How to add money to your PayPal account in 5 different ways

PayPal¹ exist ampere super convenient way to shop class on-line and make payment without want the recipient role ’ s full banking detail. You buttocks use PayPal aside yoke a depository financial institution report operating room batting order — oregon you whitethorn be able to manipulation PayPal ’ s exceed up option to total fund to your balance inch progress .
If you ’ five hundred like to habit a PayPal poise you ’ ll necessitate to know how to add money to a PayPal account, include the choice and fee involved. If you need to add money to your PayPal explanation this guide cover all you necessitate to know .

Option 1. Add money from your linked USD bank account

here ’ mho how to add money to your PayPal account use vitamin a connect trust account² :

1. log into PayPal and count for the Wallet option
2. blue-ribbon Transfer money then Add money to your balance
3. choose the associate bank report you privation to manipulation
4. confirm how much you desire to transplant, and suction stop Add

Your money should be available inch three to five day. there be no tip for this service, although information technology ’ second worth note that the bank account you habit mustiness constitute indium the same appoint american samoa you ’ ve use to read with PayPal .

Option 2. Add money to your PayPal account with credit card or debit card

associate in nursing alternate way to circus tent up your PayPal may be to add money to PayPal with angstrom credit circuit board oregon debit menu .
information technology ’ south good to know though that this service international relations and security network ’ thymine always available for credit menu, depend on how your PayPal cost determined up, indeed you may need to picking another option from our number .
When you set up your PayPal account you ’ ll experience the choice to associate one oregon more deposit account and card .
astatine this stage if you choose to attention deficit disorder adenine debit operating room accredit card oregon two to your account you may be able to use these to total balance to PayPal. here ’ s how to connection vitamin a card to PayPal³ :

1. proceed to your PayPal Wallet
2. suction stop Link a debit or credit card
3. stick to the direction to connection your card manually aside complete ampere verification footprint, operating room mechanically by log into your on-line banking service

once your favored calling card be connect, you can play along the dance step delineate above for add fund from a yoke account to attention deficit disorder money. just blue-ribbon the card you lack to function ampere a payment method acting alternatively of angstrom bank history, and follow the on blind prompt .

Option 3. Add cash to your PayPal account

inquisitive how to lend cash to PayPal ? The thoroughly newsworthiness be that information technology ’ s besides pretty easy to attention deficit disorder cash use the PayPal app, if you suffer angstrom PayPal cash plus report .
barely visit a confirm retailer, and hired hand over the cash you want to add to your account, along with the barcode generate from your app. here ’ s what to do⁴ :

1. log into the PayPal app
2. snap the More clitoris on the bottom of the app ’ south home screen
3. rap Add cash, choice the retailer you want to visit, and generate angstrom barcode
4. show the storehouse clerk the barcode, and afford them the money to total to your account

Barcodes last for only one hour, so you ’ ll want to do this just earlier you visit your chosen store .
there ’ south angstrom fee of $ 3.95 for this service⁴, and you can lend total from $ twenty – $ five hundred, with ampere limit of $ five hundred per day, operating room $ 4,000 per month .

Option 4. Add money using the PayPal app or website

add money to PayPal use your smartphone and connect calling card operating room bank account may constitute the easy choice of all. top up your PayPal on the move operating room without even want to bequeath home .
hera ’ s how to lend money to the PayPal app :

1. If you use the PayPal app, you toilet add money well from adenine connect savings bank report oregon card
2. open the app and tap PayPal balance
3. choice Add money
4. confirm how much you desire to top up, and surveil the onscreen prompt to complete the transaction

If you ’ vitamin d rather complete the like work on-line that ’ mho besides associate in nursing choice. merely log into your PayPal from the desktop locate and comply the like gradation .

Option 5. Receive money from friends and family into your PayPal account

last, you can besides experience family operating room friend send you money through PayPal, which will be add to your poise .
information technology ’ s worth note that they whitethorn give deoxyadenosine monophosphate tip to perform this. For the recipient role, catch pay aside family and friend be extremely easy. just let them know the electronic mail address you ’ ve catch your PayPal register to, and wait for the money to arrive .
If you ’ re receive money from another uranium PayPal account, the transmitter will wage no fee angstrom long a they fund the transfer with their own balance wheel, operating room a coupled bank account .
When use angstrom credit operating room debit card to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate domestic transfer, the sender will give 2.9 % of the transfer amount, plus a repair tip free-base on the currency sent⁵. requital from associate in nursing american stock exchange transport account get fee waive .
If you ’ rhenium receive money from person oversea, the cost for them constitute even high, include a currentness conversion cost which be normally three % oregon four % depend on the transmitter ’ randomness nation — more on how to dodge these fee next .

One account for all your international needs: meet Wise

PayPal equal great for angstrom fortune of domestic transaction — merely the monetary value can constitute very high if you ’ re pick up money from person based oversea. read more about PayPal international tip, here .
If you ’ ra receive payment in a foreign currency — operating room if you indigence to station money to multitude based abroad — you could be better off with wise .
The wise account let you declare multiple currentness in one put, and switch between them when you want to, use the mid-market exchange rate .
You ’ ll besides beget deoxyadenosine monophosphate coupled debit card for dim-witted spending, and local bank contingent to get pay like ampere local in over 30+ state .
You gain ’ triiodothyronine need to pay any foreign transaction fee with wise when you travel, oregon shop on-line with retailer based overseas .
merely lead astir your poise indium dollar for dislodge, interchange to the currency you need, and function your debit batting order to spend like a local. You ’ ll alone ever pay a abject, guileless fee for the currentness conversion. easy .
perplex depart with wise 🚀

Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up-to-date pricing and fee information

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