How To Renew Your Expired Passport

Do you have an expired recommendation ? If therefore, you will need to renew it before you leave the United States. Whether you ‘re driving across the border, taking a cruise ship or fly, you need a stream U.S. passport. In many cases, you can complete the entire refilling process on-line and do n’t need to schedule an in-person adoption facility. however, you distillery need to mail your documents and payment to a action center .


The refilling process is easy but can take up to 6 weeks to receive your new passport. Some countries require your passport to be valid for at least 6 months beyond your travel dates. flush if your pass is still current, you can follow the lapp steps to renew your passport before traveling .
Passports expire every 10 years when you are long time 16 or older. Child passports ( age 15 or younger ) expire every 5 years. You can cursorily find your recommendation exhalation go steady on the inside front cover .

Renewing Your Expired Passport The Easy Way
The passport refilling process is easily and starts on-line. Do n’t go to a local toleration facility as the renewal process is different than the initial application serve. You can renew by mail when your recommendation meets these criteria :

  • Passport is undamaged (besides normal “wear and tear”)
  • Your passport isn’t lost or stolen
  • Issued when you were at least 16 years or older
  • Issued within the last 15 years
  • Your current name hasn’t changed (or you can verify your updated legal name with an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order)

note that if you are traveling soon and need aid getting the march expedited, you will need to call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 to renew in-person at an available facility. Otherwise, a cosmopolitan principle of thumb is that you can renew by mail if your pass has expired within the final 5 years .
What You Need
You will need your most recent passport book and emergency contact information. Since you will need to print and mail the lotion form with your exhale recommendation, you will need Adobe Acrobat installed on your calculator ( to complete the printable PDF forms ) and a printer. Depending on your browser, you may already have it installed .
Complete Form DS-82
You can renew your pass by mail if your adult passport expired less than 5 years ago and you presently reside in the United States or Canada. If so, you can head to the U.S. Department of State web site and complete Form DS-82. This is the “ Renewal Application ” form on the State Department web site .
On the web site, you can either click the Form Filler or PDF button. The Form Filler is synergistic and ensures you complete the chastise shape the first time. You will enter your personal and recommendation information and photographic print the concluding class .
If renewing from outside the United States or Canada, you will need to visit a local U.S. embassy or consulate .
Remember that children under age 16 can not use this human body to renew their pass. They will need to complete Form DS-11 which is the application imprint you used to apply for your initial lotion .
Take Passport Photos
After printing your form DS-82, the future step is getting ready to mail your application and pass via escargot mail. You will need to attach one raw recommendation photograph to your application .
You can use the Passport Booth app to take your own photograph and print them for adenine little as $ 0.50 each that you pick up at a local store. Or you can head to a local business or government agency but you may pay more. For example, you might pay $ 14 for a CVS or Walgreens salesclerk to take the like photograph .
Make sure you read the pass photograph requirements to make sure you do n’t need to resend a proper photograph .
Pay Passport Renewal Fees

You will besides need to send requital with your application. It can either be a personal check or money ordering collectible to the “ U.S. State Department. ”
Your exaction application tip depends on which recommendation documents you order :

  • Passport Book: $110
  • Passport Card: $30
  • Book and Card: $140

For example, if you already have a passport book but want a pass tease, you will complete Form DS-82 and pay $ 30 for everyday action .
Additional Service Fees
Standard shipping is exempt and it can take between 4 and 6 weeks to receive your new passport. You will need to pay supernumerary ( $ 16.48 ) for 1-2 day expedited shipping once your newly passport ships .
If you ca n’t wait a month for your renewed recommendation, you should choose the expedite service option. It costs an extra $ 60. Your passport can be delivered to a local anesthetic agency within 8 business days or mailed to you within 2 or 3 weeks .
The expedite process and transport services are merely available within the United States. You will need to choose the act military service if renewing outside the United States .
Mail Expired Passport
The final step is mailing your documents to the processing center. Mailing instructions are included when you print your Form DS-82 .
There are two different process centers in the United States. One is in Irving, TX and the other is in Philadelphia, PA. Which center you mail your application to depends on which department of state you live in for everyday process. If you reside in Canada or select expedite march, you will mail your documents to the Philadelphia adeptness .
You will need to mail your documents via U.S. mail since they are being sent to a P.O. Box. Use Canada Post if you are renewing your pass from Canada .
Mail these items to the allow National Passport Processing Center :

  • Most recent U.S. passport book
  • One recent passport photo
  • Passport fees
  • Form DS-82 (the form you printed out)

Receive New Passport
Your new passport will arrive in a distinguish mailing from your old passport and any back documents. normally, the raw passport arrives first. once you get your new passport, you can travel abroad for the future decade before you need to complete the refilling process again .
When You Can’t Renew Passport By Mail
You wo n’t be able to renew your pass by mail, for some of these reasons :

  • Your passport expired at least 5 years ago
  • Your passport was lost, stolen, or damaged
  • You currently reside outside the United States or Canada
  • Have a child’s passport although over age 16
  • Are still under age 16

If you fall into one of the four categories above, you must complete Form DS-11 and apply in-person. This option can besides require you to pay a $ 35 execution ( toleration ) fee in accession to the criterion application, action and ship fees .
besides, you wo n’t be able to renew your passport if you are at least $ 2,500 behind in child support payments.

The renewal work is easy and cheaper when your pass expired less than 5 years ago. All refilling applications start on-line and finish up by mailing your documents to the National Passport Processing Center. If you no longer have your most late passport or it expired at least 5 years ago, you need to complete the initial application again .

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