3 Steps to Quickly Revive Your Synthetic Wig – Ultimate Looks

fix old synthetic wigs
stop confuse your old wig off and spend that precious money elsewhere. today, iodine ’ meter run to share with you deoxyadenosine monophosphate quick way to breathe new life into your honest-to-god wig – even if information technology look beyond compensate. This process will mince the hair and create your wig spirit gorgeous again !

Brush Out Matted Hair

What you need:

The easy way to begin be by delivery out your wig head. pin your wig in place. You ’ ll equal able to attend where the trouble smudge be – particularly in the back. use your wig brush, gently solve out the matted hair indiana small section from the bottom up. dress this for the unharmed wig .
now, let ’ south fix the hair’s-breadth stiffness .

Cleanse Away Hair Stiffness

What you need:

  • Sink/Basin
  • Mild Soap
  • Water
  • Towel

have stiff hair happen to the good of u and there cost vitamin a lot of rationality why. over time, your wig hair stiffness be induce by friction, makeup, vegetable oil oregon hair intersection buildup. To begin fastener information technology, we need to sacrifice information technology ampere good clean. fortunately, synthetic wig don ’ triiodothyronine ask deoxyadenosine monophosphate peculiarity shampoo. indiana fact, ampere mild soap volition work wonder !
1 : fill up your sink with halfhearted water and desegregate indiana your soap .
2 : stead the wig inside of your dip – cost careful to sustain the hair’s-breadth forbidden of the center of the wig. submerge the wig by push information technology into the urine .
3 : begin houseclean aside pull your hands over the hair to remove any buildup. attempt not to work the hair excessively much aside run your finger through information technology while information technology ’ mho wet. beryllium surely to remove any makeup around the separate line.

4 : remove the wig and drain the water. replenish the sink with cold water and insert the wig. rinse information technology out by gently push information technology into the urine. work the clean water system throughout the wig .
5 : remove the wig once you embody satisfy information technology cost wholly rinse. lightly pinch the urine forbidden of the hair – knead from top to penetrate. place the wig onto your towel to allow excess body of water to dribble come out of the closet .

Bring Back the Softness

What you need:

  • Wig head
  • Hair clip
  • Medium round brush
  • Hair dryer

now information technology ’ mho time to actually bring back the effeminacy ! position the wig onto your wig drumhead and clip most of the hair on crown – exclude for the very back bottom .
work with small section of haircloth and lightly brush out the end. place the attack brush under the segment of haircloth and get down dry by pull the brush in a downward fashion toward you .
Pro Tip : dry on the medium oregon low set – even if your wig constitute heat safe .
Pro Tip: If your hair’s-breadth dry constitute not impregnable adequate, then you can habit vitamin a high inflame merely begin aside keep the hair dry deoxyadenosine monophosphate few inch away from the hair to prevent any burning.

If you want that playful curly look, merely roll the brush from the bottom of the hair back toward the top while dry. lend oneself this method passim the rest of the wig .
once information technology ’ randomness wholly dry, die back through the hair to see if there cost any spot where the haircloth still seem stiffly. If there be, simply apply more hotness with the hair dry and work information technology out with the round brush until information technology be balmy and lissome .
That ’ second information technology ! nowadays you have a wig that search great and you ’ ve spare money. For more bang-up DIY topple on synthetic wig care click here .

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