3 Effective Ways to Put Out a Fire in a Fire Pit

Enjoying a cozy fire outdoors is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a busy day or workweek .
however, not properly planning ahead to put out your burn can be dangerous and cursorily turn a relaxing even into a nerve-racking or evening deadly night. But, with a short plan and know-how, you can safely enjoy and put out a fire in a fire pit .

Can You Leave a Fire Pit Burning Overnight ?

A fire in a fire pit being put out by waiting for the flames to die down.
A coarse interview regarding putting out a ardor in a fire stone is if you can just leave the fire burn nightlong and allow it to burn out on its own.

This would decidedly be an easier option, but it is besides identical hazardous and dangerous. even a bantam ember can cause a backyard fire, specially during dry conditions .
But don ’ metric ton be discouraged ! There are batch of different options to ensure that you can enjoy the heat and ambiance of a backyard fire, but besides easily and safely put out the fire. All it takes is a little bit of planning, time and some supplies .
You don ’ t want to rush the process of putting out a fire or leave it as a last-minute undertaking. Outdoor Command recommends you stop adding fuel to the fire about an hour before you are planning to leave the area. This allows the fire to burn down naturally, making it easier to put out .
You can use a shovel or a adhere to spread out any hot logs or coals. This will help speed up the process of putting out the fire. If the large chunks of the wood or coals are spread out and not touching, they will not hold as much inflame and lessen the chances of reigniting the burn .
From here, there are respective different options to finish the job of putting out the fire in your backyard wood-fired fuel pit .
Check out some of our tips and information for each option and learn which one will work well for your outdoor fire pit .

How to safely Put Out a open fire pit

Person using a water hose to safety put out a fire in a fire pit
Water is a quick and easy manner to put out a fire in your arouse pit, but having a bucket of water on stand-by international relations and security network ’ t quite the best choice for this .
A garden hose with a multi-pattern beak will be needed if you want to use urine to douse out the flames. Have the beak set to a spray setting rather than a mastermind stream of body of water to safely snuff out flames .
According to hgtv, a shower-type spray will safely quench a fire, while a send stream can actually spread sparks .
When adding water, take concern to not be excessively close, as the cool water hitting the hot firewood can give off steam that can cause injury .
once the firewood, embers and ash have been soaked with water, stir the contents with a shovel or stick until it is ensured that they are drenched and amply cooled .
While water allows you to promptly cool and put out the flames in your ardor pit, it doesn ’ t necessarily mean it is the best option for your fuel pit, peculiarly if it is constructed of metal.

If your arouse pit is made of metallic, the recur sudden change from hot to cold can weaken the material over fourth dimension, causing it to deteriorate faster or even cause it to crack. Depending on the manufacturer of your displace pit, this could besides violate the intersection guarantee .
If you are planning on regularly replace and updating your fire pit, this is one option of putting out fires. however, if you want your alloy fire pit to last long, there are early effective options to put out a fire without water, which will besides help protect the geomorphologic integrity of your fire pit over time .
Using sand and dirt is a great way to put out a fire pit without water
Sand and Dirt
A coarse way of putting out a fire hell without water is to use dry sandpaper or scandal. We recommend using a shovel to throw backbone and scandal on the coals of the fire once it has about burned out to a few embers .
Using the power shovel or a stick, stir the cinders, backbone and dirt together until you have ensured that the fire has been put out completely .
This option is ideal if you have a metallic fire pit that you want to keep for season after temper. It is besides a virtual option if your garden hosiery can not reach your backyard fire pit, peculiarly if it is a permanent wave have of your landscape and can not be well moved round .
Another effective way to put out a fire pit without water is to use a snuffer. A snuffer is designed to go on acme of your fire pit, like a hat, and cut off the flow of oxygen to the ardor so it will stop burn .
Some fire pits will come with a snuffer, but if you are looking to purchase one for your open fire pit, you will want to keep the dimensions of your fire orchestra pit opening in mind for optimum results .
This choice is besides effective used on wood-fired arouse pits that have a upstanding enclose burn sphere, such as fire bowl or hardscaped displace pits. It will not work quite as effectively with fire pits that have cut-out designs, as these will still allow publicize to flow into the burning area, which will allow the fire to continue burn .

How to safely Put out a fire in a Gas Fire Pit

Outdoor gas fire pit with a roaring fire in the backyard.
A gas ardor pit is much easier to put out a arouse, as you just just turn it off .
If your natural gas open fire hell has cosmetic elements in or around the burner, such as lava rocks or fire glass, you will want to ensure that these are cool to the contact before putting a protective lid or cover over your gasoline ardor pit.

Keep Your Cozy Fires Fun & Safe

Having a backyard fire is a fun and relaxing direction to unwind outdoors and unplug from the busy rush of daily liveliness .
By having the right tools and know-how, you can ensure that you can safely enjoy and extinguish your fuel at the conclusion of the night. The justly extinguishing method acting can not lone help protect yourself and your love ones, but could besides prolong the life of your arouse orchestra pit for many seasons to come .
besides, make sure to check out our other fuel pit relate articles for helpful tips and insights with all things fire pits .

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