How to Reset a Schlage Door Lock? – A Detailed Guide

how to reset a schlag door lock
Our home security system is always one of our top priorities. With the range of Schlage locks on the grocery store, we can surely enjoy the day outside or sleep soundly, knowing we are safe and well secured .
But there might be instances when we need our Schlage lock reset and restored to the factory setting to optimize its consumption and for our peace of mind .
You have landed here, probably pondering on the estimate and wondering how to reset a Schlage door interlock. Stick with us as we guide you on the march, with our quick and easy bit-by-bit procedures below.

admonisher Before You Start Resetting Code on Schlage Lock

factory default reset will wipe out all data saved in the unit. All existing user codes, pairings, and other devices will not work and will no long be recognized by the lock in .
Prepare the default option programming code and exploiter codes before any try to restore to the original factory settings and reprogramming Schlage lock in. The codes are either on the back or front of the User Guide that came with the unit you received .
As a backing, there is a poser with the default codes on the lock ’ sulfur interior itself ; an easy and quick dismantling is needed to locate it. You might need a screwdriver to open and get it in some units .
Do not try to factory reset without code. Schlage Customer Service will not be able to provide or retrieve any lose default option codes .

How to Reset Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Locks


  • Remove the battery panel cover.
  • Press the reset button; the black button on the right of the thumb turns inside your lock.

Keep pressing the clitoris until the loss LED light stops blinking ( it normally takes more or less 8 seconds ) .

  • Wait for the LED light to flash to a steady blue (typically takes 10 seconds.
  • The process to reset Schlage encode keypad lock is now complete.

How to Reset Sense Smart and Connect Smart Locks

  • Take off the battery panel cover.
  • Disconnect your lock’s battery.
  • Tap and hold the “Schlage” button on the front panel of the lock.
  • Simultaneously, reconnect the battery while still holding on to the “Schlage” button on the front panel.
  • Let go of the “Schlage” button.

A crack check will flash three times if the lock ’ mho reset process is successful .

  • Press the “Schlage” button and enter any of the default user codes to confirm.

The lock will do a apparatus routine. Observe the bang ’ s motion until it stops, confirming the completion of the Schlage smart interlock reset process .

How to Reset Schlage Keypad Lock Models and Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen


  • Take off the panel cover and the battery.
  • Power down the lock by disconnecting the battery.
  • Press the “Schlage” button once.
  • Note: Make sure it will not take more than 10 seconds to complete Step 4 to Step 6, or you will need to start over again.
  • Quickly reconnect the battery.

The LED indicator will light up, flashing green for a second .

  • Tap and hold the “Schlage” button until it flashes green and creates a beeping sound.
  • Enter any of the default user codes.

If it has unlocked successfully, you can then change the program code of your predilection and add more exploiter codes .
If it does not work and will not unlock, go back and start from step 3 .

Helpful Tips

The lock is no longer responsive but has a working battery. Possibly because of some issue with the internal workings, resetting might clear the unit and do the fix.
You are getting a red light or an X, even after entering the correct user codes. The lock might have been dead for quite a long time, and the codes might have been erased or a sign of altered programming code, so resetting and reprogramming are needed.
You forgot the programming code. Restore it to the default code and reprogram.
You move the lock from one door to another, or you have moved to a new house. Reset Schlage lock code for security and peace of mind.
You want to clear and delete all users and unpair all devices connected to the lock. Reset and reprogram.
You are using an Apple Homekit and want to move the lock or add an Android device. Restoring to factory default setting is necessary to pair the lock again to the Schlage Home app thru the Schlage system.


With all the convenience and security these electronic and bright locks provide, we should well know how we can use them in the best possible way, and constantly be on top angstrom much as possible, no matter what .
Whether we promptly entree our locks with a key, with just a tap, or with our voice, knowing how to reset a Schlage doorway lock is valuable data for Schlage lock owners, which comes in handy in font unexpected circumstances get up .
Taking note of the steps, tips, and reminders, we can be at ease, knowing our locks stay safe and secure .

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