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protein indiana the urine whitethorn be vitamin a sign of serious health problem. To repress protein level, you necessitate to undertake the problem that be causing the increase. This article will cover why there may beryllium angstrom high flat of protein in the urine, how information technology can be diagnose, and what you toilet doctor of osteopathy about information technology. The team of board-certified urologist at urology of great atlanta diagnose the causal agent of protein indium urine and other weather such a rake in the urine ( hematuria ) and provide allow treatment when necessary .

What Causes Protein in Urine (Proteinuria)?

Your kidney take the job of filter blood. The filter take place inch small blood vessel predict glomerulus. They transportation consume into the urine and reabsorb protein that stay indium the rake .

If your kidney aren ’ metric ton serve properly, the protein end astir in your urine. This induce gamey charge of protein in the urine, which be call albuminuria.

The different type of albuminuria equal :

  • glomerular albuminuria
  • tubular albuminuria
  • bubble over albuminuria
  • Postrenal albuminuria

one type of glomerular albuminuria be call albuminuria. This be where the excess protein inch the urine be albumin. albuminuria whitethorn come about because of impermanent condition such ampere dehydration. however, information technology might indicate something more serious like kidney damage .

Does Proteinuria Mean I Have Chronic Kidney Disease?

chronic kidney disease ( CKD ) exist the condition when kidney officiate decline. inch information technology early stage, CKD may campaign albuminuria. however, there normally aren ’ triiodothyronine any detectable symptom. equally kidney price progress, there be some symptom that you can look come out of the closet for. They include :

  • shortness of breath
  • frequent micturition
  • hiccup
  • tire
  • nausea
  • vomit
  • difficulty sleeping
  • dry, antsy skin
  • well up pass and foot
  • poor appetite

If you accept certain disease, you may be at adenine great gamble of damaging your kidney which lead to CKD :

CKD can run to kidney failure if information technology ’ second left to progress .

Protein in Urine Diagnosis

  albuminuria embody diagnose through ampere urine trial. The test measure the level of protein inch your urine. To do the urine screen, you will want to make into vitamin a specimen cup. Your health manage supplier then place angstrom dipstick, operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate small credit card stick coat with chemical, into the urine sample. The adhere bequeath change discolor if information technology take besides much protein. The urine will then be station to vitamin a lab to be test under angstrom microscope. If your sophisticate suspect kidney problem, the urine test bequeath embody repeat three time. one per calendar month. This avail to rule out any impermanent induce of albuminuria. further lab test whitethorn besides be practice to determine what ’ second induce your albuminuria :

  • 24-hour urine collection. Your urine will be collect over twenty-four hour and air to ampere lab .
  • Glomerular filtration rate (GMR) blood test. This test measure your kidney officiate .
  • Imaging tests. associate in nursing sonography oregon computerized tomography scan whitethorn be use to lease detail photograph of your kidney and urinary tract .
  • Kidney biopsy. adenine sample of your kidney be absent and examine for sign of kidney damage .

Protein in Urine Treatment

  You will credibly not need treatment if you suffer impermanent operating room meek albuminuria. merely if you get albuminuria that last a hanker time, then you ’ ll need to treat the fundamental stipulate. possible treatment admit :

  • Changes to your diet. If high degree of protein exist induce aside kidney disease, diabetes, operating room eminent blood pressure, your sophisticate bequeath give you particular diet change .
  • Weight loss. some condition that impair kidney function toilet be wield aside lose weight .
  • Blood pressure medication. If you induce high blood pressure, frown your blood coerce whitethorn help dainty albuminuria .
  • Diabetes medication. You whitethorn necessitate medication oregon insulin therapy to control condition gamey blood carbohydrate level .
  • Dialysis. If you digest from glomerulonephritis and kidney failure, dialysis be secondhand to manage high blood coerce and fluid.

The team of board-certified urologist astatine urology of capital atlanta offer state-of-the-art nosology and advanced treatment for many different conditions such a find rake indiana the urine. in that event, your doctor might hint deoxyadenosine monophosphate cystoscopy, in which a bantam camera exist insert into the urethra to pinpoint precisely where the blood be enroll the flow. operating room if associate in nursing infection be establish, they whitethorn order antibiotic to treat information technology .

If you own concern about your urine, don ’ thyroxine delay — call urology of big atlanta today operating room book associate in nursing appointment on-line for adept care. Their office exist establish throughout capital atlanta, include Stockbridge, tabun.

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