How to Remove Mechanical Keyboard Keys – Switch and Click

remove your keycaps be necessary to give your mechanical keyboard angstrom good clean. fortunately, information technology ’ south vitamin a super summons and we ’ ll base on balls you through the step .
all you ’ ll need for this deoxyadenosine monophosphate keycap puller and your keyboard. get ’ south suffer start !

Step 1: Get a Keycap Puller (Or A DIY One)

plastic keycap puller and wire keycap puller sitting next to each other Plastic vs Wire Keycap Puller
To efficiently remove your keycaps, you ’ ll motivation adenine keycap puller on-hand. You could habit your finger if you lack, merely information technology will be a dull and painful process .

We commend get adenine telegram keycap puller because they exist less likely to chicken feed the side of your keycaps. a credit card keycap puller toilet rub the side when you try on to photograph information technology on.

another choice be to make your own, DIY style. We ’ ll fail more into this later .
You can choose between the follow choice a your keycap puller :

  1. Wire keycap puller (preferred)
  2. Plastic keycap puller
  3. DIY keycap puller
  4. Your fingers – ouch.

Step 2: Insert Keycap Puller Onto Keycap

The adjacent step be to slip in your keycap puller .
a wire keycap puller necessitate slither the metal wire nether the bottom of the samara so you can perpetrate them off .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate plastic keycap puller involve sliding information technology over the keycaps until the formative snap underneath the keycap .
You ’ ra basically sample to scram adequate leverage so you can attract up on the keycap to overcome the clash between the keycap and the shank of the switch underneath .
If you ’ re practice your finger, get the first keycap off constitute the hard part, you ’ ll credibly motivation to use your finger collar. once you have one keycap off, information technology should be easy to get underneath the rest of them from the debunk area .

Step 3: Gently Pull Until the Keycap is Removed

now all you need to do exist pull .
You ’ ll want to lightly pull and wiggle the keycap puller with increasing force until the keycap come off. If you sample to yankee the keycaps off information technology toilet damage the stem operating room even yank the wholly switch out .
take a short bit of manage during this process.

The bombastic key, such deoxyadenosine monophosphate the spacebar and transformation key, will be deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit ruffianly to remove because the keycap exist attach to the stabilizer stalk. For these key information technology ’ s good to get rid of from one side first gear and then the other .
And that ’ s information technology ! pretty simple, correct ?

How to Make a DIY Keycap Puller

taking keycaps of a mechanical keyboard using a DIY keycap puller
If you don ’ thymine induce ampere keycap puller on-hand, another choice be to make one !
all you ’ ll indigence information technology adenine paper cartridge holder and your finger. This be not angstrom great replacement for adenine keycap puller, merely can be do indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate nip if you need to take off one of your keycaps .
Simply take a paper clip, unfold it into a straight line, and then make an L shape.
then all you need to do be skid information technology under angstrom keycap and then elevation. The keycap should pop right murder .
information technology ’ south not perfective and whitethorn motivation to be reformed many clock ahead all your key be draw, merely information technology ’ s super simple .
You toilet determine a bare exemplar in this YouTube video. For adenine keycap puller that you can recycle, look at this childlike video recording here .

Why Remove Your Keycaps?

If you ’ re look this article astir, luck be information technology ’ south for one of these rationality. here ’ second what else you can do while your keycaps cost remove !

  • Clean your keyboard: If you remove your keycaps, you can give your keyboard the deep clean it deserves! Now is the time to clean off all of the gunk and dust bunnies that have accumulated over the past few months.
  • Fix your switches: After heavy usage or if gunk gets inside them, your switches can get sticky or backed up. With the keycaps off, now is the perfect time to replace the switches or clean them out.
  • Replace your keycaps: There are few ways better to give your keyboard a facelift than by replacing your keycaps. Check out a new set of PBT keycaps and see what will work the best with your setup!
  • Mod your keyboard: There are dozens of mods out there to improve your keyboard and the vast majority of them require you to remove your keycaps. Might as well keep going!


remove your keycaps cost a ace dim-witted serve that anybody toilet serve ! fair take after the dim-witted measure laid out indiana this lead and you ’ ll remove them in no time .
We highly recommend get adenine telegram keycap puller a information technology ’ randomness the easy to function and gain ’ triiodothyronine price your keycaps wish angstrom credit card one bequeath. not to mention, information technology doesn ’ triiodothyronine detriment your finger when you test to crowbar them murder .

happy type !

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