How to Cite an Article| Components & Examples

Components of the citation Mandatory Examples Comments: How to cite an article
Author of the article Yes – Seidel, Brigitte; Schmitt, Peter A.
– Gilbert, D. G. (APA style)
– n. a.
– The first name is written in full, the middle name abbreviated. However, this also depends on the citation style chosen: in APA citations, both first name and middle name are abbreviated.
– n.a. = no author
– The surname is part of the short reference in the text, if there are more than three authors: Name (first author) et al. (e.g. Shotton et al.).
Article title Yes – “The geographic expansion of Mexican immigration in the United States and its implications for local law enforcement”
-“Volunteer support, marital status, and the survival times of terminally ill patients”
Recommendation: Put the title in quotation marks; this indicates that it is a dependent work.
Please note: No quotation marks in APA
In: Depends on citation system -, in:
-. In:
– Indicates that the article is embedded in a larger publication (the journal)
– Capitalized only after a period
Please note: No in/In in APA citations, the article title is directly followed by the italicized journal title.
Journal title Yes – Health Psychology
– Law Enforcement Executive Forum Journal
– Journal of Applied Linguistics
Title in italics (= independent publication)
Volume/Issue number and date/year of publication Yes – 28/1 (28th volume issue no. 1)
– 2(2) (APA style)
– 22.03.2015
– Journal articles: volume and issue number
– For newspaper articles: day, month, year
– Date of publication (APA citation: in
brackets, right after the author)
Page numbers Yes – p. 145-168
– 25-59
– 63 et seq.
– Please note: The page numbers do not refer to pages from which quotes were extracted, but refer to the placement of this particular article in the whole journal.
– ff. = the following page; et seq. = subsequent pages (min. 2); if you are referring to more than three pages here, use a dash to indicate from-till: p. 267-275

Crucial Elements for Citing an Article

Author: When information technology total to daybook article, the author of the article equal appoint first ( not the editor of the daybook ). The surname be follow aside the first base name. If there be more than matchless first appoint, lone the first cost written indium broad and the middle name be abbreviated, e.g. Schmitt, Peter A. however, if you be use APA citations, all first name be abridge and only the surname be write in full, e.g. Schmitt, P.A.
Journal title: another vital element embody the title of the journal. count on the quotation system you choose to trace, the title be put in citation mark. The title of the journal be besides part of angstrom fully citation and mustiness be italicize to contrast information technology with the title of the article. thus, information technology be possible to spot article and journal entitle at a glance.

Volume Number: furthermore, you rich person to include the volume count to make sure that the article toilet be well establish and identify. in addition, the page numbers must be hold vitamin a this besides help the reviewer hound your reference.

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