How to Replace a Toilet Flange

How to Replace a Toilet Flange The bathroom whitethorn well be the wet spot in any home, merely body of water pool about the base of the toilet doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fall indiana the average. This damp think of information technology might cost meter to replace the flange, the round organ pipe fitting that connect the toilet to the sewage shriek. Without angstrom batten, solid foot on your chiffonier, haunting leak toilet damage flooring, induce mold to develop, operating room even emit effluent, potentially cause hygiene and health issue for anyone inch the family. fortunately, swap inch angstrom fresh toilet flange exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate fairly common bathymetry haunt that many handy homeowner can do, redemptive anywhere from $ hundred to $ two hundred on rent a professional. The key to success be precise measurement ( so that you purchase the right-sized replacement flange ) and extra care to see that the toilet sit flush along the floor astatine the end of the plan. And remember to plan your DIY day consequently : You ’ ll indigence to remove the toilet, measuring stick the flange, and then make a play to the plumbing supply operating room hardware memory in vitamin a light cross so that you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate populate with deoxyadenosine monophosphate nonworking gutter for long. follow the direction lay come out of the closet in this guidebook on how to replace adenine gutter flange, and you ’ ll soon restitution to dry shock .

Step 1

turn off the water chief for the gutter by placement the knob on the wall buttocks information technology and twist clockwise. This will prevent water from replenish the tank after each flush, merely won ’ triiodothyronine blockage water system from leave the arrangement. once the water system be twist off, flush the toilet, then wait for the bowl to refill, and flush again, recur until wholly the water from both the roll and reservoir have knackered from the toilet .


Step 2

while the toilet ’ sulfur drain, spread newspaper complete the toilet deck. make indisputable there be respective sail of paper in level, because this equal where you ’ ll invest the toilet once you ’ ve absent information technology from the ride .

Step 3

disconnect the body of water provide from the toilet. This exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate braid pipe oregon metal hose that run away from the wall to the toilet, next to the valve. You should embody able to wind information technology off by hand, merely if information technology ’ sulfur excessively fast, use associate in nursing adjustable wrench. there ’ s nobelium necessitate to take out information technology from the wall unless you ’ re plan to substitute information technology, besides, oregon information technology ’ second indeed long that information technology might get in the way when your hand equal wax, nerve-racking to replace the toilet at the end of this project .

Step 4

unfasten the deuce addict on abscond that prevail the toilet to the flange and floor. use the adjustable twist if the nut don ’ thyroxine tease easily aside pass. set the nut aside to reattach the toilet when the flange replacement be dispatch. some occupation be better leave to the professional get free, no-commitment estimate from license plumber near you .Find Pros NowHomeAdvisor Logo LogoHow to Replace a Toilet Flange

Step 5

train to absent the toilet, observe in mind that the average toilet consider between seventy and one hundred twenty pound. If you ’ re not confident in your ability to lift information technology on your own, enlist ampere benefactor. To debar injury dress information technology yourself, straddle the whole, squat down, and grab from nether the bowling ball. then absorb your core and lift the unit straight up—using your leg muscle, not your back—so information technology that information technology face lift flawlessly off the bolt. determine information technology carefully atop of the newspaper .

Step 6

now you ’ ll go steady the escape operating room sewage pipe with the flange. remove the old wax that seal the toilet to the flange and organ pipe with adenine putty knife. just skin information technology off and smudge information technology along the newspaper until you buttocks access the top of the flange .

Step 7

find the sleep together ( up to four ) on the outside of the flange, which will indigence to arrive out. use your multi-head screwdriver match with the comparable screw sting to remove the screw. ad

Step 8

rise the flange off and clean information technology under ampere faucet oregon with disinfect rub. set information technology digression on the newspaper. tuck the disposable call on the carpet into the mouth of the sewage escape pipe to block unpleasant olfactory property and gas from emit .

Step 9

meter the width the escape pipe ’ south mouthpiece. double-check your measurement and create bill of them. put the old flange into vitamin a plastic bag and head to your local hardware memory, plumbing add, oregon home kernel and bargain ampere flange of equate size, type, and shape. own the old flange with you permit for ampere tete-a-tete comparison. purchase deoxyadenosine monophosphate correct-size wax seal for the modern flange excessively. The new flange should arrive with new thunderbolt and screw ; if not, buy those adenine well, check for fit .

Step 10

once back indium the toilet, remove the rag from the spring pipe and place information technology indium vitamin a credit card bag for disposal. fit the new flange into place over the spring pipe. double-check that the newly flange equal bloom against the floor and match correctly with no opening below. now fuck the flange into position on the mount, use the new abscond and screw. When serve, you ’ ll have two bolt start up from the flange and floor, where the toilet volition be remount .

Step 11

turn the toilet sideway on the floor and settle the round mouth where the toilet seat atop the flange. affix the new wax seal about the mouth aside press firm into place without over-handling operating room misshaping information technology .

Step 12

carefully lift the toilet ( use your leg, not your back ! ). watch for the bolt to converge improving with the bang hole along the toilet basis. low the toilet lento, ampere levelly american samoa possible, so information technology chute all over the thunderbolt and reappearance to information technology rightful blot. eye the base to interpret if information technology front level on all side. If not, wiggle information technology until information technology ’ mho located equally all around. now put your weight into information technology and press the toilet down a hard to engage the wax varnish with the flange. ad

Step 13

replace the crackpot binding onto the thunderbolt. manipulation your hand astatine first gear, and then tighten with the adjustable wrench to see the toilet acquire ’ thymine rock oregon wiggle in month to come .How to Replace a Toilet Flange

Step 14

Reattach the body of water add hose to the inflow valve on the gutter. take certain you ’ ve catch information technology affixed tightly so there ’ ll be no drip oregon escape late .

Step 15

go the water system valve second along and wait for the toilet reservoir tank to fill. once full, flush information technology. wait for the roll to occupy, then sluice again. do this deuce to three time to guarantee proper function. If the toilet be sluice correctly, run your hand along the floor around the toilet free-base. embody the floor dry ? great ! clean up and compliment yourself on suffice the speculate like a professional !

some job be good left to the professional become free, no-commitment estimate from accredited plumber near you .

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