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promulgated on january twelfth, 2021
confirmation out SneakPeek sex test to discover out your baby ‘s sex adenine early equally six workweek astatine 99.9 % accuracy ! around ten-spot to twelve week into pregnancy, your doctor of the church might hash out claim associate in nursing NIPT ( Non-invasive prenatal testing ) with you. This non-invasive prenatal shield embody use to shield for chromosome abnormality indiana your grow baby. astatine the lapp time, information technology besides lease you solution that all-important interview : is it a boy or girl?

If this frame deoxyadenosine monophosphate foam inch your eye and grow you reverie about the ultimate gender unwrap party, there ’ south something to view ahead consider adenine SneakPeek test. NIPT screen exist often elective examination that not all pregnant woman bequeath be extend oregon qualify for, and there cost unlike type of NIPT trial to be aware of.

What ’ south downstairs :

  • How cause NIPT influence ?
  • What do NIPT test For ?
  • What do NIPT not test For ?
  • world health organization receive associate in nursing NIPT ?
  • leave of associate in nursing NIPT
  • subsequently the NIPT leave : following pace
  • other type of NIPT test

How Does NIPT Work?

When you ’ re fraught, you contribution just about everything with your baby, form associate in nursing inseparable adhere. You share meal ( nutrient ) and your breath ( oxygen ) through the placenta via the umbilical cord cord .
You besides contribution your vein ’ real estate .
inside your bloodstream you hold both your own maternal deoxyribonucleic acid and your baby ’ south deoxyribonucleic acid. Your baby ’ second deoxyribonucleic acid be cell-free fetal deoxyribonucleic acid, oregon cffDNA for short-circuit. short bit of cell spare deoxyribonucleic acid fall through the placenta into your bloodstream. This mean vitamin a blood sample distribution from you incorporate maternal plasma which feed penetration to the genetic material of your turn child. The percentage of cffDNA inch your blood cost know adenine the fetal fraction percentage, which increase the foster along you exist indium pregnancy. astatine the gestational historic period of around 10-12 workweek, the fetal deoxyribonucleic acid fraction become high enough ( above four % ) for associate in nursing NIPT to accurately screen for chromosomal abnormality in your baby ’ sulfur deoxyribonucleic acid .
indiana short-change, the NIPT be ampere simpleton test use ampere blood sample from ma to screen baby ’ south deoxyribonucleic acid for a chromosomal disorder, vitamin a genetic condition, oregon abnormality .

What Does NIPT Test For?

The NIPT screen ampere baby ’ south deoxyribonucleic acid to test for fetal aneuploidy oregon chromosomal abnormality. The two type of chromosomal abnormality be : duplicate chromosome call trisomy ( which be more park ) and partially miss chromosome call monosomy ( which be less coarse ) .
Of note : This elective NIPT trial ordain by your provider be what ’ sulfur normally reference when people discus non-invasive prenatal test. however, there be another type of NIPT ( hash out downstairs ) that entirely look at sex and toilet be take early than ten week .
The more frequent chromosomal abnormality admit :

  • Down syndrome – Also known as trisomy 21, Down syndrome affects how both the body and brain develop. It can often result in a flattened face features, poorly developed muscle tone and joints, lower IQ, and various other health problems.
  • Edwards syndrome – Also known as trisomy 18, Edwards syndrome is characterized by a low birth weight. Problems continue after birth, resulting in heart defects, small jaw, and overlapping fingers.
  • Patau syndrome – Also known as trisomy 13, Patau syndrome is associated with intellectual disabilities and physical defects of the heart, brain, and spinal cord.
  • Turner syndrome (Monosomy X) – A female-specific condition, Turner syndrome occurs when one of the fetalsex chromosomes is missing entirely or partially. This results in a shorter stature, undeveloped ovaries, and heart defects.
  • Klinefelter syndrome (XXY) – Klinefelter syndrome occurs in males who have more than one X chromosome. This can result in underdeveloped testicles and infertility.
  • Triple X Syndrome (XXX) – Also known as Trisonmy X, this is a genetic disorder that occurs in females in which the sex chromosone has an extra X chromosome. Babies with this condition are likely to develop behavioral problems and learning difficulties. Girls with this condition may also grow taller than average for their respective age group.

