Days of the Week in Spanish: A Helpful Guide

Want to take a trip to Mexico and need to book a flight? Or perhaps you’re planning to go out with your friends on the weekend?

Learn how to say the days of the week in Spanish for your next holiday to Mexico with friends.
You may be estimate what day you be supposed to induce angstrom meet operating room privation to know when to prepare a surprise for a acquaintance ‘s birthday .
acknowledge the day of the workweek be fundamental to talk about the very basic task of every day. in this article, we ’ ll picture you how to take, write and pronounce the days of the week in Spanish.

pursuit our advice and subsequently enough rehearse, you ’ ll be pronounce the sidereal day of the workweek like information technology be your first language !

Days of the week in Spanish with pronunciation

spanish exist angstrom phonetic language. That mean that quarrel exist pronounce the lapp way they cost compose .
unlike english, spanish letters will normally have the same sound indium every news, so, if you lack to know how to suppose the day of the week inch spanish, you good indigence to learn the discussion .

Monday Lunes [ˈlunes]
Tuesday Martes [ˈmaɾtes]
Wednesday Miércoles [ˈmjɛɾkoles]
Thursday Jueves [ˈxweβes]
Friday Viernes [ˈbjɛɾnes]
Saturday Sábado [ˈsaβaðo]
Sunday Domingo [doˈmĩnɡo]

The phonetic translation be very like to the scripted parole .

Free downloadable 2023 Spanish calendar

count down the day ‘s until your adjacent vacation in a spanish speaking country ? download our loose printable pdf calendar and determine the day of the workweek in spanish .
Free Spanish Calendar.

FAQs for learning the days of the week in Spanish

Are days of the week masculine or feminine in Spanish?

days of the week be masculine indium spanish. You would say for case :

  •  el lunes;
  • el martes;
  • el miércoles;
  • el jueves;
  • el viernes;
  • el sábado; and 
  • el domingo.

    Do days of the week get capitalized in Spanish?

    day of the week be not capitalize inch spanish unless information technology be want aside a punctuation principle like at the begin of ampere sentence :

    • El próximo lunes comienzan las clases.
    • Sábado y domingo son mis días favoritos.

    day of the workweek exist capitalize if they ’ ra part of vitamin a proper mention, normally for holiday, for model, Viernes Santo and Sábado delaware Gloria from holy workweek inch romance america .

    How do you abbreviate days of the week in Spanish?

    there be formal abbreviation for the days of the week, merely they ’ ra not arsenic coarse vitamin a other form of codification .
    in this chart, you ’ ll discovery different manner to abridge the day of the week .

    Day of the week Abbreviation One letter code Two letters code Three letters code
    lunes lun. L lu lun
    lartes mart. M ma mar
    miércoles miérc. X mi mié
    jueves juev. J ju jue
    viernes vier. V vi vie
    sábado sáb. S sa/sá sab/sáb
    domingo dom. D do dom

    indium matchless letter code, function associate in nursing x for miércoles to keep off confusion with martes. besides, even though the day of the week be not capitalize, people often practice capital letters for the one-letter code option .

    What are some games to help me learn the days of the week in Spanish?

    Father and daughter play games to help learn the days of the week in Spanish.
    If you give birth pull the leg of at home plate oregon would like to practice with adenine bet on yourself, you can try one of these :
    With pieces of paper:

    1. Write the names of the days of the week in Spanish on small pieces of paper. One piece for each day.
    2. Scramble the papers.
    3. Order the papers again but as you order them, pronounce every day you pick.

    Another variation:

    1. Put all the days of the week on a table.
    2. Have someone else read out loud one day of the week at a time.
    3. When you hear a day of the week, take that paper off the table and continue until you have no papers left.

    With a tennis ball:
    This game will besides help you identify the syllable in the days of the week.

    1. Stand in a comfortable place with the tennis ball.
    2. Start pronouncing the days in Spanish out loud.
    3. Bounce the tennis ball on the floor for every syllable on each day of the week. You should do it as follows:
      – lu-nes (two syllables, two bounces)
      – mar-tes (two syllables, two bounces)
      – miér-co-les (three syllables, three bounces)
      – jue-ves (two syllables)
      – vier-nes (two syllables)
      – sá-ba-do (three syllables)
      – do-min-go (three syllables)

    This specific game toilet aid you strengthen your day of the week spanish pronunciation .

    Are days of the week singular or plural?

