How to Save a Video from iMovie? [2022]

How to Save a Video from iMovie: A Beginner-friendly Guide

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Jun 17, 2022• Proven solutions
If you have equitable started working with iMovie, then you might find it difficult to navigate some of its authoritative features. For case, a bunch of people can ’ thymine seem to save a video from iMovie on their Mac. Don ’ thyroxine concern – it is reasonably easy to save an iMovie video to the desktop or any other placement of your option .
In this post, I will teach you how to save a video from iMovie in a bit-by-bit manner .

Part 1: How to Save a Video from iMovie on Mac: A Detailed Solution

Since iMovie is an built-in video editor program in Mac, a draw of users take its aid to do basic television edits. As of nowadays, you can export videos from iMovie to popular social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook. Besides that, you can besides save an iMovie video to the background immediately.

Before we learn how to save a video clip in iMovie, let ’ s promptly know about the audio formats and resolutions that it supports :
Formats: While MOV is the default format in iMovie, you can besides convert your videos to early formats like MPG, FLV, ASF, MP4, and more .
Video resolutions: As of now, iMovie supports the export of videos in unlike resolutions like 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, and 4K. Users can besides select the degree of video timbre ( senior high school or low ) from the export options .
immediately when you are familiar with all the basics, let ’ s learn how to save a video from iMovie on Mac in different ways .

Step 1: Import a Video to Edit on iMovie

Before you save a television from iMovie, you need to first launch the lotion and click on the “ + ” picture to work on a new project .
You can now launch a raw iMovie project and click on the “ Import Media ” button to browse and load the files on the iMovie interface .

Step 2: Start Editing Your Clips on iMovie

once you have loaded the video to iMovie, you can drag and drop it to the timeline at the bed. This will let you explore the available features in the iMovie app so that you can edit your videos .

Step 3: Choose to Export Your Video from iMovie

There you go ! now, when you have edited your clip in iMovie, you can export it however you like. At first base, you equitable right-click its thumbnail from the dedicated window on iMovie and chatter on the “ Share Project ” option .
This will let you save the video from iMovie to your Mac ’ randomness storage, or you can immediately post it on social media .
Besides that, you can besides go to the iMovie ’ randomness Menu browning automatic rifle from the top and navigate to File > Share to get assorted options. To save the iMovie video to the background, click on the “ File ” release or select any other social option ( like YouTube or Facebook ) .

Step 4: Select the Preferred Video Settings to Export the File

As you would choose to export the television, you will get dedicated options on iMovie. hera, you can enter the description for the video, and even select a preferable video recording format and resolution for the file .
You can besides select the respective timbre and compression type for the video and click on the “ Next ” button. here, you can just give the television a name and select where you wish to save the video recording on your Mac .
Besides that, you can further customize how you save the iMovie video to the desktop. For this, good go to the Settings option from the top of the interface and set up a prefer project size ( like 4K or 2K ). You can besides select any nip size, theme, etc. from here for your project.

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Part 2: Use Wondershare Filmora: The Best Alternative to iMovie

As you can see, learning even a elementary job like how to save a video recording from iMovie on Mac can be long-winded. therefore, you can consider using Wondershare Filmora, which is frequently known as the best television editor program for Mac and Windows .
The television editing app has a user-friendly interface and offers some of the best edit features that can be used by pros and beginners alike .

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

  • All Basic Video Edits

You can find all the basic video editing options in Filmora to crop, trimming, blend, pass, or rotate your videos instantaneously .

  • Extensive Effects

There are hundreds of readily available templates, filters, transitions, captions, overlays, and other blueprint elements that you can instantly import and custom-make .

  • Inbuilt Filmstock Access

You can besides explore an extensive sprout of images, videos, soundtracks, etc. in Filmora. Besides that, you can besides import all kinds of media files from any other reservoir to your projects .

  • Audio Ducking and Voice-over

Users can besides directly criminal record voice-overs for video and even access a dedicate audio mixer in the cock. There is an advanced Audio Ducking option to enhance the voice quality .

  • Action Cam Editing

Wondershare Filmora besides features instantaneous cam video recording editing options with a twist television stonecutter and early tools .

  • Advanced Video Editing Options

There are tons of other promote edit options available in Filmora like pan and soar, fleeceable screen edits, keyframing, split-screen, picture-in-picture, apparent motion traverse, screen record, reverse playback, video stabilize, and more .
That ’ s a wrapping, everyone ! After following this guide, you can easily learn how to save a television from iMovie on your Mac. As you can see, I have provided a detail solution to save any iMovie video on your system .
Besides that, you can besides explore Wondershare Filmora, which is a more user-friendly and advance video recording editing instrument for Mac. You can give it a attempt or contribution this guidebook with others to teach them how to save a video clip in iMovie equally well.

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