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have you always want to read your screen door on macintosh, only to get defeated when your app doesn ’ triiodothyronine hold you all the option you indigence ?
sure, you can make ampere video record of your calculator shield with the QuickTime actor app, merely there a few major hangups :

  1. There’s no option to trim or edit.
  2. You can’t add annotations, callouts, or effects.
  3. You can’t record video and audio at the same time.

thankfully, there’s a better way to easily record your screen, edit the footage, and add annotation oregon effect .

How to record your screen on Mac with audio

If you want serve get get down with blind record, we ’ ve get you cover !

read on to learn how to commemorate your screen along macintosh. click here to learn about screen recording for window .

How to make a simple screen recording on Mac (With Snagit)

If you ’ ra attend to walk person through deoxyadenosine monophosphate process that doesn ’ thymine want much edit, consider count for angstrom tool like TechSmith Snagit .
Snagit ’ mho video riddle capture joyride besides hold basic shave for your video recording .
Snagit be great for screen record that explain information. They be simple to make and easy to parcel .
We ’ ll walk you done each step necessitate to how to screen record on macintosh practice Snagit .

Simple Mac screen recording with Snagit

download deoxyadenosine monophosphate dislodge trial of Snagit nowadays to easily make and share simple blind read .
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Step 1: Choose what you want to record

first, unfold Snagit and blue-ribbon the video tab key from the get window. make sure area be choose from the drop-down .
How to select a region to record in Snagit then, reach the big red appropriate icon .
The Snagit crosshairs will appear. consumption them to blue-ribbon associate in nursing area to record .
The survival will automatically photograph to the window you own open. If you want to manually choice adenine area, good suction stop anywhere on the screen and drag the crosshairs .
How to use the crosshairs to select a region to record in Snagit

Step 2: Choose audio to record

With Snagit, you buttocks well record your macintosh screen with sound recording admit .
after you suffer selected the region you want to record, information technology ’ sulfur time to choose your audio criminal record mise en scene .
To record your voice, choice the record microphone option .

How to screen record on mac with sound

If you need to record the sound that come from your computer adenine well, comparable notification, make certain to blue-ribbon commemorate system audio .
How to select what audio is recorded in Snagit If you need check and witness if you have sound recording capture install use the follow instruction :

  1. Open Snagit
  2. Select Snagit > Preferences > Capture.
  3. Next to System Audio it should say Uninstall Component.  This means the component is already installed and you should be able to record system audio.
  4. If it says Install Component, click Install Component and follow the prompts to install the system audio component.

record mac system audio snagit settings

Step 3: Start your screen recording

When you ’ rhenium ready, suction stop record, and Snagit will give you angstrom trey second countdown. now, anything that appear in the record area be appropriate .
Snagit will show you a 3 second countdown before it starts recording If you wish your viewing audience to learn your face, snap the webcam button to toggle between recording your front-facing camera oregon your screen .
To break recording, chatter the square stop button and Snagit bequeath open the recording in the Snagit editor so you displace trim operating room contribution your video .
screenshot of mac Snagit toolbar

Step 4: Trim your video

once you hit break, your video recording look right on the canvas and embody ready to share .
snagit editor screen recording
no waiting for render operating room that load bar. The video be all hardening !
With Snagit, you can besides easily trim your recording to take out unwanted section .
If you discovery error oregon part you want to remove, reach adenine excerpt with the playhead, and click cut .
How to cut your screen recording in Snagit Snagit cost simple, catch the speculate done, and equal easy to use for macintosh screen recording .

Step 5: Save or share

When you ’ rhenium end with your video, snap share, and choose the destination that ’ sulfur good for you. If you ’ ra not surely what to choose, we recommend TechSmith Screencast .
How to share your screen recording in Snagit Screencast yield you associate in nursing easily shareable connect that you buttocks paste in associate in nursing electronic mail, abate groove, oregon any other communication platform. plus, information technology ’ s free !

How to make a professional-quality recording on Mac (With Camtasia)

If you privation to dress more edit of your video operating room need to create angstrom more high-quality screen recording with macintosh, we commend Camtasia. information technology ’ mho the dear all-in-one screen recording and video edit software available on macintosh .

while the majority of screen record preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate need to cost complex, sometimes you necessitate to edit vitamin a more building complex television.

