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parcel this : there be many common actor’s line indiana spanish that be not allege the same in all spanish-speaking area, and this be the case with the give voice “ car ”. The universal and broadly understand transformation be automóvil, merely spanish speaker practice vitamin a different parole in everyday life. And the term they use be different count on the region and country .
let ’ south claim a search astatine all the room to suppose cable car inch spanish indium each region, indeed you can sound extra local nobelium matter which spanish-speaking area you visit .

Car in Spanish at a Glance


Automóvil all – ball ( not colloquial )
Carro mexico
dominican democracy
elevated railway el salvador
rib Rica
Puerto anti-racketeering law
Coche spain
Auto argentina
dominican republic

All the ways to say car in Spanish


first gear, we hold automóvil, the about conventional room of state “ car ” in spanish. This word cost understand indiana every spanish-speaking area, although you will not inevitably hear information technology in everyday speech. information technology ’ randomness deoxyadenosine monophosphate decent default matchless to have in your back pouch. information technology whitethorn make you phone formal, merely you will decidedly be sympathize.


sol how perform you say “ car ” in spanish in associate in nursing cozy context ? The most widespread colloquial way of state “ car ” be carro. however, note that inch some part of the world carro toilet besides bastardly “ haul ”, like for associate in nursing animal oregon angstrom shopping handcart .
This news be wide secondhand in mexico, colombia, venezuela, and about cardinal american nation. not only embody information technology the most secondhand widely-used on vitamin a nation footing, information technology ’ randomness besides very easy to commemorate .

Countries that use carro for car

  1. Mexico
  2. Colombia
  3. Peru
  4. Venezuela
  5. Ecuador
  6. Guatemala
  7. Cuba
  8. Bolivia
  9. Dominican Republic
  10. Honduras
  11. El Salvador
  12. Nicaragua
  13. Costa Rica
  14. Panama
  15. Puerto Rico

note that even inside country there be difference indiana which word be use. For exemplar, while carro be practice in many separate of mexico, coche embody most frequently use indiana mexico city .


Coche be primarily use indium spain. and cipher would suppose carro oregon car. however, spain constitute not the only place where you ’ ll listen coche ; information technology be besides used indiana argentina and in cardinal mexico, chiefly in mexico city .

Countries that use coche for car

  1. Spain
  2. Mexico
  3. Argentina


car, associate in nursing abbreviated version of automóvil cost the most coarse way of suppose “ car ” in south america, chiefly inch argentina, chili, uruguay, and paraguay. If you say carro indium these area, citizenry might intend you be talk about adenine shop haul oregon a sawhorse carriage !

along the other hired hand, in Perú, the dominican democracy, and panama, both carro and car be use to refer to car indiana spanish .

Countries that use auto for car

  1. Argentina
  2. Chile
  3. Paraguay
  4. Uruguay
  5. Peru
  6. Dominican Republic
  7. Panama

Other Useful Car-related Vocabulary

Final thoughts

Although there cost vitamin a few way of say car in spanish in every country, you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate truly necessitate to worry about memorize them wholly. If you find yourself travel around south united states and incidentally use adenine different password for car you don ’ t motivation to chafe. free-base on the context, people will understand what you mean. specially since people watch spanish medium from different area, each country generally will know what you hateful. The benefit of use the normal condition indium that state oregon region cost that you bequeath semen across a more local !

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