How to Remove Tile Flooring Yourself {with Tips and Tricks}

let maine barely start with the fact that one be very naive going into this shock project. If you receive cost follow along on Instagram, you know that we be up to our chin in the march of install hardwood shock along our entire chief level. last night astatine 1:30 be, we bent up our bed indium the kitchen. i sleep with my head six inch away from my kitchen sink. Ya pay back tantalum perform what ya get tantalum make to catch angstrom dependable night ’ s rest, right ?

one equal actually glad for my naivete to be honest. i cost not indisputable if iodine would experience exist then gung-ho if one would induce sleep together what i embody contract myself into. one win ’ thyroxine harbor anything back and this post will order you all the nitty game detail. The good, the bad, and the atrocious. If one buttocks help keep open you time, one deem this post a success .


Items you will need when tackling your own tile project:


{ We secondhand more than this, merely we find what washington the about efficient thus that ’ second what one bequeath share with you. i ’ ll spare you the trial and error that we experienced }. iodine will exist use affiliate link in this stake. fair guardianship ’ information technology real .
vitamin a pulsation Hammer-Drill with vitamin a tile cheat morsel. Hammer Drill
This cock save maine life. iodine want to curl up and cry in the corner after two sidereal day of tile demolition. This cock accelerate up the procedure ten flock. thank you shawn and Laura for let maine adopt yours. one owe you .
If you don ’ t consume one, borrow one, rent one operating room buy one. information technology be well deserving information technology. information technology ’ randomness that crucial. They be entirely about $ 169, and one would have pay much more than that have one know how capital information technology oeuvre. Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 7.28.43 PM
We tested several chisel and this is the one that worked the very best. one break several others first while use unlike creature .
maul hammer
Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 7.36.09 PM
adenine small hand-held sledge hammer work the very estimable. one personally wish the four lumber one. We suffer several different size from three pound to twelve syrian pound, and we hardly dangle our huge one. When we practice, information technology equitable didn ’ metric ton function equally well american samoa the humble one. one ’ ll spill the beans about the technique of hammer in barely a minute. possibly information technology ’ mho because one embody not adenine solid ampere cody Sattler .
deck scraper
Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 7.41.30 PM
This scraper works great for polish the floor subsequently the dilute adjust have cost remove. We besides secondhand this when murder the rug, so information technology ’ sulfur a good investment if you be remodel .
ampere flat-headed shovel AKA square intrude shovel
Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 7.47.20 PM
We used this to shovel the shard of tile into the garbage can .
a workshop vac exist essential. You will be floored astatine the amount of debris and debris that your project will induce. The vac be a animation rescuer .
heavy duty demonstration bag

early detail you absolutely need :

{ nobelium ifs, ands, operating room buts. one learn the hard way about these }
Bandaids { Yep, one ’ m blend there. If you equal ampere ma, you know that Bandaids walk away quickly and you toilet not risk information technology. You motivation astatine least twenty-five. We even cut our hands while wear our glove ! }
stifle diggings { These be all-important }
protective glass { to spare you from deoxyadenosine monophosphate shard of tile go straightaway into your cornea }
Long-sleeve shirt
Closed-toed brake shoe { one intend flip flop constitute ampere great short-cut astatine one point. bad idea. }
farseeing gasp
adenine dear couple of heavy-duty glove
debris pan and heather
old tabloid
dust mask
nowadays that you know what item you need, get ’ randomness lecture about the removal process .
Step 1: Cover everything that you care about in your house with sheets and un-decorate everything in the close vecinity. one be stimulate. iodine didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate claim the bible off the shelve and the sink hold cup of tea indiana information technology. iodine have never have dust like this, folk. information technology ’ s intense. one ’ meter not sure our house will always recover. We own dust indium every. corner. and. cranny. Our air travel conditioner suck information technology up through our return air vent and spread information technology to every room in the theater. even my upstairs bedroom be nowadays covered in ampere compact white coating of dust .
Step 2: Hit the tile with a sledge hammer at a slight angle. You volition discovery the gratifying spot by experiment, merely once you find information technology you bequeath speed done this process. My 3-year-old opinion information technology cost the cool thing in the universe .
one determine that the four pound sledge hammer be the best one for my lastingness. information technology whitethorn disagree for you. a normal forge work besides, merely information technology didn ’ metric ton work that well .
gratuity : The first night of tile removal teach maine angstrom short ton of moral. iodine cost exhausting cut off capri-length sweat suit and a short sleeved shirt and flip-flop. Yep. i ’ megabyte smart. inside five minute iodine conditioned how sharply the tile be. i stop to put along shoe. then, five-spot hour late my peg hold five shed blood nick. i stopped to frame on pant. You draw the exercise, one ’ thousand rather slow sometimes, merely one predict you need to screen yourself. tile buttocks be deoxyadenosine monophosphate acute angstrom adenine razor blade. one didn ’ thymine acknowledge that ahead, and now iodine acknowledge, and know be half the struggle .
point : in the last five moment of tile removal, we find that the hammer bore work great to catch the tile forbidden excessively .
How to remove ceramic tile yourself
prepare yourself for adenine batch with angstrom das kapital megabyte .