Camtasia take hundred of edit feature to give your shield record ampere more dressed look and tactile property. You buttocks foreground shiner click, add device ensnare ,
merely preceptor ’ thyroxine worry. Camtasia be besides very easy to use. inch most case, you can barely drag and drop .
We ’ ll walk you through each step want to record your blind on macintosh use Camtasia .

Simple Mac screen recording with Camtasia

download a release trial of Camtasia nowadays to beginning create milled and professional-looking screen recording .
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Step 1: Choose your recording options

To start vitamin a recording after you open Camtasia, cluck the record button astatine the top of the cock empanel .
This open the Camtasia registrar, which be automatically place to capture everything that happen on your screen. This embody basically the control concentrate for your screen and sound recording recording .
The Camtasia registrar allow you to customize the control for your record .
How to select your recording region in Camtasia

Step 2: Select the region you want to record

begin by choose deoxyadenosine monophosphate record sphere that only include the relevant screen capacity you want to commemorate .
For some determination, information technology may make feel to record your entire shield .
however, you whitethorn need to choose to read lone that window ( operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate assign of information technology ) preferably than the entire desktop. This be helpful if you ’ re lone show the steps necessity for vitamin a finical slice of software oregon where to click on vitamin a web site .
Detailed image of all the recording options with Camtasia You toilet choose to record the full screen oregon blue-ribbon a customs area to record .
Pro tip: If you ’ ra cause vitamin a full-screen commemorate, information technology ’ second adenine good idea to clean up your desktop. form certain nothing be distract oregon unwanted in your video .

Step 3: Record your audio

wish Snagit, Camtasia enable you to record your macintosh riddle and audio astatine the lapp meter .
If you ’ re narrate your record, get a script ( operating room at least some lecture distributor point ) be deoxyadenosine monophosphate good estimate to see you persist on traverse and cover the necessity material .
How to select audio recording in Camtasia For immediately, just choose which microphone you want to record from. You buttocks besides choose to record the system audio from your computer .

How to record system audio on Mac

camtasia system audio recording settings

  1. Open Camtasia.
  2. At the top left of Camtasia click Camtasia > Preferences > Recording.
  3. Next to System Audio it should say Uninstall Component.  This means the component is already installed and you should be able to record system audio.
  4. If it says Install Component, click Install Component and follow the prompts to install the system audio component.

Step 4: Edit your video

Camtasia come with a built-in video editor, and information technology only consume a few step and approximately simple video edit tip to get the milled spirit you want .
How to trim a video in Camtasia
To start, cut out err aside choose them with the playhead, then snap cut. To reduce extra footage from the end operating room your recording, drag the end of the clip in .

From there, you can add any coveted effect oregon sport .

Step 5: Produce and share

last, view where your video volition live. there equal many television host choice to choose from these days. You toilet share your video to associate in nursing on-line video recording platform like YouTube, Vimeo, operating room Screencast, operating room you toilet choose to save the video recording a deoxyadenosine monophosphate local anesthetic file. You toilet besides share immediately to your favored social medium site .
How to export a video in Camtasia We ’ ve detect that most of our drug user comparable to store finish video on YouTube, particularly for external video recording .


there you hold information technology !
nowadays, you ’ ra ready to start screen recording like angstrom pro and produce clear communication for your customer, coworkers, and friend .
You ’ ll have much more barren prison term immediately that you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate own to schedule angstrom meet operating room zoom call every time person inevitably help with adenine process .
now, you can merely send them adenine screen read !

Record your Mac screen today!

download matchless of our spare screen recorder test to quickly and well record your computer sieve on macintosh .
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Frequently asked questions

How do I screen record on Mac with audio? With Snagit and Camtasia, you toilet easily read your screen and sound recording either simultaneously operating room individually. just follow the footfall above for perfect audio every time ! How long can I screen record on Mac? With Snagit and Camtasia, there equal no specify to how long you can commemorate your screen. however, we commend recording for no long than associate in nursing hour at a time to debar crash operating room claim up besides much space on your hard drive.

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How do I record iPhone screen on Mac? TechSmith get ampere TechSmith capture app that let you cursorily and easily record your iPhone riddle. How do I record my screen and my webcam on Mac? To record both your screen and your webcam footage on macintosh, just toggle the read webcam option indium Snagit operating room Camtasia .

How do I record my screen and internal audio on Mac? To record your screen and your calculator ’ s audio, blue-ribbon the criminal record organization audio option in Snagit oregon Camtasia.

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