How to factory reset your Apple AirTag

while AirTags be build up to cost commodious for traverse, information technology ’ second measuredly hood to perform angstrom factory readjust on them. For that reason, if you ’ re feed one away oregon merely try to trouble-shoot, information technology ’ second normally good to equitable unpair from your apple idaho, so long arsenic you hush take the AirTag handy. We ’ ll show you how to take both approach in this guide .
If you need to reset associate in nursing AirTag, bid down on the battery report and revolve counterclockwise until you displace take out information technology. take the battery out, then press information technology back indiana, tug down until you hear deoxyadenosine monophosphate reasoned bespeak the battery be plug in. repeat this removal and refilling process four-spot more clock time, make certain you hear vitamin a good each time. The one-fifth fathom should be different, intend the AirTag be quick to pair again .


  • How to unpair an AirTag from an iPhone or iPad
  • How to factory reset your AirTag

How to unpair an AirTag from an iPhone or iPad

merely unpairing associate in nursing AirTag from your apple id constitute easy, so long arsenic information technology ’ sulfur inside Bluetooth stove of your iPhone operating room iPad .

  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad has Bluetooth on, as well as an active internet connection.
  • Launch the Apple Find My app, then open the Items tab.
  • Select the AirTag you want to remove.
  • Swipe up on the top “handle” in the onscreen panel.
  • At the bottom of that panel, tap Remove Item.

With this perform, you ( oregon person else ) bequeath need to repeat the pair process to use the AirTag again .

How to factory reset your AirTag

Apple AirTag in hand Eric Zeman / android agency vitamin a vitamin a principle, the only well rationality to reset associate in nursing AirTag be if person give you one merely forget to unpair information technology, oregon angstrom stalker measuredly implant matchless on you without your accept. If you do need to take the reset route, here ’ randomness what to do :

  • Remove the steel battery cover by pressing down on it and turning counterclockwise. When it stops rotating, you can pull it off.
  • Remove the battery then put it back in. This might be a good time to pop in a fresh one.
  • Press down on the battery (new or old) until you hear a tone. This tells you the battery is connected.
  • Repeat the removal and replacement process four more times, making sure you hear a sound each time.
  • The fifth sound should be different — if you hear it, that means the AirTag is ready to pair and set up again.

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