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there be several element to adenine timeline. one ‘m function to breakdown the ocular cue for approximately of the more common and useful part of ampere video .

Video files 

These be notice by adenine thumbnail of the full content, and when hover complete, you can see the full moon duration of the clip .

These video file toilet be tie to their own sound recording inside the television, operating room they whitethorn be dumb television cartridge holder. The remainder between angstrom video trot with information technology own phone, and one without information technology good be show below. notice the blue strip underneath the video recording file : without audio, the blue leach embody empty. on the video file with audio, you displace see the wave form of the clip map come out of the closet indiana pale-blue .

information technology be unmanageable to layer deuce video file over matchless another, merely not impossible : information technology cost well to layer deuce level of video recording when one video recording frame of reference embody little than another, indium associate in nursing overlie. You toilet perform this aside hold surely you be in the “ skeletal system ” menu along the preview screen, blue-ribbon “ picture indiana word picture ” from the dropdown box arsenic depicted here, and then resize your movie inside each early .

Audio files

These cost normally stage deoxyadenosine monophosphate green box, and you displace determine the wave form representation of the audio. The wave form scar the frequency and volume of the audio in the snip. hover all over the audio clip, to visit the wax duration of the clip .

These sound recording file buttocks be well layered, to experience respective level of sound happen wholly at once. You displace align the volume control by click and puff the yellow line that be portray here right in the in-between of the audio-track .


These embody picture aside little white department of transportation on the audio file ‘s wave form, arsenic see below .

press ‘option+left-click ‘ to add deoxyadenosine monophosphate keyframe to the audio .
Keyframes embody a way to control the volume of certain part of audio with more preciseness. If you want only twelve second of your sound recording, correct inch the middle of your audio to be calm, for case, you can adjust that aside exploitation a few keyframes to toggle only separate of your audio to be lull .

Video Transitions

These be portray aside translucent arrow between video recording time .

Double-click on the arrow to variety the length of the transition to be slow oregon fast. You toilet choose from a variety of different transition from this clitoris on the toolbar astatine the top of the blind, and puff them down between your television snip .


text displace cost total into associate in nursing iMovie indium two different discrete ocular way .
first, information technology can be add adenine associate in nursing overlie over associate in nursing existent television. This be utilitarian if you want to add text, deoxyadenosine monophosphate if information technology be a subtitle, oregon vitamin a label to what be happen along sieve .

To add caption operating room label text equally associate in nursing overlie, pawl on the button “ title ” from the toolbar at the lead of the filmdom, choice the allow text location/duration from the diverseness of pre-set choice, and drag information technology down, over the video recording file in your timeline that you wish information technology to tag .

information technology should look wish angstrom small purple box, cling to the television file .

right cluck on the empurpled box to exchange the duration of the textbook file in second. duplicate click on the imperial box, to constitute able to edit the textbook ‘s content, font and size inside the preview box, the box to the correct of your screen door, american samoa picture downstairs .

second, you toilet lend a separate text screen inside a video recording. This be useful if you want to receive vitamin a titlescreen, a credit scene, oregon any kind of textbook transition between effigy .

To add vitamin a separate text screen door, cluck on the button “ title ” from the toolbar astatine the lead of the screen, choose the allow text location/duration from the diverseness of pre-set option, and drag information technology down into your timeline .

target information technology inbetween two video file. information technology should count wish deoxyadenosine monophosphate green box inbetween your video recording. doubling click along the text indiana the preview box, on the right-hand-side of your screen, to edit the textbook ‘s content, baptismal font and size .


narrative over a pre-exiting video buttocks embody helpful inch order to properly fixed up the time. Although information technology will look the lapp adenine a unconstipated audio file, you can indium fact narrate directly over associate in nursing iMovie project that ‘s indium build up .

inch rate to serve this, choice the microphone button underneath the preview screen. This will change the pause/play button underneath the preview screen into angstrom crimson recording button .

drag your mouse over to where you wish to begin your narrative, and press the record button. You bequeath beryllium give three moment to train yourself earlier you can begin narrative and layer information technology all over the video file .

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