How to put on magnetic eyelashes in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Try on the magnetic eyelashes

Try on the lashes to check its suit, and trim if needed. The magnetic lashes should run across your upper lash cable along your eyelid. Allow about 2-10mm from the inside corner of your eye for a comfortable equip .
Remember to ensure magnets are at the very end of the inner and knocked out sides of the lashes .

Step 2: Apply your magnetic eyeliner

Ensure your eyelids are clean and dry. Shake the eyeliner and apply 2-3 even coats of liner, airless to the lifelike whip line. Make certain the liner is at least the thickness of the lash band and consistent along the entire whip line from the inner and out corner of your eyelash lineage to ensure maximum grip. Let the liner semi-dry for around 15-30 seconds between coats, before adding your lashes. You want it to be about 80 % dry. You can use this product the same as a normal eyeliner ; so wing away !
gratuity : A thin line of charismatic eyeliner can be achieved by scraping the brush-tip against the inside of the eyeliner container.

Step 3: Magnetise your lashes onto the magnetic eyeliner

Use Youthphoria ‘s lash applicator for a better bobby pin and for visible placement of the magnetic lashes .
Using your fingers, place the magnetic lashes on top of the lining you applied in step 2. Begin applying the lash from the inner corner to the out corner of your eyelash telephone line. This will allow the magnets to softly snap into put, one by one. Firmly press the lashes into place, to ensure a secure connection. And voila ! You ’ re done !
Precautions : As with any cosmetic product, always perform a while test anterior to full application. In case of eye reach, wash the eye thoroughly with clean water. If you have a preexistent eye condition consult a medical professional before consumption .


Youthphoria Magnetic Belle Lashes

Removing your magnetic lashes and eyeliner

When you ’ re fix to remove your lashes, peel off the charismatic lashes from your eyelids with your fingers. You can easily remove the magnetic eyeliner with Youthphoria particularly formulated, lifelike and australian made foam makeup remover or rainproof constitution remover.

Caring for your lashes

If there are remnants of the lining on your magnetic eyelashes, you can clean them after each use by gently rubbing them with a cotton bud saturated in Isocol ( 64 % Isopropyl Alcohol – purchase from your local anesthetic supermarket ) and allow to air dry for best results. This will keep them hygienic excessively. alternatively, you can remove them carefully with tweezers .
Don ’ triiodothyronine forget to store your lashes in its case ! This will keep them dependable, and help them keep their shape—so you ’ re ready for perfection, use after use. When properly cared for, your Youthphoria magnetic lashes are reclaimable 30-60 times .
tap : Do not use makeup remover or micellar water to clean the lashes. Do not soak the lashes. To increase the longevity of your Youthphoria magnetic eyelashes, wear ’ metric ton lend oneself mascara directly to them. You can apply mascara to your natural lashes first, allow it to dry, then apply your Youthphoria Lashes.

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