How to Remove Wood Stain

partake this here ! There ’ randomness nothing like revealing raw wood from underneath honest-to-god woodwind stain. Whether you ’ re looking to refinish your furniture or leave the furniture in a bare-assed wood style complete, here are our best tips for how to remove wood stain from furniture ! Learn how to remove paint from wood furniture here ! PIN THIS TUTORIAL FOR LATER

"best way to remove wood stain" with before and after removing stain photos I ’ m not going to sugar coat it, removing wood stain from furniture is not for the faint of heart. sometimes the wood blot comes off in truth easily, and it ’ s a reasonably quick march. If you want to remove one level of wood dirt from a flat surface, it should be a decently quick and painless undertaking, like this Antique Gold Dining Table that we stripped the top. But if you want to take on stripping a man of furniture down to raw woodwind, it can be a reasonably long action. particularly if there are multiple layers of stain/paint ! Before you start your project, no topic how large or little though, here are the best tips and tricks for removing wood tarnish from furniture ! And, of course, the step by step process on how to remove wood stain. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I besides may earn from other qualifying purchases with other companies or get release product to review and use. All opinions are my own .

How to Remove Wood Stain

Supplies Used:

How to Remove Wood Stain from Furniture

  1. Protect Yourself and Your Work Area
  2. Brush on Citristrip Stripper
  3. Cover and Let it Sit
  4. Remove the Wood Stain
  5. Let the Wood Dry
  6. Sand Places You Missed

today I ’ molarity sharing how to remove tarnish from detailed wood like the leg on this miniskirt buffet !mini antique buffet with detailed wood legs This proficiency can be used on stain or paint. actually, this piece had a layer of paint and 2 layers of stain that we had to remove to get it down to bare wood. I ’ m sure it had some polyurethane greatcoat on it adenine well .

Step One: Protect Yourself and Your Work Area

employment in a well-ventilated area if possible. Citristrip doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have a truly harsh smell like most other strippers, but for your health, it ’ second silent smart to work in a ventilate area. I besides like to wear my respirator to protect my lungs. then lay down some cardboard under the part so you don ’ triiodothyronine get stripper and stain all over the shock. here are more bang-up ideas to protect your furniture ( it was written to contribution about how to protect things when spray, but they are great ideas to protect furniture… like drawers, from the fix of the stripper well. )antique buffet wood leg, before removing wood stainBEFORE

Step Two: Brush on Citristrip Stripper

Put on your chemical immune gloves. then pour some stripper well onto the newspaper plate and use the brush to brush the stripper all over. Brush it on as thick as you can!!brushing on citristrip If you have a draw of stain to remove, work in smaller parts. Trust me, you don ’ thymine want to put stripper all over the entire piece and try to work on it all at one time. It ’ s a huge project to undertake ! so only put stripper on a minor sphere first. once that area is stripped toss off to raw forest, move onto the future area .

Step Three: Cover and Let it Sit

once you have stripper all over, grab some formative wrapping and cover the stripper. The plastic wrap will help keep the stripper from drying out, making the stripper work long .wood leg with citristrip wrapped in plastic wrap Because once the stripper dries out, it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to eat through the stain anymore. then, sit back relax and let the stripper go to work ! I like to let the stripper sit there for about 8-12 hours, but no more than 24 hours. The bottle recommends to wait at least 30 minutes, but I haven ’ metric ton always seen the stripper well exploit firm adequate to be quick after only 30 minutes. You can check on it here and there by pulling off the formative merely a little bit to see if the tarnish is starting to lift off, bubble or get truly gooey. If it ’ s gooey, bubbled up or lifting off with the plastic, you ’ re ready to start removing the stain ! If you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see any of those things, and it hasn ’ thyroxine been 8 hours, leave it alone for a short while longer .

Step Four: Remove the Wood Stain

When it ’ s ready to strip, out on your gloves, and remove the plastic from a little area. then catch

  • mineral spirits
  • some steel wool or scrubbing pads
  • an old toothbrush or wire brush (for details)
  • some toothpicks (for the details)
  • and a putty knife for flat surfaces.

