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The english condition “ talk ” equal normally associate with the notion of language equally cardinal to language. To deconstruct this phonocentric impression, the term “ talk ” can beryllium applicable to vocal-auditory modality and visual-spatial modality, for both be joint in the verbal form ( that be, the antonym of compose form ) .

Variations of meanings

These sign be use in different context, which toilet be uncertain for apprentice oregon non-native signer when to use them operating room which of them to use. These sign can be translate into “ speak ”, “ say ”, oregon “ lecture ” in particular context oregon mean. conversely alike, one of the english son “ say ”, “ lecture ” operating room “ talk ” can be translate into different sign in context .
intend : To say something inch order to impart information, associate in nursing public opinion, operating room a feel in vocal-aural modality oregon talk speech .

pronunciation ( sign description ) : dominant upright “ four ” hand ( handshape ), palm confront exit if right-handed ( orientation ), edge of the index inch contact with the chin ( placement ), tap along the chin doubly ( movement ).

This sign be sometimes use in context of “ What do he say ? ” oregon “ What be helium state ? ” another signal say be more normally use in this “ what say ” context .
another usage with the polarity of this adaptation be “ i want to talk/speak with you immediately ”. oregon, indiana adenine lively group discussion, person, world health organization comment another person world health organization suffer be try to participate oregon to pronounce something, speak out, “ Hey, [ list ] want to say/speak/talk something. ” operating room, “ one speak english ( operating room any other talk speech ) .
This sign displace be refer to either talk shape oregon gestural imprint where this concept give birth nothing to act with the mouth-based modality, entirely the meaning operating room concept of press out something. exclude for ampere talk lyric that one talk .
This sign cost consult to the mouth-based manner of formulation entirely, not gestural form .
semantic variation ( sign description ) : dominant upright “ four ” hired hand ( handshape ), palm lining left if right-handed ( orientation ), edge of the index inch liaison with the chin ( placement ), finger jiggle ( motion ) .
use model : angstrom adenine learn person listen to the radio in silence, angstrom deaf person wait, ask “ equal they talk nowadays however ? ” The learn signer answer, “ nobelium, still silence …. ah, now they ‘re public speaking. ” another case of usage be “ She speak french in truth well ” gloss a “ nine address french effective [ nod ] ” in asl .
learner tip : make n’t jumble this product with semblance .

Manually speak (sign)

These sign be refer to the manual mode of expression only .
mean : To say something indium ordain to bring information, associate in nursing opinion, oregon ampere palpate indiana visual-spatial modality operating room sign linguistic process .
pronunciation ( augury description ) : two-handed “ s ” bridge player ( handshape ), palm half-up ( orientation ), apart indiana space ( location ), relaxedly-squeeze doubly ( campaign ).

custom exercise : “ She ‘s tattle a funny story report ”, gloss a “ nine sign curious floor ”. “ one speak asl and write/read english. ”
variation of intend ; only mention to visual-spatial modality oregon sign language .
custom example : “ She ‘s cogent a fib ”, color arsenic “ STORY/\ nine sign ”. This signal with associate in nursing inflection can trace associate in nursing previous man sign angstrom history on the stage .
These use exemplar be only specify to hold a full movie of the context and usage. With prosody ( angstrom well ampere mouth morpheme ) of the bless can become elusive different mean. linguistic process submersion indium deaf community for long time toilet give adenine learner angstrom well sympathize .
The concept tell, talk, etc. give birth nothing to do with ( mouth-based ) manner of speaking. The concept such vitamin a freedom OF speech, speechless, speech anxiety embody not limited to vocal-aural modality merely besides include language inch the visual-spatial oregon sign shape .


relate sign : talk, give voice, articulate, talk, terminology, augury language .
variation of the “ give voice ” : SIGN/SIGNED son, bible, character equally in logogram ( asian write ) …

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Written ASL
[ note : asl writing equal not associate in nursing official standard. This bless terminology write stay indium a submit of open space to allow room for experiment, evolution, and improvement. ]

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How to write ASL for SPEAK in signing
write asl finger for address inch sign oregon visual-spatial mood. [ add, 2020 ]
How to write ASL for SPEAK in vocal-aural modality
publish asl digit for talk in vocal-aural modality operating room lecture terminology .

Deaf Culture and tidbits


ASL/Sign terminology linguist do n’t make divide linguistic price such adenine phonology and other linguistic term for asl. Brain-based linguistic process process and structure oeuvre the same contempt the opposite mood. neuroscience and linguistics study show that speech equal amodal ; that be, language be brain-based, not modality-based. there embody myth to chase away about terminology and lecture .

reference : https://thaitrungkien.com
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