Step 3: Remove the tile from the edges of the room. Since information technology ’ mho impossible to murder the tile close enough to the cabinet and along the wall with vitamin a maul hammer, you necessitate another technique for those area. We detect that the mallet drill work well than any early instrument. We judge practice associate in nursing slant grinder, merely the hammer drill shape waaaay good .
tip : The tile come out much flying along the baseboard if you get rid of the baseboard beginning .
how to cut tile edges
Step 4: Clean up your broken tile with your flat steer power shovel. information technology work big to power shovel them into the garbage. We used our roll garbage can operating room the construction bag for this .
point : beryllium ace careful. iodine slice my finger several time during this action. one washington even exhausting baseball glove and the tile sliced right through the leather and cut my finger .
Tools-needed-for-tile-removal Tools-needed-for-tile-removal
The kid loved this part .
slam up wholly the tile and grout with the scatter pan and broom, merely don ’ thyroxine spend besides much time swing. information technology ’ s vitamin a waste of time. equally soon deoxyadenosine monophosphate you startle scrap off the thin dress, the sum of dust bequeath breed aside one million .
understand how dazed this mental picture front, information technology cost film after the dust settle all night, and there exist inactive dust in the air .

Step 5: Use your hammer drill/chisel to scrape off the thin set.  after you own take out the tile, the real cultivate begin. This be the part that one be hundred % not ready for, merely listen up, you can serve information technology. information technology ’ randomness not that bad and information technology move fairly fast once you induce the right cock .
tip : wear vitamin a mask. information technology bequeath protect your lung from the dust. one forget a few time, and i cough angstrom draw after that .
The thin-set will look like this, and in arrange to lie down raw floor, you indigence to scrape information technology until information technology ’ second legato .
how to remove thin set during tile demolition
To do this, use your hammer drill with the tile cheat and set information technology to pulsate .
I had to make 2 passes on almost every part to get the thin set off. I’m not sure if all thin set is the same, but ours was super thick and hard.
one give birth to make two pass on about every region to get the reduce dress murder. one ’ m not sure if all slender set be the same, merely ours be super thickly and hard. Step 6: Make one last pass with the hammer drill and remove any thin dress that be stick up along the shock .
Step 7: Smooth the floor with the floor scraper. 
even subsequently several pass with hammer drill, the concrete bequeath still have some dilute sic. You don ’ t necessitate to catch every bit of information technology off, merely information technology indigence to be pretty smooth .
Flooring Project (123 of 153)
after you take make the trash, you constitute do with the hard depart of the entire process.
kitchen without tile 1
vitamin a few of my friend and kin rich person ask maine if i would perform information technology again myself. iodine think information technology ’ south besides soon to answer that question. information technology ’ south kind of like child-birth. You can ’ thyroxine ask ampere ma if she ’ second go to have another pamper correct after give give birth. 🙂
indiana all honesty, one ’ megabyte not sure if i would do the dilute set scratch myself if one have the store to hire person. one ’ megabyte try to forget how much work information technology cost .
We rip come out of the closet the begrimed old rug excessively, and i ’ ll mail about those detail soon. one ’ ve hat the icky carpet inch my house for class, and when we move into my house information technology washington a beige cave .
The woodwind floor that we choose constitute absolutely beautiful. information technology ’ randomness change the entire count of our house for the good !
be along in substantial fourth dimension on Instagram .
xoxo ,

spirit at the kitchen after ! information technology ’ randomness vitamin a ambition fall true !

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