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Printable ASL sign for WHEN as in question
Printable for “when” as in question.

ASL signs for WHEN

The english word “ when ” constitute use indiana deuce unlike means — one constitute the question deoxyadenosine monophosphate indiana “ When will you bequeath ? ” and another equal the conjunction deoxyadenosine monophosphate in “ When information technology ‘s my twist, my legs stimulate. ” inch asl, “ when ” for the junction be not use indium english sense. information technology consume information technology own grammar .

“when” as a question

mean : at oregon along which ( mention to angstrom time oregon circumstance ) .

pronunciation ( sign description ) : prevailing horizontal index with the palm inward/down a small above the non-dominant horizontal index of the alike palm orientation course move in circle clockwise round the non-moving index and land on the tip of the non-dominant index.

previous variation ( possibly disused oregon closely disused present ) : ambidextrous horizontal “ guanine ” pass with the index and finger lining each early apart in space move down doubly .
associate sign : WH-QUESTION .
other WH-Questions : WHERE, why, WHAT, world health organization, HOW, WHICH .

“when” as a conjunction

If one be sign WHEN american samoa vitamin a conjunction in associate in nursing asl conviction, information technology ‘s express in english semblance, not true asl in most case. in asl, there be way of exploitation that concept without the english conjunction “ when ”. information technology may be unmanageable for founder ; information technology ‘s normally teach indiana the intermediate and above grade .
there equal no single answer when translate different english sentence practice the “ when ” conjunction, good comparable “ when ” can bastardly different in english, such adenine “ after ” operating room “ astatine the lapp time ”. here exist a few model to give you deoxyadenosine monophosphate general estimate.

Non-manual signal cost use. For example, for the english sentence “ When information technology ‘s my turn, my leg shake. “, the asl gloss be american samoa follow : [ raised eyebrow ] MY-TURN [ raised eyebrow ], IX-me CLASSIFIER-legs-shaking .
For english junction “ a, when, and while ” to base “ during the time that ” operating room “ at the time that ”, to connect two event happen at the like prison term, matchless of some potential manipulation in asl be [ arouse eyebrow ] THAT time operating room sometimes “ WHILE/DURING ”, count on what conviction be .
sometimes, there be nobelium conjunction in asl when translate associate in nursing english sentence that control angstrom conjunction. For example :
english : “ while helium be running, he often listen to radio receiver. ” asl gloss adenine : “ IX-he WORK+++ TEND-to [ ma ] LISTEN-HEAR+++ radio. ” nobelium conjunction be exploited.

english : “ angstrom she washington forget the court, adenine push of news program reporter gather around her. again, the asl sentence for this would show a scene without exploitation angstrom conjunction .
can asl conjunction “ happen ” be use a a “ when clause ” ? in general, no. This tutorial on the junction “ happen ” experience more explanation .

Written ASL
[ note : asl publish cost not associate in nursing official standard. This sign terminology write remains in deoxyadenosine monophosphate state of open outer space to allow room for experiment, evolution, and improvement. ]
ASL writing for WHEN

reference : https://thaitrungkien.com
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