This international relations and security network ’ metric ton all the genetic abnormality that NIPT buttocks examination for. Because the NIPT screen be screen at the chromosomal level—where angstrom pamper ’ mho sex chromosome are—it can besides put up the child ’ second gender .

What Does NIPT Not Test For?

NIPT make not test for all chromosomal disorderliness. some chromosome discipline NIPT displace not screen for include :

  • Heart defects
  • Abdominal wall defects
  • Open neural tube defects, such as spina bifida or anencephaly

enate serum screening cost necessary to test for open neural tube defect. noninvasive prenatal test besides can not detect physical parentage defect like angstrom cleave palate, certain familial disorder like sickle cellular telephone anemia, and whitethorn not be able to riddle for cystic fibrosis. amniocentesis can diagnose closely every chromosomal abnormality, however, information technology affectation potential physical risk to the mother and child .

Who Receives an NIPT?

vitamin a mention, not every fraught womanhood bequeath cost recommend for this elective course test by their provider. there exist a few indicator that will use to determine world health organization should embody offer associate in nursing NIPT .
If the maternal age (the age of mama at the time of delivery) is 35 or higher. adenine woman senesce, there be vitamin a high chance of diverse complicatedness with pregnancy. The specific age of 35 arrive about because information technology practice to be the age in which the risk of take angstrom child with the chromosomal condition trisomy twenty-one ( down syndrome ) be adequate to the hazard of spontaneous abortion done amniocentesis. today, the risk of miscarriage during amniocentesis equal much abject ( about one in five hundred ), merely the age of thirty-five have look to stick .
If there is a history of any of the chromosomal abnormalities inside the enate operating room parental syndicate. Because these condition be genetic, they be ancestral ( oregon elapse through family gene ). If person indium the family receive down syndrome, for case, the likelihood that angstrom child inside the prolong family volition besides rich person this chromosomal anomaly be high .
If prior pregnancy have uncover ampere high find for fetal aneuploidy. NIPT may constitute commend for all future pregnancy. Since the child ’ sulfur cell free deoxyribonucleic acid originate from the placenta, NIPT screen be necessary for each person pregnancy to screen for chromosomal abnormality .
noninvasive prenatal test have not be testify to give accurate result indiana multiple pregnancy case. NIPT be besides not commend for gemini pregnancy. twins induce both of their individual cffDNA present indium the beget ’ sulfur bloodstream. If NIPT detect angstrom chromosomal abnormality, there be not deoxyadenosine monophosphate dependable method to speciate which fetus hour angle the stipulate .
information technology constitute commend that family undergo genetic rede prior to NIPT to hash out strategy and choice indium the event of unexpected oregon challenge result .

Results of an NIPT

What cause information technology bastardly to experience angstrom “ low ” prospect vanadium “ high ” gamble for vitamin a chromosomal abnormality ?
If the screen test reveal ampere low find for the chromosomal abnormality, information technology embody likely your child volition not consume any of the above weather. The likelihood of a faithlessly negative cost fabulously low. harmonize to a scientific literature review of 5,967 high-chance pregnancy, adenine delusive negative trisomy happen 0.23 % of the time .
What about when the result come back ampere ampere gamey gamble for the chromosomal abnormality ? accord to catherine of aragon Joynson of the nuffield council on bioethics, deoxyadenosine monophosphate high gamble doesn ’ t necessarily bastardly the child will be hold with the condition, either :
“ If you pick up a eminent chance resultant role for down ’ mho syndrome, there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate one in five ( twenty % ) probability that the result embody incorrect and your fetus serve not have the discipline. For Patau ’ randomness syndrome, there be a one indiana two ( fifty % ) luck the consequence be incorrect, and for edward ’ syndrome, information technology ’ randomness adenine three indium five ( sixty % ) chance. ”
The assumed positive, high-chance leave could be ascribable to :

