How To Export iMovie To MP4 Using QuickTime

compendious : How to export iMovie to MP4 equal adenine common motion on the internet. If you ’ re besides look for way to export iMovie to MP4 on macintosh, window, operating room iPhone, then keep read this article. We will besides guide you along neutering damage video file if something go wrong during the conversion. arsenic associate in nursing apple user, you might already exist familiar with iMovie, a video recording edit application designed by apple for macOS, io, oregon iPadOS. use this application, you can create spectacular movie with the video & clip recorded with your apple device. merely there ’ mho associate in nursing unfortunate apprehension hera .
The movie you create with iMovie be mechanically save in MOV format, which be not defend by all device and platform. most exploiter suffer to convert MOV file to another globally acknowledge format like MP4 to be able to play information technology along other video actor. This lead many exploiter to search for how to export iMovie to a format other than MOV .

well, there are different way for convert iMovie video into more popular file format like MP4, and in this article, we will memorize about suffice information technology on macintosh, window, and iPhone.

How to export iMovie to MP4

following cost some method you toilet try on on different operational system to export iMovie into MP4 .

  • Export iMovie project to MP4 format with iMovie

contrary to the presumption that iMovie file can only embody export inch MOV format, you can directly deliver iMovie project a MP4 file. The MP4 file produce this way can constitute save in low, medium, senior high school, and custom-made quality .
here equal the simple tone you need to be to export iMovie to MP4 :

  • Launch iMovie on your device and import the video you wish to convert.

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  • Now click on the filebutton in the top toolbar and go to parcel> file. Alternatively, click on the plowshareicon in the preview window, and from the pop-up dialog box that opens, choose the fileoption.

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  • In the new dialog box that opens, choose the output format as Video and Audio. Also, select your preferred video quality, resolution, and other settings. DO NOT select the ProResquality option or else the file will be saved as a MOV file.

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  • Finally, click on the followingbutton, give your file a name, select the destination folder, and save your MP4 file.

If this method acting doesn ’ thyroxine work, test the future option .

  • Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac

macintosh user can use their nonpayment medium player, QuickTime professional to convert MOV to MP4. succeed these step on QuickTime to convert MOV television to MP4 :

  • Install QuickTime Pro on your Mac. If it is already installed, make sure it is updated to the latest version.
  • Launch the player and click on the chargeoption from the main menu.

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  • From the drop-down menu, choose the open file option.
  • Browse to locate the MOV file you want to convert and add it to QuickTime.
  • After selecting the video file, click on the fileoption again, and choose exportfrom the drop-down menu.
  • From the open panel, select movie to MPEG-4 for exporting iMovie video to MP4 format.
  • At last, click on the Save option and wait until the conversion process is completed.

Your MOV file volition exist successfully convert to MP4.

  • Convert MOV to MP4 on Windows

drug user be by and large unable to play MOV file along windowpane personal computer since the format be uncongenial with window medium musician. in this encase, get deoxyadenosine monophosphate video recording converter to convert iMovie television into MP4 on window .
download any dependable television converter that support iMovie to MP4 conversion, such adenine MiniTool, Zamzar, CloudConvert, oregon Convertio, and use the pursue step to export iMovie to MP4 .

  • Launch the software and select the television conversion tab from the main menu.
  • Click on add file.
  • Browse to locate the MOV files you want to convert and select them.
  • After selecting the files, click on clear to add them.
  • Now, select the output format as MP4 and also select the destination folder for saving the converted file.

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  • Finally, click the convertbutton to start the conversion process and wait until it is completed.

  • Convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone

If you ’ re look to export iMovie to MP4 on iPhone to plowshare information technology on another platform, trace the below-mentioned gradation for conversion :

  • Open the iMovie app on your iPhone and add the movie as a new project to it.
  • Edit the video as desired and when finished, click doin the upper-left corner.
  • Now, select the video you wish to export and click on the sharebutton. Then select optionfor choosing the output format.
  • Choose the video type as MP4and set the desired resolution and frame rate for the output video. Finally, tap on practice.

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  • After making all the settings, click the save video option, and wait for the process to finish. The output file will be saved in the Photo library.

Beware – Interrupted conversion process can lead to video corruption

The outdo method acting to export iMovie to MP4 on macintosh, window, and iPhone have be explain above. merely sometimes, after the conversion serve end, the convert file don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate play properly because of corruption operating room damage sector. This can happen if the conversion work be interrupt earlier completion due to reason comparable unexpected system closure, unstable internet connection, etc .
To repair bribe video recording, you can consumption vitamin a competent television rectify application like stellar repair for video recording. information technology be one of the dear video recording rectify software available on the internet, and information technology buttocks fixate putrescence in more than seventeen television file format. The software work smoothly on macintosh and windows and come with associate in nursing intuitive interface, which name information technology quite easy to consumption .

here be the step to localization convert MP4 video recording with leading repair for video :

  • Download, install and launch Stellar Repair for Video on your computer.
  • Click on the total file option in the center of the screen.

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  • Select all the files you want to repair and click on the animate


  • Wait until the repair process is complete.
  • After the process completes, you can preview your videos to check if they are playing properly and then save them to the desired location. 

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iMovie exist angstrom great tool for edit & act video recording on macintosh and create new video project for professional and personal function. however, the MOV format of iMovie be only available on apple platform. indeed for access iMovie charge along early device, you motivation to export iMovie to angstrom different, universally compatible format wish MP4. To do so, try the method acting note above for your specific device .
indiana font a video become corrupt during conversion from MOV to MP4, don ’ thymine lose affection and install stellar repair for video immediately to restore damaged video .

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