Dip your steel wool or scrubbing pad into the mineral spirits and start scrubbing the stripper and stain away .scrubbing the wood leg with steel wool If you have a flat surface, you can remove most of the sludge first base with a flat plastic scraper. But these legs didn ’ thymine leave me much room to use a scraper, so I dove in with the sword wool foremost.

Check out this other post on removing stain from detail wood for more details .

How to Remove Citristrip Residue

The mineral spirits helps to remove the remainder of the stripper and it besides helps to soften any stain that the stripper didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate aerodynamic lift up. once the sword wool is fully caked with sludge, grab a raw piece of sword wool and dip it into more mineral spirits .

Removing Multiple Layers of Stain/Paint

normally, if there is good one layer of stain, the stain comes off pretty well, without much scrub. But, once I started getting into this visualize, I could tell that person had painted the whole nibble with a cream color paint and then put a gel dirt on top of it. so, alternatively of barely one layer of dirt to get through, I had 2 layers of tarnish and one layer of paint to get through .closeup of the layers of paint and stain on the wood leg Which made the project take a bit more elbow grease than I planned on. * * But, that ’ s why I recommend to lone apply Citristrip to a little area at a clock ! * * If you end up finding multiple layers of key, it will take longer to strip than if there are one or two different layers of paint. so, I barely kept scrubbing away with the steel wool and mineral spirits until I could tell that I was polish to raw wood. It was besides easier to scrub all of the layers off when the mineral spirits had sat there for a little bit. It took an hour to scrub one leg down completely.

Step Five: Let the Wood Dry

After they were both completely stripped, I let them dry for a day or two .wood with no stain. wet from the stripper and mineral spirits The wood was very saturated and moisture, so I let it dry wholly .

Step Six: Sand Places You Missed

here ’ s what they looked like a copulate of days late .legs after drying, before sanding There were a couple of spots that I had missed when scrub, so I took some 220 backbone emery paper and foam sanding pads to those areas and sanded those spots down to wood. I besides sanded the rest of the legs down to get any leftover stripper residue off .legs after sanding now they ’ re ready to refinish with some stain, dark wax or even key ! Check out the mini buffet makeover to see the rest of this buffet makeover ! If you ’ re a ocular learner, check out our wide television tutorial on how to remove woodwind blot here !

How much Citristrip do I need?

I used about half of a 1/2 gallon size of Citristrip Stripping Gel for these legs. obviously, if you have a set more to remove, you ’ ll want more stripper. For a small 3 draftsman dresser, I have used about 1 and a half 1/2 gallons of Citristrip Stripping Gel .

What Happens if Citristrip is Left on Too Long?

honestly, the only thing I have truly noticed is that the stripper equitable dries out. You can use a putty knife to remove the dried out Citristrip. If you ’ re lucky, you ’ ll remove the tarnish with the dried Citristrip. If not, just brush more Citristrip on the stallion area you were working on and repeat the above steps. I actually don ’ t recommend letting it sit excessively long, but it shouldn ’ t be the end of the world if you do let it sit excessively farseeing. 🙂

Best Wood Stain Remover

This stripper well is my front-runner to use because it isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate harsh like other strippers, and you can use it indoors ! I besides love that the smell international relations and security network ’ t super strong. But, I still like to wear a mask to protect my lungs from the smaller measure of fumes. Plus, it truly does bring ! But, you have to let it sit for a while so it can eat through the stain. badly, 30 minutes is not enough time to let it work .

How to Restain Wood Without Removing the Stain?

If you don ’ t want to go through this whole procedure, you might be able to get away with using a gel dirt alternatively. Gel stain sits on top of old tarnish finishes, so you can leave your honest-to-god complete on there. Check out this buffet makeover to see how we use gel Stain to Restain Furniture ( without stripping ! ) And this desk makeover that we stained wood dark without removing the stain. PIN THIS TUTORIAL FOR LATER

before and after removing stain from antique buffet legs

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