How to scan a document with your phone

( Pocket-lint ) – If you have a printed document and need a digital copy then not to worry as you can easily scan newspaper documents with your phone. You might not know but you can capture a digital read with your call in a matter of seconds then turn it into a PDF and save it to the cloud. We ‘re here to show you how .
We ‘ve written before about how you can scan and sign a document with your Apple iPhone, iPad and even iPod Touch. immediately we ‘re going to show you have to do it with an Android call .

Good lighting is key

As with taking any sort of photos with your call, effective ignition is key to good results when scanning excessively. Make certain you have a dainty acquit space to capture your scan, preferably in well natural light near a window .

We ‘d recommend laying the text file you ‘re trying to scan flat on a postpone where you can get a commodity watch of it rather than trying to juggle holding both your call and newspaper at the same time. then get ready to scan .
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How to scan with Google Drive

The easiest way we ‘ve found to scan documents is with Google Drive. This is convenient as you can not only scan with the Google Drive app, but you can besides then save as PDF and upload to Google Drive immediately so you can then send the charge on or use it when you need to .
To scan a document with your telephone using Google Drive follow these steps ( assuming you have it downloaded first ) :

  1. Click to open Google Drive on your phone
  2. Click the plus icon on the bottom right of the app and click scan 
  3. Take a photo of your document as you normally would anything else
  4. Then click the tick icon when you’re happy with the image

once that ‘s done you ‘ll see the photograph is mechanically converted into a PDF. You then have the choice to edit it in respective ways. There are tools at the bottom of the app that you can use to cultivate the visualize if it does n’t include everything you need .
You can besides change the settings from black and white to colour and if you click on the three dots in the top veracious, you can change effigy enhancement settings, orientation and more .
once you ‘re happy you can then click to save which gives you the option to rename the file and choice where in your Google Drive folder you ‘d like to upload it.

once that ‘s done you ‘ll have the option to then access it wherever you need or to send it on to whoever needs it with facilitate. Get up to £325 off the new Pixel 6a with this incredible deal

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