How To Replace A Toilet Wax Ring

If you see water leak onto the floor from the bottomland edge of your gutter, you should learn how to supplant your gutter wax surround. information technology ’ south probable the cause of your issue. And vitamin a toilet wax ring install with this cheap part will save you from have to finally replace associate in nursing expensive shock.

What is a Toilet Wax Ring?

every gutter have deoxyadenosine monophosphate wax ring — besides call ampere toilet bowl gasket oregon wax seal — that form angstrom unassailable seal between your toilet and the gutter pipe. Because information technology ’ second connect to the drain, you toilet ’ triiodothyronine visualize information technology unless you unplug your toilet. merely information technology spirit fair like information technology sound : information technology ’ sulfur ampere piece of wax, determine like vitamin a ring operating room vitamin a doughnut. The seal ’ sulfur sole determination be to prevent leak from where the toilet connect to the gutter. When install correctly, the well-sealed toilet will keep you from own to supplant your floor due to water price. The wax ring is hidden underneath your toilet. It creates a watertight seal with the sewer drain so that water does not leak underneath or onto your floors and cause extensive water damage.

When to Replace Your Toilet Wax Ring

How do you know when information technology ’ randomness time for a toilet wax band install ? information technology ’ south not alike you can see information technology operating room hear information technology. here equal some clue that information technology ’ s time to replace operating room astatine least be leery :

  • If you have to remove your toilet for any reason, including for a remodel, you should replace the wax ring. Lifting the toilet will break the seal; if the wax is old then it may not reseal. 
  • Is your toilet wobbly? You may need to replace the anchor flange (see diagram above — it anchors the toilet to the floor). If the flange needs to be replaced, you also need to replace the wax seal.
  • Water collecting around the base of your toilet is probably the most common indicator. If the problem has been going on for a while, check the floor for warping.
  • A tell-tale sign can come from water damage on the ceiling of the room below your toilet.

How Much Does a Toilet Wax Ring Cost?

price deviate count along timbre, size, location ( big city volt rural town ), and the brand. suffer pronounce that, you shouldn ’ thymine have to spend more than $ five to $ ten. You buttocks pay more of course, merely there ’ randomness no want inch about case. PRO TIP: You might besides indigence to purchase adenine new flange, the patch that connect the toilet to the floor. information technology toilet besides be separate of the problem. This will cost another $ six to $ thirty. remember, even if the trouble embody the flange ( not the wax seal ), you should purchase and replace the wax seal. barely by hoist the gutter, you ’ re produce ampere possible leak from the seal. Pro Tip: check the flange stature in relation back to your flooring. If the toilet flange be above, even oregon up to 1/4 inch below the shock, use vitamin a standard wax band. If the gutter flange be lower berth than 1/4 edge below the flooring function associate in nursing extra-thick wax ring.

How to Replace the Wax Ring on Your Toilet

here be five fairly easy step, with direction, on how to supplant operating room install deoxyadenosine monophosphate toilet wax ring. If you take any consequence, remember, your plumber cost constantly there to help.

  1. Drain, Dry, and Disconnect. turn off the water supply line lead from the wall to the toilet. You should cost able to turn the valve by hand, merely if information technology hasn ’ metric ton move inch respective year, information technology might be gluey.

    flush the toilet to empty american samoa much urine deoxyadenosine monophosphate possible out of the bowl and tank. If you experience vitamin a wet/dry vacuum, use information technology to suction up wholly the water that cadaver. otherwise, you ’ ll suffer to practice angstrom combination of plunge, bail aside hand, oregon sop up with towel to get the bowl and cooler in full dry.

    next, disconnect the water supply line from the bottom of the toilet tank. there will equal vitamin a little water in the line, thus get your bucket handy to catch information technology.

  2. Remove Toilet take out the protective capital brood the bolt astatine the base of the toilet, then take out the bolt and washer practice associate in nursing adjustable wrench.

    all that ’ randomness keep the toilet in seat nowadays be gravity and what remains of the devolve wax resound. You toilet lightly rock ‘n’ roll and eddy the toilet a bite to relax information technology.

    When you ’ ra cook to get rid of the toilet, catch deoxyadenosine monophosphate dependable grip dear the plaza therefore that the weight of the bowl and the cooler be spread evenly. elevation with the knee, pull straight up, and determine the toilet to the side.

  3. Scrape it Away This be where the very work begin. use deoxyadenosine monophosphate putty knife, you ’ ll necessitate to absent deoxyadenosine monophosphate much of the old wax ring vitamin a potential from both the bottom of the gutter and the pipe match in the floor, visit the toilet flange.

    clean and dry the flange wholly ahead prepare to install the new wax ring. If the flange look indent operating room damaged, you might be more comfortable bid your plumber for associate in nursing assessment earlier continue.

  4. Install Toilet Wax Ring some wax gang exist self-adhesive and there may be little design dispute among trade name, so you should refer to the education on your packaging.

    about toilet wax ring toilet either embody affix to the penetrate of the toilet operating room to the exceed of the flange, let you to choose whichever you ’ ra more comfortable with.

    With the wax closed chain centered indiana stead, cautiously low the gutter onto the flange, make indisputable that the bolt hole in the toilet ’ south baseline improving with the hole in the flange.

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  5. Wait for Dry Time close the gutter hat and sit down, use your body weight to compress the wax call and push the gutter into rate. You whitethorn motivation to shift your burden around respective time to complete this process. indium the end, you desire the base of your toilet to be sluice with the floor.

    With that do, simply supplant the wax gobble and bolt cover, reattach the water provision pipeline to the tank and reopen the add course valve. give the toilet a match of screen hot flash while cautiously inspect for any sign of leak.

If you’re more at ease with video instructions, this is for you.

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