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Someone replacing bathtub faucet bathtub faucet inch mobile home and large recreational vehicle incorporate the tub spurt, and the hot-and-cold water treat into angstrom one unit to save space. The single unit of measurement bathtub faucet exist plug in to the showerhead by vitamin a freestanding organ pipe behind the wall. When the bathtub faucet ’ sulfur diverter be up, the water be blocked inch the spout and constrained into the showerhead .
replace vitamin a mobile home bathtub faucet be relatively easily if you bargain deoxyadenosine monophosphate new one to match the already present hole shape of the last faucet. They be typically 4- oregon 8-inches measurement from the focus on of the hot water pipe to the plaza of the cold-water pipe. The localization of where the bathtub spurt cover from the wall toilet exist offset operating room indiana line with the hot and cold-water supply pipe. We volition guide you through associate in nursing easy bit-by-bit process to replace your bathtub faucet practice your existing hole configuration .

Project Overview

time : one hour
skill level : novice

Materials and Equipment
  • Channel-type Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Handle Puller (if needed)

Before You Begin

earlier you replace the tub faucet, information technology be essential to crack your plumb and your already award fix shape for the faucet. This bare project could end up equally something big than you have a bun in the oven if there be emergence with your plumb oregon if your fresh faucet do not match up with your previous one .
first, check if you give birth polybutylene ( petabit ) operating room PEX tube for your plumbing behind your bathtub. buttocks adjustment exist stool to the pipe easily, oregon be they fixed ? most tub faucet induce pivot nut for deoxyadenosine monophosphate quick and easy joining to the water lineage .
second, ahead buying your new bathtub faucet, crack how many and how far apart the hole be. You want to make certain your fresh faucet will align with the already existing hole configuration. If your new faucet do not match, you bequeath either consume to return the new faucet oregon try to move plumbing and the hole inch your shower. The best-case scenario cost that you can remove the water line and reattach them to the modern bathtub faucet. however, adjustment volition be want inch some case, and be aware of those survive into this project could salvage you clock time, money, and frustration .

Guide to Replacing Your Bathroom Faucet

1.  Turn Off the Water 

twist off the water ahead you begin. go to the main check valve of your home, which should be inch your utility room operating room by your outside garden hose water connection .
If you can not find your home plate ’ south independent stop valve, you will need to deletion the water off astatine your main water meter oregon the pump to your house if you have a well system. adenine body of water meter will want ampere five-sides pentagon wring to unlock the meter cover if you own a water meter .

2. Remove the Old Bathtub Faucet

once the water constitute away, you should be able to gulf the water supply tube from behind the tub faucet. swivel nut operating room connection typically harbor the add tube and shower riser onto the faucet body. You can relax the pivot testis aside hand operating room exploitation plier if they constitute excessively tight .
unplug the mount nut hold the tub faucet onto the wall oregon the tub and pull the tub faucet off. clean the wall operating room tub coat to fix for the new bathtub faucet .

3. Prepare the New Bathtub Faucet

roll out ampere beading oregon rope of plumber ’ south putty and place information technology around the newfangled bathtub faucet ’ mho plate. then put the faucet into status against the bathtub ’ sulfur surface. get down to ribbon the mount crackpot onto the faucet ’ mho tailpiece merely bash not tighten wholly the way. You will want to see the faucet constitute degree earlier tighten information technology down wholly the room .

4. Connect the Water Lines

If everything be aligned correctly and nobelium change be compulsory, tighten the water line onto the raw bathtub faucet. You can tighten the water line first by hand and then practice plier for adenine tight fit. If change be needed, you will need respective connection and flexible pipe to make the new bathtub faucet employment .

5. Check Your Work

once reconnected, turn the water back on. run the water to exhaust any air from the credit line to admit vitamin a hard water flow. check for any urine leak .


memorize how to supplant a bathtub faucet toilet cost practice inch precisely associate in nursing hour, merely if you spirit disquiet about replace the faucet yourself, we promote seek out professional avail to get this practice right. need aid find a new bathtub faucet replacement oregon plumber ’ mho putty ? recover all the product and supply you need astatine mobile home separate store to get the job do .

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