String of Hearts Propagation – How to Make a Ceropagia Woodii Fuller!

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE SEE THE DISCLOSURE POLICIES FOR DETAILS. The Ceropegia woodii, normally called String of Hearts or Chain or Hearts implant, is a democratic indoor attend plant that is very easy to propagate .
The string of hearts plant grows long delicate stems with pairs of cordate leaves. The leaves have white-on-green marbled patterns with pink-purple undersides .
Over time, stems can grow very retentive, or get leggy when grown in gloomy light. Pruning stems is elementary and cuttings can be propagated to turn one plant in more new plants or use cuttings to make the original plant grow fuller.

String of hearts plant cuttings being propagated in small bottle of water. Text on picture: How to propagate string of hearts. Ceropegia woodii. Mod and mint dot com.The String of Hearts plant is very easy to propagate. Read the String of Hearts care article if you are looking for general Ceropegia woodii care information. This article here goes over the different ways of propagation .

How to Propagate a String of Hearts Plant

The String of hearts plant is very easy to prune and propagate and cuttings grow roots pretty quickly .
Unlike for exemplify snake plants where you might wait months for roots to show, the chain of hearts can start growing roots already after one or two weeks !
Want to learn more about plant propagation ? Read the accomplished guide explaining the 6 different ways to propagate your plants .
String of hearts ceropegia woodii plant hanging in round vintage copper plant hanger.Propagation is a good way to fix very tall or leggy String of Hearts plants or make your plant fuller.

Prune and Propagate to Make your String of Hearts Plant Fuller

Pruning and propagating can help a sparse-looking string of hearts plant grow back fuller. Cuttings can be planted back in with the rear plant, and the remaining stem will branch out where you made the cut. Before you know it your straggly plant will be full and lush looking !
With given plenty of brilliantly light, an indoor string of hearts can grow fairly quickly and get pretty long. I have one hang that is about five feet good now .
If grown in excessively little light, the stems can grow leggy with lots of space in between the sets of leaves .
If your string of hearts is getting besides hanker or leggy, you can trim and prune it back .
plainly cut the stems to how long you want them to be, or enough to remove the leggy growth. Make your cut barely below a node where a laid of leaves grows from the stem. This is where the plant will branch out .
Hand holding up String of Hearts stem that has grown two new shoots where it was once pruned.A cut String of Hearts vine with two new stems braching out. The best time to propagate cuttings is during the active growing period, as the plant goes about dormant in winter. The warmer weather and abundance of light in spring and summer will encourage new growth .

Propagating String of Heart Tubers

Close up of round tuber ball growing on string of hearts plant.Round tuber growing on hanging String of Hearts plant. Healthy, senesce Ceropegia woodii plants grow small, round balls along the stems and roots.

These small balls are so-called tubers. When these forward pass tubers come into contact with dirt, they start to form roots and finally new stems .
Propagating your string of hearts from tubers is not the fastest way of propagation, but it is fun and easy to do .

  • Make a cut just above the tuber, or carefully remove it from the stem.
  • Place the tuber on slightly damp soil. Press down lightly to submerge tuber halfway into the soil.
  • In about 1 to 1,5 months, roots will grow and the tuber will start to produce new vines.

String of Hearts Propagation in Water

String of hearts plant cuttings being propagated in small bottle of water. Cut stem and leaves in front of bottle.Water propagation is a simple way to propagate the String of Hearts plant. Propagating string of heart stem cuttings in water is super simple. If you root multiple cuttings at one, you can have a fresh plant fairly fast .
Take stem cuttings with at least a couple of leaf pairs. I like to take cuttings that are at least about 5 inches farseeing .
Hand holing pink pruning shears cutting a String of hearts stem to propagate. lightly remove a few leaves from the bottom of the clipping. The leaf nodes are where you removed the leaves and where the roots will grow from .

  • Take a stem cutting with at least a few sets of leaves.
  • Remove one or two sets of leaves from the lower portion of the stem (the side where you made the cut).  
  • Place the cutting in a small glass or jar with just enough water to cover the bottom part.   
  • Keep it in bright, indirect light.  
  • Change the water regularly to prevent algae from building up.
  • Wait for roots to appear. Pot them up when the roots are at least one to two inches long.

String of hearts stem cutting with bottom leaves removed ready to be propagated. far reading to learn more about starting new plants in water : houseplant water propagation – How to make new plants for exempt !

String of Hearts Propagation in Soil

String of hearts plant cuttings propagated in soil in small clay pot. String of pearls plant hanging in the background. Another means to propagate is by rooting the cuttings in soil .
Take stalk cuttings, again remove the bottom leaf pairs, and plant them in well-draining succulent dirty ( I like to mix in some per light or pumice for extra aeration and drain ) .
Apply a bite of rooting hormone powderize to the end of the stem before planting it. This gunpowder speeds up the formation of roots and results in stronger, better-rooted plants. If you don ’ t have any, you can skip it. It might fair take a little longer .
You can plant the cuttings with the stems hanging down from the pot, or curled up on peak of slenderly damp territory. Make sure that the stems are touching the dirt where the nodes are. Use newspaper clips or hair pins to keep the stems down if needed.

  • Take a stem cutting with at least a few sets of leaves. Remove the bottom leaves.  
  • Dip the ends in rooting hormone.
  • Plant the cutting in well-draining succulent soil, covering the part where you have removed the bottom leaves.  
  • Place the cuttings in bright, indirect light and water sparingly until you see new growth. At that time, continue with regular care. 

Propagating String of Hearts Leaves Using the Butterfly Method

String of hearts butterfly leaf cuttings ready to be propagated.String of hearts butterfly leaf cuttings. You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate propagate your chain of hearts from fair a one leaf, but you can take alleged butterfly leaf cuttings .
The butterfly method acting of propagation produces lots of cuttings from just one stem and has a high rate of achiever .

  • Cut a String of hearts vine in sections. Cut on either side of the leaf pairs, leaving about a quarter inch of vine stem on either side. (this makes the cuttings look like a butterfly)
  • Place the butterfly cuttings on moist succulent soil. Keep the hearts face up.
  • Cover the planter or container with plastic wrap or a clear ziplock bag to create a humid environment and encourage roots to grow.
  • Keep the cuttings in bright, indirect light.
  • To prevent mold growth, open the plastic every few days to let it air out for a few hours.
  • Roots will start to grow in about two weeks and new vines will emerge from the cuttings.
  • When new vines start to grow, remove the plastic and resume regular care.

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