Looping YouTube videos is easy: Here’s how

( Pocket-lint ) – google has cottoned on to the fact that people enjoy looping sealed kinds of YouTube videos. Whether watching ASMR subject, relaxing brooding videos or just listening to your darling tunes on repeat it seems people love to loop .
It ‘s been possible to loop video for some time, but it seems that not everyone was aware how to do it and many were turning to third-party solutions .

How to loop YouTube videos easily

now YouTube ‘s interface has been tweaked slightly to make it clearer how to get originate looping. Right-click on a video and you ‘ll see the choice to loop appear at the top of the menu alongside other options to copy the television URL, embed code and more .

Its now even easier to loop YouTube videos Heres how image 1
once clicked, the video recording will then play continuously and you do n’t need to worry about an “ up future ” video recording playing afterwards rather .
This change has been rolled out now and is widely available on background .

Looping YouTube on mobile

It ‘s besides possible to do this on mobile besides .
Its now even easier to loop YouTube videos Heres how photo 4
To do it, find the television you want to loop, click the settings cog and then you ‘ll see a menu appear with assorted options. One of which is the loop topology video option. Simply click that to turn looping on and watch until your affection is message .

Not seeing the loop option? 

If you ‘ve opened the settings but are n’t seeing the option to loop then do n’t panic. There is another way, but it ‘s a short crafty .

Its Now Even Easier To Loop Youtube Videos Heres How image 1

  1. Click the save button to add the video to a new playlist
  2. Name and create that playlist some logical and choose private or public
  3. Click to view that playlist once it has been created
  4. Click the little drop-down arrow and find the repeat button 
  5. Activate repeat, sit back and enjoy

Looping in a mobile browser

If you do n’t want to create a playlist, you can use the desktop proficiency on mobile but without a browser.

Navigate to YouTube on your earphone via Chrome. then click the three dots of the menu, then click “ request background site ”. Once you ‘re there, you can then press and hold the screen where the video is playing and access the like menu that you ‘d see on background. Simply click loop topology and the video will play indefinitely. Best iPhone apps 2022: The ultimate guide

Best iPhone apps 2022: The ultimate guide


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