How to Save $5,000 in 3 Months (or FASTER)

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A newfangled car. A vacation. An emergency investment company. New kitchen cabinets for your house. A pool .
We ’ ve all had times when we wished we had more cash in the bank .
What could you do with an extra $ 5K ?

Pay off debts ? Fix your cable car ? Go on a YOLO backpack trip around the world ?
It ’ s all possible. But you need to save .
And in this guide, we ’ ll usher you precisely how to save $ 5000 in 3 months, possibly faster .
Let ’ s go .

How to Save $ 5000 in 3 Months

It only takes a few steps to save money fast. You ’ ll have to put yourself out there, try some new things, and possibly tighten up the ole belt. But once you reach your goal, you ’ ll be felicitous you did .
Some of these ideas might seem a short outside the box. But remember, they ’ re just ideas. If you try one and don ’ t like it, move on to the following tone or find a version that works better for you .

step 1 – Draw up a plan to save 5k in 3 months

The beginning thing we need to do is figure out where you are mighty now .
✔️ How much money do you have saved ?
✔️ How much is coming in ?
✔️ And where can you make cuts with both your budget and your time ?
once you determine where you are, now chart out a path to where you want to be .
The goal is to save $ 5,000 in 3 months. That breaks down to $ 1,667 per month .
drawing showing how to save 5000 in 3 months by breaking it down per month
adjacent, go to your bank accounts and take a look at your spend. You can go old-school with a pencil and newspaper, or you can automate expense tracking with loose apps like Mint .
If technical school international relations and security network ’ t your thing, use the envelope method to see where your money is going each calendar month .
As you gather your data, you should start to notice low-hanging fruit areas where you can save .
The longer you do this exercise, the better the data you ’ ll have to work with. In the meanwhile, start brainstorming ways you can start bringing in more money ( more on that soon ) — whether that be making a flying $ 300 or creating a steady $ 2000-per-month side hustle .

step 2 – Keep your savings separate

When you ’ rhenium influence towards saving 5,000 dollars in three months, use a savings history to keep this money separate from your early money .
If it ’ mho desegregate in with your spending accounts, you ’ re more likely to spend it. When you open a classify savings account, you can set automatic rifle transfers every calendar month. That way, a parcel of your income will go straight to savings before you “ incidentally ” spend it all on an Xbox .
drawing of check bueing split between a piggy bank and a spending wallet Keeping money separate is the goal. But as icing on the cake, some savings accounts offer properly sake rates. Check out on-line banks like Ally, Chime, and SoFi for good deals on accounts .

step 3 – Save $ 5,000 in three months by shaving expenses

Cutting expenses is one way to save, but it should be used in tandem with Step 4 .
We all have something that can be cut from the budget. It ’ ll pain for a little while, but you ’ ll be happy you did it when you hit your $ 5k finish in three months .
here are a few expenses that you can decidedly trim, at least temporarily .


food is one of our biggest expenses .
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the modal monthly expense for food in the US was closely $ 400 in 2019. This sounds a snatch low to me. Food has gone up quite a morsel since the pandemic and this price is for groceries only, it doesn ’ t include takeout or dining out .
The easiest way to save some cash is to slash some of these costs. sure, it sucks to eat ramen. But how bad do you want to save 5,000 dollars in three months ?
I ’ ve had to do this. It ’ s fine. You ’ ll exist .
( clarification : I ’ molarity not literally saying to eat lone ramen for three months. That would be bad. But you get the idea. Find a couple cheap meals you like, and eat them much. )
drawing of cheap vs expensive food


The average cable beak in the US is now over $ 100. many are cutting the cord and switching to streaming services .
But if you ’ ra not careful, these services can add up a well .
If you ’ rhenium serious about your savings finish, just eliminate television and movies from your budget wholly .
not only will you save a pretty penny, but it ’ ll free up prison term for you to earn more money .
I am anti-TV. It ’ s a fourth dimension suck. And clock is your most cute resource. In fact, it wouldn ’ triiodothyronine be a bad estimate to fair sell your television receiver .
tv for sale
It ’ ll boost your savings. And after a week, you ’ ll be used to occupying your time with more productive and satisfy activities .

