How to quote in Reddit on any device

When you quote person, you single out their comment as important adequate to address. so many comments are posted on Reddit, and even though direct replies are possible, misunderstandings happen when users don ’ metric ton know if a remark applies to them. Quoting removes doubt as to who you ’ re address. Let ’ s lecture about how to quote on Reddit .
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To quote on Reddit on a calculator, start your gossip in an empty text box, then select and cluck Quote Block. Paste your quote after the vertical occupation.

If you ‘re using Reddit on your phone, format textbook as a quotation mark by adding a at the start of your line .

  • Quoting stuff on Reddit on your computer
  • Quoting stuff on Reddit on Android and iOS

note that you can not quote videos or images posted to Reddit. You can alone add text that has been formatted as a quote. This besides means that, if you quote person ’ s gloss, they will not be notified .

Copy the text for your quote

Visit the Reddit post where you want to quote person .visit a reddit post Curtis Joe / Android Authority Scroll toss off and find the person you want to quote. Copy the text to your clipboard by highlighting it, right-clicking it, and selecting Copy .copy the quote text Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Decide where to add the quote

You will need to choose where to place your gossip containing the quote. We recommend either replying to the user you’re quoting or responding to the original post. By keeping the setting small, you create less confusion when quote. If you want to reply to the drug user you ’ re quote, locate the old world chat bubble-shaped Reply button underneath their remark. After clicking this, an empty text box field marked What are your thoughts?  will appear underneath .reply to the comment Curtis Joe / Android Authority If you wish to respond to the original post with that drug user ’ randomness gossip quoted, scroll up to the top. Underneath the original post, you will find an evacuate text box field marked Comment as [your username]. You will add your gloss with the quotation in the What are your thoughts?  section .comment as box on reddit Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Add your comment with the quote

Underneath the What are your thoughts text box, click the button to view format options, then click the citation mark-shaped Quote Block  button .quote block reddit Curtis Joe / Android Authority When you see a grey line at the beginning of your text, you have started a modern quote .quote start Curtis Joe / Android Authority ultimately, paste the text you copied to your clipboard to add your quote. You can either right-click and blue-ribbon P aste or press Ctrl + V  on your keyboard.

paste your quote Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Exiting your quote

If you want to add more comment outdoor of the quote in the lapp gossip, press Enter three times to exit the quote. alternatively, you can press figure once to start a newly line in your quote, then press Backspace on your keyboard .exit your quote Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Can you quote on the Reddit mobile app?

Quoting works a little bit differently on the Reddit app for Android and io. This is because there international relations and security network ’ thymine a format barroom for text like there is on the desktop version. Open the Reddit app on your Android or io device. Locate the post with the gossip you want to quote .find the comment you want to quote on the mobile version Curtis Joe / Android Authority Press the button underneath the text you want to quote, then blue-ribbon Copy text. Select where you want to comment with your quote. For this exercise, we are replying to that exploiter ’ randomness comment, so we press Reply  underneath their comment .add your quote mobile version Curtis Joe / Android Authority To format your textbook as a quote, you must type at the begin of the course you want to be a quote. If you press Enter or start a new course, that will end that quote. Press Post in the top right to post your remark .quote text mobile reddit Curtis Joe / Android Authority
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If you ’ re using Reddit on a calculator, start your gloss in an empty text box, then select and snap Quote Block. If you ’ re on the mobile adaptation, you format text as a quote by adding a > at the begin of your line .

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