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Learn how to say hello in italian and the decline means to greet person in italian in person over the phone .
There are several ways to hello in italian .
How to greet person in italian depends on the relationship you have with them, possibly the time of day and the specific circumstances of your find .
nowadays, we will have a spirit at the most common ways to say hello in italian and italian greetings you may use or hear while in Italy.

This position is separate of our serial ‘ lear italian ’ – find all lessons HERE .

How to greet someone in Italian

Hello in Italian – informal

The informal and most common way to say hello in italian is ‘ aloha ’ ( pron. cha-oh )
The parole is used all over Italy and it is the standard green when you see a friend .
Ciao is an informal greet : you use it when you meet a person you know well, a child or you may hear it between new people or when an older person addressed a child or a adolescent .
You should not use ‘ ciao ’ when addressing an adult you don ’ thyroxine know and you should not use it at a cafe ’ or restaurant to greet your waiter, unless you are a regular customer or at the end of a meal when you have stricken an amicable conversation with them .
Need to know! You may hear people say ‘ aloha bella ‘ or ‘ aloha bello ‘ which literally translates into ‘ hello beautiful ’ or even ‘ hello dear ’. These greetings are used between friends but should not be used with a person you do not know. Do not say ‘ aloha bella ‘ to a woman thinking it is flattering. precisely like in English, saying ‘ hello beautiful ’ to a woman may well make her uncomfortable and it is something you see in movies portraying a platitude ’ Italy more than what people actually say .

Hello in Italian – formal

A more courtly direction to say hello in italian and the italian parole for hello you will use the most on your travels is ‘ buongiorno ‘ .
Buongiorno literally translates into ‘ good day ’ but you can use it about any time of day, with the exception of the evening when you would use Buona serum rather ( see below ) .
Buongiorno is a a commodity passepartout news to know. It is appropriate when you do not know the person you are greeting ( this includes a hotelier or waiter ) but it stays appropriate besides when you see person regularly but do not know them well .
For example, if you are staying in a hotel for a week, even if you deal with the like staff member every day, it is appropriate to keep the greet ‘ buongiorno ’, alternatively of switching to the most informal ( and in this encase possibly patronizing ) ‘ aloha ’ .
Good to know : italian besides has the expression ‘ buon pomeriggio ’ fall. ‘ good afternoon. The formulation is common however, it is not a greet when you meet person but a way to partially from person. thus if you leave a cafe in the afternoon after a meal you will say ‘ grazie, buon pomeriggio ’ which is the equivalent of ‘ Thank you, have a dainty day ’ .

Hello in Italian (evening greeting) – formal

The formal and polite means to greet person in the even is ‘ Buona serum ’. This expression literally translates into ‘ adept evening ’ and it is used the lapp direction as the English equivalent .

If you enter a restaurant for dinner, the compensate greet would be : Buonasera, hour angle united nations tavolo per quattro, per favore ? ’ Lit : good flush, would you have a board for four, please ? ’
Good to know : you use buonasera to greet people after blue even if late at night. The saying ‘ Buona Notte ’ exists in italian but, like in English, it is a separate expression used to wish person a dear night .
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Other Italian greetings you may hear

Salve – Salve comes from Latin and it is a formal greet you often see in writing particularly.

It is not uncommon for an information request e-mail for example to start with a ‘ Salve, vorrei sapere southeast … ” which translates into ‘ hello, I ’ d like to know if… ’
You may besides hear it occasionally in the speak language in an substitution such as the follow :
A. Buongiorno, come sta ? Hello, how are you ? ( Formal )
B. Salve ! Bene grazie, leu ? Hello, I am doing well, thank you, how about you ? ( Formal )
Buondi’ – a different form of Buongionrno ( di ’ = giorno ), this is an strange greet although you may very occasionally hear it ( it is besides the name of a democratic packaged cake for kids ! )

How to part from someone in Italian

There are many ways to say adieu in italian .

Ciao – goodbye (informal)

italian uses ciao both when greeting person and when parting from person informally .

Arrivederci – goodbye (formal)

Like Buogniorno, this is an excellent passepartout parole to politely leave person .

A presto – see you soon (both formal and informal )

This can be used besides or in junction with aloha or adieu .

Buona giornata – have a good day

This can be used in conjunction with aloha or adieu .

Buona serata – have a good evening

Searata in another way to say serum but the formula buona serata is unlike from buona serum. While buona serum is a greet, buona serata translates into ‘ have a good even ’ .
If you are going out for dinner, the taxi driver dropping you off you may see you off saying : buona serata .
In writing, you may besides find different expressions such as :
Cordiali saluti, Cordialmente, Saluti – these are normally only used in write .

How to say hello in Italian on the phone

In italian, we do not use the quivalent of hello when answering the telephone, but the word ‘ promptly ’. Pronto means cook and it is used when picking up the earphone like in the model below :
You pick up the telephone and say : promptly ? Hello ?

The caller : promptly buongiorno, parlo con… ? Hello, hawaii, am I speaking with…
I hope you found this substantive usher to italian greetings useful !
Don ’ t forget you can find many more utilitarian italian phrases for tourists here .

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