Easily Remove Silicone Caulk without Chemicals

How can you remove silicone caulk without the use of a chemical caulk remover ?
This was the doubt on my mind since the caulk between our kitchen countertops and tile backsplash had more separations than Liz Taylor .
The last thing you want is to ruin an expensive countertop good to remove $ 5 worth of silicone caulk .
Here’s my solution: use a hairdryer and straight razor.

This theme couldn ’ triiodothyronine have worked any better and that ’ s why I ’ thousand sharing it with you .
here are the supplies you need :
The only thing that ’ second missing is a hairspray bottle and flat-iron ( line up commercial for Paul Mitchell ) .
You ’ ll fall upon this project is reasonably purgative and way better than removing grout, which I admit is a [ e-mail protected ] $ & ! ( In case you need that tutorial cluck on this associate ) .
This station is super short, so don ’ t even bother with the popcorn or junior Mints to view my video .
Let ’ s perplex started !


Remove silicone caulk with your hairdryer

here ’ s the disavowal for this military post, if your silicone caulk is sandwiched between two pieces of plastic ( for exercise an acrylic bathtub and shower slip in ) be SUPER careful not to ruin them. By ruin I mean melt them like Laffy taffy .
The Revlon hair dry I used reached a utmost temperature of approximately 212F. Yes, I ’ m a eccentric and measured the heat end product with a thermometer ( which by the room, for anyone here in the states, provided temperature readouts in Celsius. In case you ’ re wondering the conversion to Fahrenheit is 9/5C +32 )
I sincerely doubt this temperature will ruin a formative bathtub or shower but be very careful however .
Since the silicone caulk in this example was between our backsplash tile and countertop I wasn ’ t besides concern about high inflame damaging anything .
For this project, it ’ s best to use the lowest effective dose of estrus. By this I mean you should try the lowest typeset on the hairdryer that will help remove the silicone caulk .
ultimately I had to use the Hot and High settings .
Heat up 8-10 inches of silicone caulk for 30-40 seconds then use a razor blade to slice through it .
Make sure to remove all of the caulk because the new silicone won ’ thyroxine adhere properly to gunkafied surfaces ( gunkafied international relations and security network ’ t a bible but you get my drift, leftover silicone caulk is a no no ) .
hera ’ s a short video showing you how to do this step .

There are other tools you can use to remove silicone caulk.

One of them is the Homax plastic caulk removal tool. This is a dainty tool for founder DIYers because it has an angled tip to remove silicone caulk from corners. It besides has a flatcar come on that can scrape caulk without scratching tile, bathtub, or shower surrounds .
You can buy this instrument at Home Depot .

How to Remove Moldy Silicone Caulk Residue

If your caulk was moldy and you ’ re concerned about spores being left behind you can do the following :

  • Pre-wash the previously caulked surface with strong water
  • Add 3/4 cup of Clorox bleach to 1 gallon of warm water
  • Use a sponge to wash the suspected moldy surface with the Clorox solution
  • Let the Clorox stand on the surface for 5 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water and let the area air dry

Yes, the deed to this post said “ without Chemicals ” but that ’ s if you merely need to remove silicone caulk .
Mold is an wholly unlike emergence and warrants something like Clorox bleach. In case the fumes bother you please use a gasmask !
If you already have a hairdryer and straight razor sword this project will cost you nothing but your time & some solitaire .
Guys, please ask your wife or girlfriend for permission before using their hair dryer.
I’m saving you grief and a trip to the flower shop (not to mention, but I am anyway, being locked out of the bedroom-this is a nice way of saying you won’t be getting any you know what).

What’s Next

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Let me know if you have any questions and I ’ ll do my best to help .
Thanks as constantly for read, watch, and being part of our amazing residential district .


Remove Silicone Caulk


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