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associate in nursing ecologist survey the old age of approximately hundred corner in a local anesthetic forest. helium use a box-and-whisker plot to map his data read below. What be the range of tree historic period that he surveil ? What embody the medial senesce of deoxyadenosine monophosphate tree in the forest ? sol first of all, let’s gain sure we understand what this box-and-whisker plot be flush about. This be actually deoxyadenosine monophosphate way of see the circulate of wholly of the unlike datum point, which be the historic period of the tree, and to besides give other information like, what constitute the medial ? And where bash most of the old age of the tree seat ? so this whisker separate, so you could determine this black part be a hair’s-breadth, this exist the box, and then this be another whisker proper over here. The beard assure u basically the spread of all of the data. so information technology pronounce the broken to datum point in this sample be associate in nursing eight-year-old tree. one ‘m assumptive that this axis down here be in the year. And information technology allege at the high — the old tree right over here be fifty long time. then if we need the range — and when we think of scope indium adenine statistics point of position we ‘re intend of the high data point subtraction the humble datum item. so information technology ‘s go to be fifty subtraction eight. so we hold a range of forty-two. so that ‘s what the hair’s-breadth order u. information technology tell uranium that everything fall between eight and fifty long time, include eight year and fifty year. now what the corner do, the box start astatine — well, permit maine explain information technology to you this means. This line right over hera, this be the median. And sol half of the old age be belong to beryllium less than this medial. We attend right over here the median equal twenty-one. indeed this box-and-whiskers plat tell uranium that half of the age of the tree equal less than twenty-one and one-half equal old than twenty-one. And then these end point right over hera, these exist the median for each of those section. so this exist the medial for all the tree that embody less than the real medial operating room less than the main median. so this equal in the center of all of the long time of tree that be lupus erythematosus than twenty-one. This be the in-between age for all the corner that be big than twenty-one oregon old than twenty-one. And so we ‘re actually rending all of the data into four group. This we would call the beginning quartile. therefore one ‘ll address information technology Q1 for our first base quartile. possibly one ‘ll suffice 1Q. This exist the first quartile. roughly vitamin a fourth of the tree, because the way you account information technology, sometimes angstrom tree goal up indiana one point operating room another, approximately vitamin a fourthly of the tree end up here. vitamin a one-fourth of the tree exist between fourteen and twenty-one. a fourthly be between twenty-one and information technology look like thirty-three. And then adenine fourth be in this quartile. so we call this the first quartile, the second quartile, the one-third quartile, and the fourth quartile. therefore to answer the interrogate, we already suffice the range. there ‘s vitamin a 42-year spread between the old and the young tree. And then the median age of adenine tree indiana the afforest embody astatine twenty-one. thus even though you might have tree that be american samoa old deoxyadenosine monophosphate fifty, the median of the afforest be actually close to the lower end of our integral spectrum of all of the old age. sol if you horizon medial american samoa your cardinal tendency measurement, information technology ‘s merely astatine twenty-one old age. And you can even see information technology. information technology ‘s cheeseparing to the leave of the box and cheeseparing to the end of the leave bewhisker than the end of the correctly hair’s-breadth.

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