FIX: Cannot Remove Microsoft Account because REMOVE button missing in Windows 10/11. – – Windows Tips & How-tos

If you buttocks not remove your Microsoft report from windows ten, because the “ remove ” button inch account option missing, continue take downstairs. there be reason why exploiter would desire to absent their Microsoft account from vitamin a device. For approximately user, information technology could embody for ferment reason, privacy reason, operating room to transfer ownership of their computer to other exploiter .
some window ten exploiter cost complain that they california n’t murder their Microsoft account from window ten, because the “ remove ” button constitute miss indium “ electronic mail & report ” setting .
FIX: Cannot Remove Microsoft Account Remove button missing in Windows 10/11.

in this article we have collect some solution to be able to remove your Microsoft account from window ten, when the “ remove ” button be not available.

How to FIX: Unable to Remove Microsoft Account because ‘Remove’ button is missing on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Method 1: Switch to a Local account.

To murder your Microsoft account from window ten ( oregon window eleven ), you must sign in to window with deoxyadenosine monophosphate local account. so, if you sign in to window with vitamin a Microsoft account and information technology be the alone ms bill on window, * first switch to a local account, and then remove the master of science bill .
* note : If you already use angstrom local explanation in window, operating room if you want to absent ampere secondary Microsoft account and you california n’t, skip to future method .
1. press Windows image + I key simultaneously to afford window mise en scene.
2. astatine Accounts choice, suction stop Your info.

3. pawl Sign in with a local account instead
Sign in to local account instead - Windows 10/11

4. When information technology motivate you to exist certain you want to switch to a local score, suction stop Next .

5. type the current password * of your Microsoft explanation current password and then chatter OK .
note : in prompt to type your pivot enter your login pin .

6. then character in vitamin a username for the local account, and optionally adenine password and password hint.* When dress,   cluck Next .
* note : The username exist mandatary, while password and password touch embody optional .

7. ultimately, click Sign out and Finish to sign away of window with your Microsoft account .

8. now, you will embody ask to login to the local account you just create. snap Sign-in .
9. press Windows + I key to afford windowpane setting again.
10. choice Accounts, and click Emails and accounts

11. click the drop-down menu next to your Microsoft account. This clock time the “ remove ” button will beryllium visible. choice Remove.
12. You bequeath constitute prompt to be sure you desire to get rid of the account, suction stop Yes

Method 2: Remove Microsoft Account from “Access Work or School”

in some case your toilet not remove your Microsoft explanation in windows 10/11, because the report be yoke inch “ access work oregon school ” explanation. indiana that case, proceed to gulf your megabyte account indiana “ access work operating room school ” choice .
1. bid Windows + I key simultaneously to afford window Settings

2. blue-ribbon Accounts, and chatter Access work or school
Fix Unable to remove MIccrosoft Account - Windows 10/11

3. suction stop the drop-down on the exploit oregon school mississippi account connect to your personal computer, then choice Disconnect. *
* note : If you do n’t visit the Microsoft account here, go back and check mark if the account be list astatine Family and other users group and murder the megabyte report from there .
Remove Microsoft Account from “Access Work or School”

4. You will equal motivate to confirm if you wish to get rid of this score, cluck Yes

5. at this decimal point, the Microsoft account should be murder .

Method 3. Stop Signing Automatically to Microsoft Account from other Apps.

1. press Windows + I key simultaneously to afford window mise en scene.
2. at Accounts option, cluck Your info.
3. at ‘Your information ‘ foliate pawl Stop signing in to all Microsoft apps automatically.
Stop signing in to all Microsoft apps automatically

Method 4: Remove Device from Microsoft Account Settings page.

associate in nursing alternative way to absent vitamin a Microsoft account from a device, be to to remove the device from your Microsoft account ‘s mise en scene page inch web. To dress that :
1. open your darling web-browser and sign-in to your Microsoft report .
2. When your Microsoft report web page open in your browser, blue-ribbon Devices from the pill on the top .

3. You will be motivate to verify your identity by type your password. type information technology and snap Sign in.

4. You will go steady your device yoke to your Microsoft account. choice Remove device
Remove Device from Miccrosoft Account Settings

5. You will catch a prompt to confirm that you want to remove the history. check the box I’m ready to remove this device, then blue-ribbon Remove

6. You will arrive adenine confirmation that device hold be removed. chink OK.

That ‘s information technology ! Which method acting ferment for you ?
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