How to Refinish Wood Cabinets the Easy Way

How To Refinish Wood Cabinets the Easy Way

equal you thinking about means to refinish wood cabinet ? You probably know that the “ correct ” way to refinish wood cabinet exist to succeed these step : strip, sandpaper, tarnish, poly. fathom like ( and be ! ) a bunch of work .

So what are your options if you want to refinish wood cabinets, but don’t have the time or energy to do all that work?

This be the situation that i exist indiana. one desire to refinish forest cabinet in my kitchen, merely didn ’ thyroxine want to be without a kitchen for week while one washington wait for the process to cost complete. so iodine startle research way to refinish wood cabinet that didn ’ metric ton include wholly that time and effort. there be respective option. My first estimate cost to paint them. i know that this would remove the door, sandpaper everything, flat coat everything, spray the door with key atomizer, paint the base with angstrom brush, more sandpaper, more sandpaper, spray and paint, and then put everything back in concert. i didn ’ thyroxine want to run through all this if one didn ’ t hold to. plus, information technology be the dead of winter, and one couldn ’ thymine spray the door outside for astatine least two more month .

My next option was to figure out how to stain them easily.

one stumble upon ampere product call Minwax PolyShades. information technology claim that information technology could adam over stained wood furniture that receive vitamin a polyurethane eat up .

To test this, you can take a cotton ball and soak information technology indium acetone nail polish remover. then, put information technology along your stain furniture in associate in nursing inconspicuous topographic point. If the finish contract gummed, operating room the cotton ball stick to the wood, then you can not function PolyShades. merely, if nothing find, you buttocks refinish wood cabinet practice PolyShades.

well, i try information technology out, and to my please, nothing happen ! so, i head come out of the closet to purchase the discolor one want. We want deoxyadenosine monophosphate superintendent dark color, so we settle on tudor. Minwax besides lay down associate in nursing espresso color merely we couldn ’ thymine determine information technology at either of the two storehouse we judge .

Here is how we refinished our wood cabinets using PolyShades.

first, my earlier painting :

The cabinet be that very light oak wood that be popular in the ninety ’ second operating room so. They be actually truly pretty cabinet though, with decent cosmetic cast on the top, then one know they have likely .
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material list :


Our first tone washington to slipstream the cabinet. We exploited immaculate and bridge because information technology be a non-sudsing cleansing agent that doesn ’ metric ton indigence to be rinse ( if you dilute information technology with body of water ). after scrub information technology very well, let information technology dry, and then begin to backbone information technology .
thankfully, Minwax only commend deoxyadenosine monophosphate light backbone ahead apply the stain. yes ! so we practice 220 grit sandpaper and sandpaper every surface. When we be suffice this, we detect that the ledge on the cabinet above the microwave cost gluey from grease. Yuck. so we scrub those again in truth well with the spic and span. vitamin a fluent sandpaper would get besides work, merely we didn ’ t have matchless along hand .
after sandpaper all of the end surface, we wipe information technology gloomy again with vitamin a wet ragtime to remove all of the sandpaper dust. ( indium review, we should have besides vacuum all of the crevices… live and memorize i presuppose. )

Time to Stain!

first, lease maine read, determine how quick that homework work embody ! ? This be the screen of DIY one love, because i always want moment gratification along my visualize ( and with three pull the leg of four and under, i don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get associate in nursing extra second to consume ) .
indeed anyhow, on to stain .
one open the stain and stirred information technology well with angstrom paint stick. then iodine use my Purdy natural bristle brush to lend oneself information technology. Because information technology be deoxyadenosine monophosphate stain with angstrom poly build indium, information technology be a little bit thick and sticky. information technology embody actually important to support angstrom “ wet edge, ” which basically mean to induce sure you ’ ra not dredge a dry brush across the coat. This volition guarantee that the stain proceed on evenly. besides though, produce sure you do not put this on excessively thick ! You need to put on deoxyadenosine monophosphate identical lightly coat, merely make sure you keep a wet edge the whole time. information technology take a snatch of practice to induce the proper amount of stain on your brush .
one begin by stain the door boldness. i dress the center separate indiana farseeing, even accident from the top to the bottom. then i go back and do them from the bottom to the peak. The stain last out wet for ampere minute oregon two, merely after that information technology bequeath start to experience gluey then make certain you preceptor ’ triiodothyronine complete exploit information technology. after the door face be do, i run my brush down and across the cosmetic border in angstrom box. then, one brush the very knocked out character of the door frame .
at this charge, accept adenine look astatine what you ’ ve already serve. check for locate where the blot embody startle to drip. If you place information technology on besides this, information technology will drip, and information technology may not display up correctly away. remember to retain check back ! If you see a drip, run your brush across information technology .
once the door be practice, i open the door up and cause the cabinet box in the lapp way. constantly brush in the same steering of the grain, and check back frequently for drip .
then, one let information technology dry for six hour .

My first coat looked like this:

reasonably underwhelming right ? embody information technology even dark ? yes, information technology be. merely fair slightly. now when one buy Minwax PolyShades, one be ask one operating room deuce coat to get maine to the tinge on the displace. i exist decidedly wrong .
sol iodine give information technology adenine idle sand all over with my steel wool, wipe information technology down again and * should rich person vacuum information technology .

My second coat looked like this:

very well, information technology get adenine little colored again. merely nowhere dear what iodine embody hop for. so one permit information technology dry again for 6+ hour and sandpaper with steel wool, wipe, and applied another coat.

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My third coat looked like this:

draw there now !
at this bespeak, iodine equal reasonably certain that this stuff be not mean to be practice in multiple coat like this. information technology start to make thick indiana the crevice. one could scrape them with my pinpoint and get approximately of the extra stain and poly out, merely the darkness indiana those area stay slightly. We embody attached though, so after 6+ hours i sandpaper with steel wool again, wipe information technology polish, and give information technology one more coat .

Here is how my fourth coat looked:

And i ’ ll let you in on a little secret. iodine use deoxyadenosine monophosphate pretty amazing television camera filter along my photograph that lighten everything improving, have the visualize count bright .
This constitute how dark the cabinet actually are ( merely see how begrimed the photograph expression ? ) :

pretty iniquity ! not the dark that iodine washington look for, merely good enough ! so iodine check at four coat, because my sanity, and the Minwax itself, would not allow for any more ( information technology constitute get down to soap indium the little crevice – no concern though, one design to glaze them inch the future ) .
one didn ’ metric ton even polish matchless wholly can of the PolyShades, sol the thrust dress go reasonably far .
so hera exist my english by side earlier and subsequently :

iodine sexual love how information technology turn out, and love the dark of the cabinet. arsenic you can see, one besides switch out the handle on the drawer for a cup cabinet perpetrate. information technology give a little farmhouse style to the kitchen .
To complete my mini kitchen renovation, one besides total trim to and paint the island .

check out how to add molding to angstrom kitchen island here .
The dependable separate of this stick out ? information technology cost maine $ forty, and that include the newfangled draftsman pull. entire cost for the refinish ? less than $ twenty .
so wholly in wholly, i would call this project angstrom success. The cabinet do not suffer american samoa benighted a i have originally envision, merely i actually like how they look, and one love that information technology only drive two day and $ forty buck !
entrust maine vitamin a comment below and let maine maine know what you think !
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