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Learn about the deportation march, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ( DACA ) program, and early related issues .


exile is the ball removal of a extraneous national from the U.S. for violating an immigration law .

The Deportation Process

The United States may deport foreign nationals who participate in criminal acts, are a threat to populace guard, or violate their visa. Those who come to the U.S. without travel documents or with forge documents may be deported quickly without an immigration court hearing under an arrange of expedite removal. Others may go before a pronounce in a longer exile ( removal ) process.

  • The alien home may be held in a detention center anterior to test or exile. See a map of ICE detention facilities or use the ICE Online Detainee Locator System .
  • An Immigration Court of the U.S. Department of Justice ( DOJ ) hears the refer case .
  • If a evaluate rules that the deportation proceeds, the receiving country of the person being deported must agree to accept them and issue travel documents before the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE ) carries out a removal order .
  • The majority of removals are carried out by air at U.S. government expense, although some removals may use a combination of air and reason fare. Learn more about the removal of expatriate extraneous nationals by air .
  • criminal non-citizens who have committed nonviolent crimes may be subject to Rapid REPAT .

If You Are Facing Deportation (Removal)

  • Before completing removal proceedings, you may be able to leave the U.S. on your own, besides known as volunteer departure.
  • Contact a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS ) office near you for questions about exile .
  • If you feel that your civil rights have been violated in the immigration, detention, or removal proceedings process, you can file a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security .
  • If you are an undocumented immigrant facing removal proceedings, you may be able to go through the adaptation of condition process to get a green card and become a lawful permanent resident. This is normally done
    • With a petition by a kin member
    • Through mental hospital or through withholding of removal if you fear danger or persecution if you return to your home nation

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  • This interactional map of pro-bono legal service providers from the Department of Justice can help you find release legal aid with your immigration, deportation, or other citizenship matters .

Appeal a Deportation Order

You may appeal certain exile rulings. seek legal advice before making an appeal ; there are nonprofit organization organizations that can help. Contact the USCIS if you have questions about filing an invoke .

Apply for Readmission After Deportation or Removal

If you are deported, you may be able to file an I-212 form to apply for readmission to the U.S. Contact the USCIS for more data about applying for readmission after exile .

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