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television receiver ’ sulfur on tilting rampart mounts are one of today ’ s most coarse dwelling entertainment features. Before alone hospitals, offices, and early important establishments mounted their TVs, but now, homeowners are doing it adenine well .
Having your flat-screen television mounted on a wall makes it feel like you have your own home theater. Wall mounting a flat screen besides saves outer space and keeps the television receiver safely out of the direction.

Installing a wall-mounted television yourself can be challenging for the first-timer, but it ’ s not that hard to do. Likewise with removing the screen from the wall mount .
There are numerous ways in which you can safely and by rights remove your television off your tilting rampart mount. here are the top 10.

A Large Flat Screen is a Two Person Job

Tilting TV Wall Mount

First things first, let people help you. even if you are handy, uninstalling television receiver sets from a tilting television receiver wall mount will require two people to lift the big screen from its mounting bracket .
Doing it on your own besides increases the hazard of accidents and ultimately damage your television .
You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want that to happen, do you ? Asking for avail from others is always way better than broken television !

Disconnect Everything First

Tilting TV Wall Mount
Before embarking on this process, it ’ south best to unplug everything from the television. Don ’ triiodothyronine worry, once your television is off the mount, it ’ ll distillery work vitamin a well as earlier .

Light It Up!

Make certain you have adequate light to see what your doing. You may have to remove little screws from the mounting bracket, so it ’ south important to be able to see truly well – and this will besides avoid potential frustration.

Make Use of Object Aids

When removing your television set from your tilting wall climb, whether by yourself or with the help of a few friends, have some identify tools ready to aid you .

Make certain you have the right type of screwdriver – a Philips screwdriver is recommended – and somewhere dependable to put your television once it ’ s off the wall.

Screw Them Off

Tilting TV Wall Mount
A typical joust mountain such as Rocelco ’ s own crop of tilt mounts, normally has security screws in place at the bed of the hook-on arms, to prevent unauthorized removal of the screen. By loosening these screws, it will allow you to lift the television off the mounting wall plate. Use circumspection to prevent damage to A/V component wires .

Removing mounting plate

Removing the television receiver from the mounting plate will allow access to A/V component cables. Unplug the cables and lay the television face down on a easy surface to prevent damage .

Using a standard Philips screwdriver, remove the hook on arms from the back of the television. Reinstall the factory point of view for safe repositing if needed.

Get Professional Help

Tilting TV Wall Mount
If you ’ re diffident on how to properly remove your television receiver from your tilting wall mountain, get a professional to do it .
This way, there is a 100 % opportunity that there will be no accidents involved and that your television receiver will be safely uninstalled.

additionally, these same professionals can besides help uninstall your speakers from their wall mounts as well.


Tilting television receiver wall mounts may sound complicated at first, particularly the expectation of uninstalling them when you ’ re done with your hardening, but in reality, they can be easy peasy .
just take a look at our top 10 ways on how to remove them and you ’ ll see that it ’ south not angstrom complex as you might think .

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