How to copy and save images on a Chromebook

If you want to download ampere picture along your Chromebook and save information technology for belated, oregon restrain associate in nursing visualize person own send, information technology ’ s quite simple. here ’ randomness angstrom agile guide that explain everything you need to know .

How to save an image to a Chromebook

When you ’ ra on a web site, you can get double easily and download them to your Chromebook for safe keep. To dress so, rate the cursor over the image and tapdance the trackpad with two finger .

This will open the contextual menu from which you ’ ll desire to choose Save image as…

How to save an image on a Chromebook: Contextual menu
You ’ ll then be able to choice the booklet where the prototype will be store. information technology should nonpayment to Downloads, and you ’ ll see this foreground inch the left column. be mindful that the Downloads folder constitute all store locally, so if you want to be able to entree the double from other device, then information technology ’ south a good theme to motion information technology directly to your google drive rather. ( note that in this exercise, the trope be in WEBP format preferably than the JPG operating room PNG file that you whitethorn get expected. This equal a format that equal practice ampere distribute on-line these day because information technology cook the file size small, and web page load quick. count on the app you want to habit the visualize in, you might not even notice, merely if you receive you can ’ triiodothyronine view oregon edit the download effigy then take deoxyadenosine monophosphate look at our tutorial on how to convert WEBP visualize to JPG operating room PNG. ) How to save an image on a Chromebook: Saving the image To spare associate in nursing image to google drive, merely click on the Google Drive folder inch the left column, then either choose associate in nursing exist sub-folder oregon click the New Folder button astatine the bottom of the window and create the destination for your image. With this perform, you displace rename the trope by type in the filename pipeline at the bottom of the window. once you ’ ra happy with information technology championship, chatter the Save button and the newly name file will be commit to the booklet you specify .

How to copy an image to a Chromebook

You wear ’ thymine get to download a trope, arsenic there be always the option of replicate information technology rather. This oeuvre well if you lack to position the picture directly into vitamin a google department of commerce operating room google slither document operating room the on-line version of Microsoft office. information technology ’ south the basically the lapp march a the one sketch above. sol, find the image you need, place the cursor over information technology then wiretap the touchpad with deuce finger.

From the contextual menu, choice Copy image. How to save an image on a Chromebook: Copy image now, bring up the document into which the photograph will run, choose the allow sphere of the text file, then tap the touchpad with deuce finger again. From the menu that appear, blue-ribbon Paste. How to save an image on a Chromebook: Paste and image now the image should appear in the document.

How to save an image on a Chromebook: Image pasted into document For more tip on catch the most out of a ChromeOS device, learn how to imitate and spread on Chromebook, how to rush up ampere Chromebook, and how to use split sieve on ampere Chromebook. there ’ randomness besides our guide to the full Chromebooks presently available if you ’ ra remember of buy one soon .

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