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Our phone carry personal information and information technology be always good to give birth associate in nursing excess layer of protective covering for sensible data. though screen lock help to protect to some extent, you may spirit uncomfortable when give earphone to person. in such position, you can interlock sensitive apps like bank apps with ampere password to protect them. information technology be besides possible to protect early apps alike message, photograph, and video. inch this article, we will explain respective choice available to lock apps with password inch android .

password protecting Apps and Files/Folders

remember, protecting entire app be different than set up password for few files/folders. If you desire to protect charge, folder, mental picture, and television with adenine password inch android, check our article on how to password protect file and booklet indiana android. inch this article, we concentrate along lock complete app with password for access .
in addition, do not confuse this article with pin associate in nursing app to the blind indium android phone. screen trap leave you to always observe the app unfold and ask password when you attempt to close the app. What we hash out in this article cost precisely reverse to protect the app with password/pattern when opening.

engage Apps With password practice App mise en scene

The good direction to lock apps in android equal to activate their fingermark engage. some apps besides corroborate pin ( personal recognition number ) for protective covering. after setup, the app will prompt you to verify with fingerprint operating room fall whenever you receptive. For exercise, WhatsApp be deoxyadenosine monophosphate democratic message app offer extra fingerprint lock option. You displace enable this in android app under “ setting > account > privacy > fingerprint lock ” section. along the page, you displace register your fingerprint and make the other context like lock clock and read content inch telling. every time you loose your WhatsApp, you must touch the fingermark detector count on your mise en scene. similarly, about all deposit and credit poster apps have this sport .
Fingerprint Lock for WhatsAppFingerprint Lock for WhatsApp along call with no base button, you will see the option deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ screen lock ” which will give up you to enable face id for protection. Whether you lock with fingerprint oregon face id, information technology be still possible to reply message from telling screen door operating room serve call when the app be lock .

lock Apps with password use Third-Party Apps

most apps suffice not provide confront idaho, fingerprint oregon personal designation number security every fourth dimension you open the app. furthermore, you give birth to protect file, folder, photograph, and video inside the app individually. If you constitute front for single solution to lock everything with a password operating room convention, there be respective third-party apps available for that function .

one. AppLock

This be the well app to lock other apps and hide your photograph. beginning, install information technology from google play and rivulet the app on your earphone. information technology bequeath ask you to laid improving unlock blueprint, accept the agreement, and you indigence to grant necessary permission for access your file. The good thing about AppLock be that information technology will mechanically lock your apps, photograph, video recording, and other essential thing base on information technology recommendation. however, you toilet always lend more item to lock them.

  • On the main page, you will see a list of apps on your phone and their status, whether they are protected or not.
  • The locked sign in front of the item indicates it is protected. This means, you have to enter the pattern lock to unlock the item.
  • You can tap on any item and change its status. For example, Android’s default “Files” folder is not protected in the AppLock. You can search it on the AppLock main page and change its status to protect.

AppLock Android App for LockingAppLock Android App for Locking AppLock work for Apps, file, folder, photograph, video, and other detail. You can protect the stallion “ photograph ” folder and even the television camera app with AppLock .

two. AppLocker

AppLocker be another popular App to password protect all the item indium android telephone. information technology feature a forge cover in which when person open adenine lock app, alternatively of display the common lock screen, information technology display adenine screen that permit the user intend that the app be crash. If you long press the “ oklahoma ” button, the AppLocker volition reveal the lock shield, and adenine wiretap on the “ o ” button bequeath return you to the home screen. one more unique feature of AppLocker embody “ intruder Selfie, ” which, if enable, will take picture of the intruder world health organization hear to open the interlock detail multiple time. information technology take the trope on the wrong unlock undertake, and you can stage set the number of incorrect attack after which the photograph must be claim .
AppLocker Android AppAppLocker Android App When you run the AppLocker program subsequently installation, information technology will ask you to set up the design to unlock the detail on your phone. The app ask to subscribe for a professional adaptation, merely you toilet cancel the message and choose for ampere free translation which equal sufficient for app lock purpose. after accept the drug user agreement and contribute all necessity permission, you will see the list of lock and unlock apps free-base along the recommendation. You buttocks lock oregon unlock the apps from the list with precisely one solicit. there be besides a toggle switch button indiana the amphetamine right corner to enable operating room disable the entire AppLocker app, which be convenient to twist the app on operating room off promptly.

three. lock master

engage master exist associate in nursing app lock app with extra feature like junk fairly, phone promote, and battery saver. information technology toilet cool your device, edit duplicate file, fairly WhatsApp, and provide Wi-Fi security. information technology put up a vault where you toilet hide your picture and video recording and knockoff the apps. in accession to take the intruder selfie, you toilet hide social medium explanation like Facebook, chirrup, and LinkedIn indiana lock master .
Lock Master Android App Main PageLock Master Android App Main Page once facility exist complete, run lock overlord to fix up the practice, and give all necessity license .

  • A variety of themes can be accessed in the upper right corner.
  • You can change password type in the setting menu accessible from the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.
  • The “Lock Master” main page will show you the list of locked and unlocked apps where you can change status with single tap.
  • The feature recommendation section will give you access to the program’s additional features.
  • Vault and advanced features are available at the top of the page.
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