8 Tools to Help You Remove the Background from an Image

Learn how to remove the setting from an persona with these seven easy-to-use on-line tools. Wondering how to remove backgrounds from images ? Whether you ’ re a business owner looking to spice up your intersection photograph, or a blogger who wants to create beautiful header images for your following post, there are enough of tools available to help you get the job done .
Keep read to explore seven on-line tools that can help you remove backgrounds from images quickly and easily .

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8 tools to help you remove the background from an image

1. iOS 16 background removal

With io 16 removing the background from images is easier than ever thanks to the fresh creatively named Remove Background from Image have !
The feature of speech is accessible through Photos, Screenshot, Safari, Quick Look, the Files app, and more .
All you need to do is simply tap and hold on the element/subject and it ’ ll be lifted right off of the setting ! You ’ ll be prompted to either Copy or Share the visualize, background not included .
glue the image wherever you ’ d like, or send it directly to another app via the Share option. It ’ randomness precisely that easy .

2. Adobe Express

adobe express remove background from image tool
source : Adobe Express
Adobe Express combines the power of Photoshop with the ease of Canva. Whether you ’ re looking to edit an Instagram photograph or design a newly event flier, Adobe Express offers compass point and click on-line photograph editing that rival some of the worldly concern ’ second best tools .
Adobe Express is available as an online or mobile tool, which makes it easy to use on the run. The instrument besides comes equipped with professional photo editing and design tools to make your newly minted photograph look its best .
If you ’ re looking for an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution to remove the background from an double, Adobe Express should be your first choice .

  • Create transparent backgrounds easily
  • Simple online tool
  • Available on mobile
  • Professional photo editing and design tools

3. Photoshop

woman in sitting yoga pose on transparent background
source : Adobe Photoshop
For creators with a little more have, Adobe Photoshop is a great background remover tool. With Photoshop, you have more control over the results and can create some rightfully stun content .
Use Adobe Photoshop to make your Instagram images stand out. Or, remove the backdrop from an effigy for a web site standard to create a clean product shot. The possibilities are endless when you remove the background from an picture in Photoshop .

  • Automated or manual background removal
  • Custom backgrounds with Brush tool
  • Expert edge refining tools
  • Professional photo editing tools

4. removebg

baby in crib against half transparent and half visible background
source : removebg
removebg is an on-line joyride that lets you remove backgrounds from images for free. removebg uses an AI editing tool to remove the setting from images in just a few seconds .
Make a guileless PNG, add a colored background to your double, or play around with custom graphics in this simple on-line background removal creature. Plus, removebg integrates with popular software like Figma, Photoshop, WooCommerce, and more .

  • Remove background from image in seconds
  • Transparent and colour background options
  • Integrations with popular workflow software
  • Process 1,000+ files per upload

5. Retoucher

sneaker shown with three different background options
informant : Retoucher
With Retoucher, you can remove the background from your picture in seconds. Use Retoucher to make your headshot stand out or create memorable digital ads .
Plus, Retoucher offers a wide range of tools to help you perfect your photos, including a remove background tool that uses artificial intelligence, photo retouching, and more. You can tied add shadows to product images to make them more attention-getting to electric potential buyers .

  • Download image in any format
  • Manual and automated background eraser tools
  • Crop, cut, and colour functions
  • Product photo testing using e-commerce integrations

6. Slazzer

image of man and woman shown in multiple formats including transparent background and non-transparent background
source : Slazzer
Slazzer uses AI power to remove the background from your images. The platform offers an online tool, which is best for removing the background from a single effigy. Or, use the desktop application to remove the background from thousands of images at once .
Plus, Slazzer integrates with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, so you can process millions of images if that ’ sulfur more your expressive style.


  • Remove background from image in seconds
  • Process 1,000+ images with online tool
  • Process 1,000,000+ images on desktop tool
  • Integrations with popular apps

7. removal.ai

image of man and woman shown in multiple formats
informant : removal.ai
For a instrument that takes it all the way, look no further than removal.ai. This joyride can remove the background from images with a single click, and it even supports batch process for removing the background from multiple images at once .
Removal.ai besides lets you automatically detect and remove subjects in photos. It can even handle baffling jobs like removing hair and fur edges. other features of removal.ai include text effects, market presets, and manual background eraser tools.

  • Remove background from image in 3 seconds
  • Process 1,000+ images in a single upload
  • Marketplace presets for e-commerce
  • 100% GDPR compliant file storage
  • Dedicated customer support line

8. Microsoft Office

flower with leaves in the background and white backdrop
reference : Microsoft Support
Did you know you can remove backgrounds from images in Microsoft Office ? That ’ south correct, Microsoft offers an automatic pistol backdrop removal feature for its users .
To remove backgrounds from images on a Windows computer, open the double you want to edit. In the toolbar, choose Picture Format – > Remove Background. Or Format – > Remove. Background .
If you’re using a Mac, open the effigy and click the Picture Format tab. then, choose Remove Background .
If you don ’ metric ton see these options, make sure you’ve selected an image file. Vector files, like Scalable Vector Graphics ( SVG ), Adobe Illustrator Graphics ( AI ), Windows Metafile Format ( WMF ), and Vector Drawing File ( DRW ), will not have a background removal option .

  • Remove background from image
  • Available on iOS and Windows
  • Integrates with wider Microsoft Office suite

How to remove the background from an image (easy and free way)

Here’s a quick rundown on how to remove the background from an image for free using Adobe Express.
To use Adobe Express, simply open the cock in your browser and upload the photograph you want to edit. The background will be automatically removed .
Click Customize to refine the cutout further or add filters, colours, and effects .
changing background colour on owly image adobe express
Browse Adobe Express ’ s preset template options to make your double stand out even more. For exemplar, if you ’ re using your trope for a poster or flyer or in an Instagram Story .
Instagram Story template
There are besides a range of design elements available, like bokeh borders, illustrations, textures, and overlays, that can help take your project to the next level. While most templates are free, some options may only be available in a premium plan .
owly with random graphic elements around him, created in adobe express
Geometric shapes and icons are another great way to add ocular interest to an image. And with the help of Adobe Express, they ’ re easy to add in. Simply snap on the Shapes yellow journalism and select a shape you ’ d like to use. then, drag and drop them into station .
owl image with geometric shapes found in adobe express
To add text, snap Text and choose from a range of fun presets .
text showing you've got this over owly image
once you ’ re happy with your design, merely download the file or share it directly to social media .
so there you have it, everything you need to remove the background from an image. Looking for more creative tips ? Check out our blog on How to Remove TikTok Watermarks today .
Now get out there and start creating!

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