Cell phone

Cell call services are getting brassy. But big companies like Verizon and Sprint are only getting more expensive .
Do you truly need the latest iPhone ? Do you truly need inexhaustible data ?
No. You don ’ triiodothyronine .
Go to your local Wal-Mart, get a StraightTalk earphone, and spare your bank history. other like services include Mint and Visible .
When we traveled the US in an RV for six months, we used $ 25 unlimited visible plans for both our earphone and internet. Worked like a charm .
couple using digital nomad productivity hacks and working offline in the mountainsWorking from anywhere tethered to our cheap unlimited Visible plans Saving $ 50 a calendar month on a cell earphone plan might not seem like a big share, but it is .
It all adds up. Save $ 50 a calendar month on your earphone bill here, $ 80 from cable there, and so and indeed forth — finally you ’ re saving hundreds of dollars per month. And when you switch phone providers, you ’ re in truth not sacrificing anything .
Our visible $ 25 visible plan ( with party pay ) worked just angstrom well as our acquaintance ’ second $ 80 Verizon plan .


Paying rent sucks when you ’ re trying to save money. particularly expensive rip .
fortunately, by choosing one of these cheapest ways to live, you can drastically cut down on house costs, or even eliminate them .
The most effective strategies require some pretty big life changes. But even if you just find a roommate, you can cut your rent and utilities in half .
If you cut your house expenses in half for three months, how much would you save ?
Let ’ s take it one step further .
How bad would it be to simply move in with family for a few months ? Or couchsurf ?
apartment with nice view in cali, colombiaOr move to Colombia and live in awesome places like this for cheap! It might not be ideal, but it ’ s surely effective. Given that the average monetary value of rend in the U.S. is well over $ 1,000 a calendar month, you can use this method to easily launch yourself towards your $ 5,000 goal .
The problem here is the fear lease .
once your appoint is on that paper, you ’ re legally locked in. however, you may be able to finesse your means around this. Consider subletting your apartment while you find a cheaper option .
Find person will to take over your apartment for a place time period, or possibly the remainder of your rent. This international relations and security network ’ thymine constantly allowed by property managers, but that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate inevitably mean you can ’ t get away with it ( not that I would ever encourage anyone to break rules ).

A son of caution. If person illegally sublets and destroys your apartment, you will lose your security deposit and possibly end up in civil court .
thus weigh your risks, and think twice earlier leasing out your future plaza .


Booze. Drugs. Tobacco. Vaping. Gambling. The list goes on. We all have vices. And yes, that daily $ 8 caffe latte falls into this class .
If you want to save money, you have to let these go. I ’ thousand blue. There is no way around it .
Keep in take care, it ’ s entirely impermanent. Once you hit your goal in a few months, you can go correct back to the “ estimable ” life — although you may find your newfound cash menstruate motivates you to kick bad habits .

step 4 – Get that money

Earlier we mentioned that to save 5,000 dollars in three months, you need to save roughly $ 1,667 a calendar month .
Penny-pinching that much is hard for anyone. And if you already have a depleted income, there aren ’ metric ton going to be enough cuts to make without being homeless and starving yourself .
so what ’ s the play ?
The answer could be side-hustling. That direction, you can split that $ 1,667 monthly savings goal in half ( or more ). For example, if you make an extra $ 833 a month slope hustle, you only need to focus on cutting expenses by $ 833 per month .
Tacking on two hundred a week to your income international relations and security network ’ thymine difficult. here are a few side-hustles to get you there with relative rest .


Uber, Lyft, Doordash, and Grubhub are all options to earn money delivering either people or food .
These are app-based independent contractor gigs. All you have to do is sign-up with basic data, download the app, and after a brief vet period, you ’ ll be good to go. You work whenever you want for however long you want .
many drivers report earning an median of $ 20 an hour. If you want to make $ 200 a week, that ’ s ten-spot hours of your time — less than an hour and a half per day .

Selling your stuff

drawing of guy selling his stuff
One other thing you can try is to sell some stool you don ’ t need .
Five thousand dollars might seem intimidating. But if you start off by selling $ 1,000-worth of stuff you don ’ t need, you ’ re already 20 % of the way there .
get down by taking nice photos of your things, then listing them on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or flush eBay .
One approach is to try to squeeze out every penny of each item. But communicating and negotiating with potential buyers for weeks can be exhausting .
I prefer underpricing my offers so people buy them up superintendent quick. That leaves me extra bandwidth to earn money in early ways .


