ’ metric ton on-line. Hootsuite ’ randomness Facebook scheduler comes with a Best time to Publish feature that will help you schedule Facebook posts on days and at times when your consultation is active on the chopine .
The more people see your Facebook updates, the more opportunity there is to generate battle, drive dealings and gain likely new followers .

3. Know when to pause your Facebook posts

Don ’ thyroxine forget about the posts you ’ ve scheduled. sometimes stream events can change the impact of posts you may have scheduled months ago. That means a post may become irrelevant or insensitive in ways you merely could not have predicted .
regularly check in on your scheduled posts to track what ’ s coming up. That direction, you can pause or delete scheduled posts before they ’ re published and avoid any likely recoil .

4. Remember that you can’t schedule everything

Some things you have to post about in real-time. And some types of posts can not be scheduled at all. On Facebook, these include :

  • Facebook events
  • Facebook check-ins
  • Photo albums

If you want to schedule Facebook messages, you may want to look into an automation joyride. Facebook messenger bots use colloquial AI to send messages that reach customers even if your support team is offline .

5. Track analytics and engagement

A good post agenda shouldn ’ thymine be based on guess. You ’ ll know what works best for your Facebook audience by monitoring your performance in a social media analytics tool .
Historical data will show you what posts perform well and where you could make improvements.

Use Hootsuite to schedule all of your social media posts, engage with your followers, and track the success of your efforts. Sign up today.
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Grow your Facebook presence faster with Hootsuite. Schedule all your social posts and track their performance in one dashboard .

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