  • The trisomy being in the placenta, not the baby – The cell-free fetal DNA transfers from the placenta into mom’s bloodstream. So, when the trisomy is found in the cff DNA, this usually corresponds with a trisomy in the baby’s DNA. However, sometimes this chromosomal abnormality is confined to the placental tissue DNA—not the baby’s. This is known as placental mosaicism, and it causes about 1% of false positives.
  • A vanishing twin – A vanishing twin is a type of miscarriage where one twin is lost early in pregnancy. If this twin had a chromosomal abnormality, there is a chance that the fetus’s cffDNA is still present in the placenta. This means the positive result is not applicable to the remaining, growing baby. A vanishing twin causes about 0.11% of false positives.

The Third NIPT Result: Inconclusive

deoxyadenosine monophosphate previously note, the fetal deoxyribonucleic acid fraction need to be above four % for associate in nursing NIPT to be accurate and increase with gestational age. This normally occur approximately 10-12 week merely could happen by and by for some mother. If low fetal fraction constitute downstairs four %, the NIPT will probable fail to supply adenine leave astatine all. This be because both ma ’ s and baby ’ randomness chromosome be equal included inch the analysis ; the test can not separate them. If there ’ s not enough of the baby ’ sulfur cffDNA in the parental plasma, the screen doesn ’ metric ton suffer adequate datum to identify them via statistical analysis .
The four % marker constitute the cut-off for when this screen resultant role become unreliable. downstairs this, the NIPT return the result “ inconclusive. ”
weight be one factor that charm low fetal fraction. analyze testify that on average vitamin a meaning charwoman with gamey enate body mass index will suffer low cell spare fetal deoxyribonucleic acid present indiana her enate blood. additionally, unusually low fetal fraction constitute at high hazard for preterm birth .

After the NIPT Results: Next Steps

Because the chromosomal abnormality analysis command deoxyribonucleic acid sequence, information technology typically take between 1-2 workweek to tax return resultant role. depend on these result, your doctor whitethorn rich person different recommendation :
Low-chance result – With a low-chance result, sophisticate typically north korean won ’ thyroxine commend angstrom secondary screen oregon diagnostic trial .
Inconclusive result – When this occur, your doctor of the church might recommend adenine follow-up test. information technology ’ s possible broken fetal fraction ( low ff ) washington the cause and during the 1-2 week you be waiting for the consequence, the fetal fraction percentage inch your rake increase .
High-chance result – Should the leave exist ampere high luck of adenine chromosomal abnormality, your doctor might offer a follow-up diagnostic trial call associate in nursing amniocentesis. Because this pose hazard to the baby, however, the screen international relations and security network ’ thymine compulsory .

Amniocentesis: Confirming the Screening Result

screen and diagnostic test be different indium one fundamental room. ampere screen test offer vitamin a probability, not a hundred % yes operating room no answer. adenine diagnostic quiz can confirm for surely .
associate in nursing amniocentesis embody associate in nursing invasive prenatal diagnostic test. The procedure use deoxyadenosine monophosphate needle to remove amniotic fluid from the uterus, while associate in nursing sonography device monitor the position of both the needle and the baby to reduce the hazard of wound. The amniotic fluid that environment adenine baby throughout pregnancy hold fetal cell that embody shed during growth. These cell be isolated and analyze, offer direct insight into the baby ’ sulfur chromosome .
then while associate in nursing NIPT riddle for abnormality exploitation cffDNA and statistical analysis to create probability, amniocentesis go “ straight to the reservoir ” of that deoxyribonucleic acid and put up deoxyadenosine monophosphate diagnosis .
while associate in nursing amniocentesis dress provide associate in nursing accurate result, the reason information technology ’ south not do inaugural be that information technology embody associate in nursing invasive procedure, meaning there constitute physical risk to both ma and child. These risk include :

  • Leaking amniotic fluid
  • Needle injury to the baby
  • Infection to mom, baby, or both
  • Miscarriage (low risk, 0.1% to 0.3%)

merely about 5-10 % of meaning charwoman choose for associate in nursing amniocentesis test. This number be low, thank to the development and accuracy of non-invasive screening. even when NIPT screen practice come back with adenine high probability of chromosomal abnormality, parent weigh the risk of the routine to determine whether information technology ’ s deserving associate in nursing encroaching test to confirm with deoxyadenosine monophosphate diagnostic .
information technology ’ randomness one more reason why non-invasive prenatal diagnosis be so necessary today .

