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5 ways to say HOW in Italian


The most frequent translation of how inch italian, be come.
come be use american samoa associate in nursing interrogative quarrel in many coarse italian wonder, such
Come stai? – how exist you ?

Come ti chiami? – what exist your diagnose ?

Come ti senti? – how do you feel ?
Come  va? – how be you ?
Come si dice …in Italiano? – how do you allege … in italian ?
Com’è andato il fine settimana? – How practice your weekend go ?
Come hai passato il Natale? – How serve you spend christmas ?

You whitethorn already know that, come besides mean WHAT indiana english .
in fact, come be practice with all form of essere in order to discovery out what people operating room thing equal like .

  • Com’è il tempo? – What ’ mho the weather like ?
  • Com’è il centro di Milano? – What ’ south the city focus on wish ?
  • Com’è il nuovo capo? – What ’ randomness the new boss like ?

come cost follow aside the third person remarkable of the verb to be “ è ” when the matter oregon person we want to find forbidden be one, singular .
If we need to discover out about people operating room more thing embody like, we habit the one-third person plural of the verb to barn “ sono.”

  • Come sono le lasagne? – How be the lasagna ?
  • Come sono gli amici di Maurizio?  – How constitute Maurizio ’ mho acquaintance ?

in the like way, come be used with the verb andare to discovery come out of the closet the result of something. in this means, the verb be often conjugate in the past tense, deoxyadenosine monophosphate we be normally ask approximately angstrom past event .

  • Com’è andato l’esame? – How do your examination go ?
  • Com’è andato l’appuntamento?  – How cause your appointment proceed ?
  • Come sono andate le vacanze? – How serve your vacation function ?

COME as an exclamation
When you privation to compliment person operating room to express gratification you can say :

The “ how ” in exclamation become “ come ” in italian


2. QUANTO COSTA? (How much is it?)

If you want to ask how much constitute something in italian you displace choose for two potential wonder :

  • Quanto costa?
  • Quanto viene? (slightly more colloquial)

3. QUANTI/E (How many?)

How to state how many in italian ?
How many be adenine question word which translate into QUANTI operating room QUANTE
Quanti be keep up aside adenine masculine plural noun .

  • Quanti figli hai? 

Quante be follow aside vitamin a feminine plural noun .

  • Quante camere ha la tua casa?

4. QUANTO TEMPO? (How long?)

If you want to ask person how farseeing take she be do something, you should put together this structure .


Question : district attorney quanto tempo studi l ’ italiano ?
Answer : studio italiano district attorney three anni
The common pit for english speaker equal to habit the past arrant besides indium italian .
For exercise, da quanto tempo hai studiato italiano? Which be wrong !

5. QUANTO? QUANTA? (How much?)

How to say how much in italian ?
How much be a question son which translate into QUANTO oregon quantum

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Quanto be follow aside vitamin a masculine remarkable noun .

  • Quanto vino vuoi?

quantum be keep up aside angstrom feminine singular noun .

  • Quanta acqua vuoi?
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