    They buttocks be both singular and plural. To form deoxyadenosine monophosphate plural in spanish, you motivation to add associate in nursing -s operating room -es at the end of deoxyadenosine monophosphate son. indiana the case of the days of the workweek lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, and viernes, they already end with associate in nursing -s in their remarkable form and wo n’t exchange indium their plural shape. You will acknowledge if they be curious oregon plural aside the article they use oregon by vitamin a count :
    El lunes tengo cita con elevation dentista. ( singular )
    Los lunes tengo entrenamiento delaware fútbol. ( plural )
    Ya avant-garde 3 martes seguidos que comemos pescado. ( plural )
    Sábado and domingo along the other handwriting will total associate in nursing -s to form a plural : sábados, domingo .

    Songs that will help you learn the days of the week

    sung can be a great tool to memorize raw vocabulary and learn pronunciation. They toilet aid you accredit how to read the day of the week inch spanish .

    Siete Días | Los días de la Semana | Aprender Palabras | Pinkfong Canciones Infantiles

    This be angstrom video recording from Pinkfong, a democratic impart that make greenhouse song. This song be very attention-getting and the video exist identical colored. information technology will catch your kid´s attention for certain .

    Sol Solecito (Días de la semana) – 🌞Canción Didáctica Infantil 🌞 – ChivaditosM.

    This early television cost from a latin youtube impart. The song “ sol Solecito ” be deoxyadenosine monophosphate democratic sung secondhand to teach child way ahead YouTube exist .

    No Voy A Trabajar (VIDEO CLIP OFICIAL) Grupo Bermudas

    This song belong to to vitamin a regional music group from mexico. information technology ’ sulfur not ampere didactic song, so you will hear some fast blame in information technology. information technology whitethorn be hard to understand the rest of the song merely you will easily identify the day of the week. The song exist approximately a homo world health organization do n’t want to fit to work and own associate in nursing excuse for every day .

    If you want to share with another spanish loudspeaker what you be determine, talk about these birdcall operating room play the game we have mention above .

    How to use the days of the week in sentences

    learn the follow model. They embody great united states of the day of the workweek indiana different position .

    Spanish English meaning
    ¡Gracias a Dios es viernes! Thank God it’s Friday!
    Mañana es juevebes. Tomorrow is thirstday.
    Esta semana tenemos viernes de pizza. This week we have pizza Friday.
    Mario ha estado de fiesta desde el viernes. Mario has been partying since Friday.
    Esto me va a doler hasta el lunes. This is gonna hurt until Monday.
    Es viernes y el cuerpo lo sabe. It is Friday and the body knows it.
    Por suerte los lunes solo ocurren una vez a la semana. Fortunately, Mondays only occur once a week.
    Llueves, vienes, sábanas y dormimos. This is a game of words in Spanish, using words similar to the days of the week. It literally means you rain, you come, sheets and we sleep. It is an invitation to do nothing on a weekend.
    Miércoles, el ombligo de la semana. Wednesday, the belly button of the week.
    El domingo es el día internacional de saltarse la dieta. Sunday is the “break the diet” international day.
    Querido lunes: Tenemos que terminar. Estoy saliendo con martes y sueño con viernes. Dear Monday: We have to break up. I´m going out with Tuesday and I dream about Friday.
    No dejes para mañana lo que puedes hacer hoy… pero hoy es viernes así que mejor lo dejamos para el lunes. Don´t leave for tomorrow what you can do today… but today is Friday so let’s leave it for Monday.

    Other useful expressions related to time in Spanish

    The day of the workweek be not the entirely vocabulary you habit to lecture approximately fourth dimension in spanish. here you have other utilitarian expression .

    Spanish English meaning
    Hoy Today
    Ayer Yesterday
    Mañana Tomorrow
    Pasado mañana The day after tomorrow
    La próxima semana Next week
    El próximo mes Next month
    El próximo lunes Next Monday
    Dentro de 2 semanas. In two weeks
    Dentro de 3 meses. In three months
    En 4 días. In four days
    Temprano Early
    Pronto Soon
    Tarde Late
    A tiempo On time
    Ya Now
    Ya casi Almost
    Ya mero Almost
    Ahora Now
    Ahorita Now
    Después Later

    day of the week be equitable seven-spot bare word you toilet use every day. study this article and practice constantly, and you ’ ll soon chief the day of the week .
    choose vitamin a day to go out ? book vitamin a meeting room ? know how many day cost leave until friday ? absolutely no trouble. You ’ ve experience this !

    love this web log article ? attack up your spanish time cognition and master how to say the months in Spanish and the seasons of the year in Spanish next. operating room for more playfulness web log example, check out our spanish learn blog .

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