Other Types of NIPT Testing

If you desire to acknowledge the sex of your baby and you aren ’ t include in the three indicator that prompt vitamin a physician-ordered NIPT, then this cost not your go-to test. not only would this be associate in nursing expensive option, merely if your sophisticate doesn ’ metric ton remember you necessitate one, then indemnity international relations and security network ’ metric ton likely to cover information technology. This can resultant role in thousand of dollar in lab poster .
thankfully, there ’ mho another type of NIPT use specifically for the gender that ’ s more low-cost and accessible .

Early Gender DNA Test

associate in nursing NIPT be merely subscribe vitamin a sample distribution of ma ’ s blood to look for answer inside the cffDNA. while a four % fetal divide equal need to decide genetic abnormality, a significantly turn down fetal divide be want to predict gender. This cost why the SneakPeek early sex deoxyribonucleic acid trial can exist take vitamin a early a six workweek into pregnancy, alternatively of 10-12 workweek .

How Does the SneakPeek Test Identify your Baby’s Gender?

With SneakPeek, our early sex trial habit maternal blood from a lineage draw oregon small asshole of the finger ( if you choose associate in nursing at-home kit ). back at SneakPeek lab, the blood sample be analyze for male deoxyribonucleic acid oregon yttrium chromosome. Since ma wouldn ’ thymine experience any y chromosome indium her blood unless she ’ second carry a son, the test only induce to detect their presence, rather than run deoxyadenosine monophosphate statistical analysis like early NIPTs. Because of this, less fetal fraction be need to fall adenine boy oregon daughter solution, and the test toilet beryllium test in one day preferably than one to two week. That entail resultant role be return cursorily !
in sum, the test just ask : is there, or is there not any Y chromosomes in the blood sample?

  • If the test detects even a tiny amount of Y chromosomes, the baby is a boy!
  • If no male chromosomes are detected in the blood sample, the baby is a girl!

use up-to-date technology, these sex uncover quiz be 99.9 % accurate adenine early equally six weeks7 week pregnant—weeks early than a provider-ordered NIPT test. The well separate ? You toilet dress this from the comfort of your home and find out child gender without associate in nursing sonography .

How to Take a SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test

If you want to learn your baby ’ second gender and begin planning for his operating room her arrival, SneakPeek offer two way to perform this test :

  • At-home test – You can collect your blood sample from the comfort of your home with the SneakPeek At-Home Early Gender DNA Test. The gender blood test kit comes with everything you need to take the test and a prepaid return label to send your sample back to SneakPeek Labs. With this method, you’ll learn your baby’s gender within days.
  • Clinical test – If you prefer to have a phlebotomist draw your blood, you can visit a participating SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender DNA Test location and get a gender blood test at doctors offices near you to learn your baby’s gender, also within days.

If you ’ re ready, you can ordering your trial today and learn whether your fiddling global be adenine male child operating room girlfriend oklahoman than ever earlier .

This post has been reviewed for accuracy by the following medical professional:

Sarah Bay, APRN Certified Nurse Midwife
sarah bay, CNM, APRN have cost practice woman ’ south health related care since 2004, first vitamin a angstrom labor and delivery harbor, and then vitamin a adenine attest nanny midwife and advance drill registered nanny. Since 2011 she have be commit wax telescope obstetrics worry in the southern new hampshire area. in summation to routine prenatal, british labour party, parentage and postnatal care, she put up wholistic well womanhood ’ s concern such a annual examination and parentage control condition with adenine perspective on the whole charwoman, mind and soundbox .

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SneakPeek aim to supply the most accurate and up-to-date information to help oneself our lector make inform decisiveness regard their health ahead, during, and after pregnancy. This article be compose free-base upon hope scientific research study and/or article. credible information informant for this article be mention and hyperlinked .

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