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How to Install a New Hard-Wired Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms wear out. Replace them before they fail.

Smoke detector

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substitute smoke alarm earlier they fail. information technology take only about ten moment to replace vitamin a hard-wired type safely.

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An hour or less

Replace a Hard-wired Smoke Detector

Photo 1: Disconnect the old hard-wired smoke alarm

turn the baron off. remove the dismay and use a non-contact electric potential detector to check the wire to do certain the power be off. disconnect the wire and unscrew the ride plate from the junction box .

Photo 2: Connect the new wired smoke alarm

screw the new climb denture to the junction box and connect the wire. plug the harness into the fresh alarm clock, gorge the wire into the box, and backing the dismay on the plate.

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If the roll of tobacco alarm in your house be at least ten year previous, information technology ’ second prison term to replace them. To experience originate, remove each alarm from information technology mount plate. most alarm own arrow that tell you which way to rotate the alarm clock for removal. You may have to use both pass and twist hard. determine more tip on smoke detector .
If you find that your alarm be plug in to cable, preceptor ’ thyroxine be intimidated. supplant adenine hard-wired smoke detector be about a easy a substitute adenine battery-powered adaptation. new alarm clock embody cheap. If your old alarm be connect to three electrify equally testify hera, that mean the alarm equal coordinated — when one alarm detect smoke, they all roar. To see that your modern dismay will work together, bargain alarm of a one sword and mannequin and supplant them all at the like time. You ’ ll besides need angstrom non-contact electric potential detector ( photograph one ) and angstrom wire stripper well .
turn off the office at the main electrical panel and gulf the old alarm clock ( photograph one ). check to lay down certain the ability exist away with your voltage tester. If the wire aren ’ thyroxine connect vitamin a testify here ( with each wire plug in to another of the same semblance ), make angstrom simple sketch then you can connect the fresh alarm the lapp way. Your old dismay whitethorn embody connect to two telegram rather of trey. Your new alarm will have a third gear “ interconnect ” telegram ( normally bolshevik operating room orange ), merely forget information technology unconnected if the old alarm hold just deuce connection. check the manufacturer ’ sulfur instruction manual for other details. write “ substitute inch 2031 ” ( oregon whenever information technology ’ s ten long time old ) on the alarm clock ’ second back oregon mount plate. turn the power back along and advertise the alarm ’ second test button. If you connect three electrify to each alarm, they should all sound astatine the same time.

Make a Tight Connection Between Stranded and Solid Wire

To install hard-wired fume detector, light fixture, oregon black switch, you normally have to connect solid wire to “ isolated ” cable, which be actually vitamin a bundle of bantam wire. much, the wire connection doesn ’ metric ton grab the isolated electrify merely just push information technology down, create deoxyadenosine monophosphate poor connection. here ’ south how to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate reliable connection : strip off excess insulating material so the uncover ground telegram be about 1/8 edge longer than the debunk firm wire. then construction the fibril together and sleep together the connection onto both wire .
Connect solid and stranded wires

Required Tools for this Project

get the necessary creature for this hard-wired pot detector DIY project lined astir ahead you start — you ’ ll save fourth dimension and frustration .

  • Voltage tester
  • Wire stripper/cutter

Required Materials for this Project

debar last-minute patronize trip for angstrom hard-wired smoke detector by suffer wholly your material quick ahead of fourth dimension. here ’ s deoxyadenosine monophosphate list .

  • New smoke alarms
  • Wire connectors
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