Freelancing is a super broad term. All it means is that you use the skills you have as an independent contractor. You don ’ metric ton study for a company. You are your own knob .
popular websites to find freelance workplace include Upwork and Fiverr. All you need to do is go through the signup summons and then you can start applying for gigs .
This kind of work is perfective for people who want to work from home using skills they already have or skills they want to learn. electric potential freelancer skills include :

✔️ Writing – This can be anything from intersection descriptions to emails blog posts
✔️ Graphic Design – You don ’ t have to be an expert graphic designer to earn money as a freelancer. Canva takes like one hour to learn. And there are batch of detached design courses online.
✔️ Transcription – Transform sound recording and television into text
✔️ Voiceovers – many people who don ’ metric ton address with native accents need voiceovers for their videos
✔️ And here are a bunch of early beginner-friendly freelance gigs .
Some people debate whether Fiverr and Upwork are still worth it. I say it can be a good put to gain some immediate experience and testimonials. After that, you can move up the chain to higher-paying clients .
If you like writing, I created a complimentary course on how to make your first $ 1K as a freelance writer. If you follow my steps, you should be well on your way to your $ 5,000 goal .

Virtual assistant

drawing of virtual assistant working with client
Being a virtual assistant can be a lucrative side-hustle .
If working from dwelling is your precedence and you like doing something unlike every day, then try this out. One day you could be scheduling trips and the future you could be editing web log posts for a different node .
The average rate of pay for a virtual adjunct is around $ 20 an hour. But if you take some courses or specialize in a particular skill, you can make well more. It ’ s a superintendent flexible job, and you can choose a path that best fits your needs .

Amazon FBA

Stack of Amazon boxesMy first shipment of inventory to Amazon warehouses What is Amazon FBA ? It is an acronym for fulfillment by Amazon. You source a product and send it into Amazon warehouses .
When person orders your product, Amazon handles everything, from warehousing, packing, and embark .
Starting an Amazon FBA business requires a set of front-loaded campaign. But once it ’ s up and running, it can be relatively passive voice .
here is a free Amazon masterclass that shows how to get started .
The main trouble is that you need capital to buy your initial product stock. so, you can ’ t begin if you ’ re completely break. But starting a business would be a great reason to save that $ 5000 in the first topographic point .
If you ’ re wondering if Amazon has become besides competitive, check out this steer on if Amazon FBA is worth it inactive .


example of text being proofread Do you have an center for detail ? Do you enjoy reading and finding problems in the written word ?
Proofreading might be correct up your alley. full-time know proofreaders can make more than $ 50,000 a class .
But tied if you ’ re looking to make an extra $ 50 a day in your spare time, you can make it exercise .
To get up and running vitamin a fast as possible, check out this free training .

step 5 – Set Reminders

Saving 5k in three months requires attempt. And if you forget to put in the effort, you won ’ t make it .
That ’ s why reminders are indeed important. I ’ m talking physical reminders. Like gluey notes and screensavers. Put them where you ’ ll see them every day .
sticky note that shows goals for the week to save 5000 in three months Break down how much you need to save and earn, then track your advance hebdomadally. This helps you stay motivated and accountable for your goals .
honestly, putting all of this into drill takes time. Try not to get frustrated with yourself if you aren ’ t able to hit your goal in the first or second calendar month. If you think you may have some issues, start working all of this out well in advance so when day one hits, you hit the background running .
Mitch Mitch is your typical mobile backpacker. Or at least, he was. But after stopping in Colombia to take “ one week ” of salsa lessons, his life took a crisp leave turn. He met a cunning colombian girlfriend in dance class, fell in beloved, and got married. Over half a ten has passed since he left his career to travel the world as a digital nomad, and he ’ randomness never looked back .
nowadays, he ’ s the blogger behind project Untethered—where he runs an amazing e-mail newsletter and Youtube channel teaching adventure-craved wanderlusters how to escape the denounce race, earn money from anywhere, and build an “ untethered life ”.

His advice has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Yahoo, Reader ’ south Digest, Condé Nast Traveler, and more .
Mitch’s Travel Recommendations:
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