How to Repost Photos and Video on Instagram[2021]

How to Repost Photos and Video on Instagram

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Aug 30, 2022• Proven solutions
When a drug user posts something amazing on Instagram, it can be tempting to want to repost it yourself. however, when it comes to doing a repost, Instagram has made it measuredly less than easy to do so. In fact, their terms of use submit you must seek license to repost videos/photos on Instagram, either by commenting or calculate messaging the content owner. If you have this consent in set, your following vault will be how to actually repost videos/photos on Instagram .
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How to Repost Photos and Video on Instagram

There are a few different ways to repost videos and photos on Instagram, so permit ‘s explore a pair of the most common and popular to see which is going to work for you.

Method 1: Use Apps

The first way to repost Instagram message is via an app, and lucky for you, there are batch of them out there. here are five of the best for you to try out and see if you love :

1 .Repost for Instagram:

repost for instagram
Designed for io, this app is one of the best out there. It does n’t require any separate logarithm in to be done, and is free, with minimal ads to interfere with the serviceability. It besides does n’t watermark your repost, which is a bad asset when you ‘re not keen to advertise person else ‘s product for release .
download for io

2 .Repost – Photo & Video Download And Save:

repost photo video download save
For the Android drug user, this is a great alternative that allows you to repost videos/photos on Instagram. It does n’t have a huge amount of features, but that does make it super dim-witted to learn to use, thus is capital for the inaugural time reposter. It does watermark the photograph, however, and although complimentary to download, requires requital to unlock the advance features .
download for Android

3 .Repost and Save for Instagram:

repost and save for instagram
Another app designed for io users to repost Instagram contentedness, this one makes it extremely simpleton to not lone repost but besides to save that message onto your device. however, although it purports to be free, you ‘ll need to shell out a few bucks to unlock flush the most basic of features. however, if you do n’t mind paying, this is a solid choice that works with stories a well as video and photograph contentedness .
Download for iOS

4 .Repost for Instagram Regrann:

repost for instagram ragrann

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Repost for Instagram – Regrann: This choice is a cross-platform app to repost videos/photos on Instagram from both io and Android devices. It makes it easy to not only repost Instagram content, but besides to accredit the master owner in an unobtrusive manner. It works mighty from the Instagram app, so no motivation to leave the Insta-ecosystem to use it .
download for Android

5 .RepostWhiz:

repost it whiz for ins
free on both Android and io, this is by far the smoothest app to repost Instagram video contented. Photos are possible besides, and from within the app you are able to search by exploiter, likes or flush hashtags. It allows you to schedule your reposts excessively, although, like many others, the app ‘s name is unfortunately watermarked on your reposted content .
download for Android

There are numerous other options for Instagram repost apps, each with its own set of pros and cons, so have a lookout around and see what you can discover that suits your individual needs .

Method 2: Screenshot

It ‘s not an elegant solution, but it works, and we can all do it, no matter what device we ‘re using. Screenshotting can be done via a kind of methods depending on your device. Samsungs, for example, often accept a pilfer of the side of the hired hand across the screen, whereas iPhones prefer a coincident iron of the office and home push button. The image on your screen will be stored on your camera roll .
To use this functionality to repost Instagram shots, just voyage to the content you want to plowshare, tap it to make it entire screen, then screenshot it. You may need to crop it in your photograph editor program, or with some phones you ‘ll be able to upload it just as it is. now all you need to do is to upload it to your own Instagram account and you ‘re done .
Screenshotting is pretty abject on the copyright sustenance scale, therefore be indisputable to credit the original post horse in your regram, otherwise, you could land up in hot urine .

Method 3: Share to other social media platforms

To repost videos/photos on Instagram to other social networks is truly easy, and is slenderly more acceptable with grammers, as it can get them more traffic. To do it, click the three grey dots at the top of the station and copy the URL to your device ‘s clipboard. To share it on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else, just paste the connect into your mail .
If person clicks on your reposted content, they will be taken to the original posters ‘ Instagram account. This can drive extra followers to their feed, thus most posters do n’t mind this method vitamin a much as screenshotting. however, it still makes sense to obtain permission, and to citation that person when you make your regram .

The final word

Being able to repost videos/photos on Instagram does n’t necessarily mean that you should. As previously mentioned, reposting without crediting the contentedness owner is a copyright violation and is against Instagram ‘s terms of function. Taking other people ‘s contented and passing it off as your own is a big no-no, and at best will get your Instagram account suspended, at worst could result in a fine or condemnable charge .
seek license, give credit where credit ‘s due, and enjoy being able to repost Instagram content without infringing anyone ‘s rights.

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