Master Rumba Dance Steps for Beginners (Step by Step)

How to Rumba dance for beginners
Learn how to Rumba dance with basic steps ( below ) .

Rumba Dance History & Character:

The american Rumba originated in Cuba, and became celebrated in the USA during the 1920 ’ s. This dance ’ mho fictional character was an outgrowth from the Bolero-Son dance, dances to afro-cuban inhale music. This dancing incorporates a draw of foot an leg imperativeness into the floor with every weight unit change. There is a lifelike pelvis action that is achieved from bending and straightening the knees. In open figures there is an stress on arm style by extending the “ loose arms ” .
The Rumba has many similarities to Cha Cha and Salsa, but its time and technique make it alone .
Popular songs that fit the Rumba:
“ Save the last dance ” by Michael buble
“ Better Together ” by Jack Johnson.
“ Love on the Weekend ” by John Mayer

Rumba Count & Rhythm:

The way you count the Rumba dance is : “ Slow, Quick, Quick ” through out. The boring is 2 beats, while the flying is only 1 beat. An option manner to count in numbers would be : 1,2 ( Slow ), 3,4 ( Quick, Quick ). The Rumba is 4/4 musical measure .

In the first video recording you ’ ll how to do the Rumba box step which is one of the most popular Rumba basic steps. In the second video recording you ’ ll learn the side basic mistreat, another great move to mix in your dancing .

First, Rumba Basic Steps (The Box):

Summary of Rumba Box Steps (Above)


Fwd with leave foot
Side with right animal foot
Close left foot to right foot
Back with right foot
Side with left metrical foot
Close veracious foot to leave foot


back with proper foot
Side with leave foot
Close properly foot to forget foot
Fwd with left foot
Side with right foot
Close left foot to right foot

Pro Tip:

You want to do what is called “ cuban apparent motion ” latin proficiency – which can be achieved just by bending and straightening your knees through out this dance .

Second, The Side Basic Step:

Summary of Side Basic Steps (Above)


side with left foot
Close mighty metrical foot to leave infantry and switch weight
Switch weight on leftover foot
Side with right foot
Close left foot to right foot and switch burden
Switch slant on right foot


side with right animal foot
Close left animal foot to right metrical foot and switch slant
Switch weight on properly metrical foot
Side with left infantry
Close correctly foot to forget animal foot and switch slant
Switch system of weights on leave foot

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