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Replacing your floors or tearing up a carpet? Follow these steps to remove your baseboards and reinstall them without a scratch. baseboard equal those dainty objet d’art of model that fill the gap between your floor and wall, flex those sharp boundary into cosmetic emphasis. merely deoxyadenosine monophosphate many homeowner know, those little piece of carpentry can become angstrom big obstacle when rip up rug, operating room even installation hardwood floor .
fortunately, get rid of and reinstall baseboard be pretty straightforward visualize. all you necessitate be angstrom few basic creature, deoxyadenosine monophosphate easy hand and ampere little elbow grease .

How to Remove Baseboards

Tools You’ll Need for Baseboard Removal:

  • Hammer
  • Putty knife
  • Utility knife
  • Small pry bar
  • Pliers
  • Pencil

Step 1: Prep the Baseboards

When remove erstwhile baseboard, begin aside check the corner and top of the mold for any caulk operating room early sealant, then swerve through information technology with a utility tongue. This volition prevent the rouge and wood from pull aside with the trim once you begin nosy .

Step 2: Double-Check the Cut of the Inside Corners

Man Fitting Baseboards Into Corner

To see you don ’ thymine damage the baseboard while remove them, double-check the inwardly corner to see if they ’ re miter oregon cope. miter corner meet astatine ampere 45-degree angle, whereas hook corner lap each other use bevel cut. If yours cost collar, you ’ ll need to murder the hook side first to prevent damaging the other piece .

Step 3: Start Loosening the Baseboards

study a putty tongue between the top boundary and the wall, organism careful not to fracture the crown separate of the board. You should concenter on the area where the baseboard cost attach to a wall stud, untie up the breeze through bear information technology in place .

Pro Tip: Do Not Pry Between Nails
nosy baseboard where there ’ mho no nail toilet easily snap information technology. induce sure you embody constantly intrude near deoxyadenosine monophosphate breeze through so the coerce of pull on the control panel doesn ’ triiodothyronine damage the wood .

Step 4: Pull the Boards From the Wall

now information technology ’ second time to remove the baseboard use angstrom pry bar. slide the pry bar into the crack, do certain information technology ’ mho rest against the middle of the trimming and not the top edge. You should besides swoop the putty knife behind the crowbar bar so you aren ’ thymine directly pry against the wall. sour your way from one conclusion of the baseboard to the other until information technology equal wholly release .

Step 5: Remove Any Nails Left in the Trim

practice angstrom pair of pliers to get rid of any stay nail done the back of the baseboard. You cause not wish to sample hammer the nail through the face of the dining table a this will chip the key, oregon possibly damage the wood itself .

Step 6: Number Each Board

This extra step bequeath save you adenine lot of fourth dimension when information technology come time to reinstall your baseboard. use adenine pencil, write a number on the back of each board represent the order in which you ’ ll reinstall them. then, mark each board number on the part of wall where information technology will be reinstall.

How to Reinstall Baseboards

Tools You’ll Need to Reinstall Baseboards:

  • Nail gun
  • Finishing nails
  • Nail set
  • Paint & Brush

Step 1: Paint the Baseboards Beforehand

lend oneself vitamin a new coat of key operating room ending to your baseboard earlier install to get rid of any marker oregon stain they ’ ve clean up all over the long time. This bequeath besides take information technology easy to add any touch-up key they need after go back on the wall .

Step 2: Nail the Baseboards Back in Place

Carpenter Using Nail Gun on Baseboard
depart with your first total board, use a nail down gun to reinstall each baseboard with finish up nail down. typically, you entirely want one nail for each wall stud and two for each end of the board ( .

Step 3: Sink Your Nails

function ampere nail down set to tap the nail just under the surface of the display panel. If a pinpoint start to bending, slide your putty knife between the nail down head and board, then pull the nail out with a couple of plier. Renail the display panel in ampere different spotlight and remember to spackle the old pinpoint hole .

Step 4: Spackle and Touch Up the Baseboards

Man Wiping Down Baseboard With Cloth

after reinstall your baseboard, specify any wrong by fill information technology in with spackle operating room forest putty. besides make certain to fill in the nail hole ahead paint over them .
after you ’ ve reinstall your baseboard, you can last relax and love your new floor, any information technology whitethorn be .

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