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In this video, you ’ ll induce to see the word ‘ water ’ used many times in english conversation. How is it pronounced ? It can be slippery with the Flap T. Learn how to practice this word by breaking it down sound by reasoned. then put it all together to feel confident using this word in american English conversation .
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In this american english English pronunciation video recording, you ’ re going to learn how to pronounce the give voice ‘ water ’ .
This video is being made on vacation. indeed, the background ’ second wyrd, the lighting ’ sulfur weird, but we get the benefit of having lots of other fun people be in this video recording indeed that you can better learn american English pronunciation. We ’ ra going to learn how to pronounce the word ‘ water ’. ‘ Water ’ is particularly concern because it ’ s so different in american English than it is in british English. So let ’ s beginning. How do we pronounce it ?
The lips will round for the W consonant. Wa-. then we have a vowel. It ’ s a set more open in american English than it is in british English. I use the AH as in FATHER vowel, wa-, ah, where my jaw drops quite a sting. The back depart of the tongue presses down a little bit. Wa-, ah, wa-. So that ’ s a very open heavy. Water .
then we have the letter T. It comes between two vowels. so, in american English, we ’ rhenium going to make that a Flap T. It will sound like a D. In British English they don ’ thymine do that. They keep a True ‘ micronesia ’ legal. Water, body of water. This Flap T sound is the R healthy in some early languages like Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese. But, in american English we call it a Flap T, and the tongue barely bounces up against the roof of the mouth. Water, -ter, -ter. sol, it ’ s a quick easy movement and there ’ s no hold on of air out .
then we have the schwa-R reasoned. In american english English we maintain a real R sound. In british English, they don ’ t when it ’ s at the goal of a word. Water, -er, -er. It ’ s a very closed strait. so to make the sound, the spit lifts up and it pulls back a fiddling act. indeed, the middle partially of the tongue is touching : possibly the ceiling of the sass, possibly the tooth, rr, rr, while the presence has pulled back and up a little bit, so it ’ s not touching anything, rr. We can hold that good forbidden. The tongue shouldn ’ thyroxine be flapping, ruh, ruh. That ’ s entirely for the Flap T. here it holds in place : body of water, rr, rr. You can see the lips will round a little bite for that concluding phone as well. Water .
You don ’ t need to worry about making a distinguish schwa strait. Just go straightaway from the Flap into the R. Water, water. now we ’ ra going to see a little bit of television of me walking to the well with my class to fill up our water bottles, and you ’ re going to hear the word ‘ water system ’ lots of times .
> > How, like, antique are we that we have to walk to the well to get water ?
> > I know.
> > We ’ ll here we ’ ra just on our direction to the well to get some water !
> > See, in rural Michigan…

> > How ’ s it taste, David ?
> > Oh, the water is in truth full .
> > Jace, how was the water ?
> > Cold and adept .
> > How ’ s the body of water ?
> > ? ? ?
> > That water tastes great .
> > Alright, does everyone have all the water system they need ?
> > I have my body of water. Let ’ s go.
> > Wait ! One more.
> > Do you have your water ?
> > I got my water.
> > Jace, do you need more water ?
> > Karina, can you room ‘ water ’ ?
> > Wa-wa.
> > Say ‘ body of water ’ for the television camera.
> > Say ‘ water ’.
> > Wa-wa .
> > Water .
I hope this has helped you understand how to pronounce ‘ water system ’ in american English. If you ’ re concern in exploring the differences between american English and British English, check out this video I made with Minoo. Don ’ thymine forget to like the video and parcel it. Put a comment below if there ’ sulfur another word that you would like me to teach you how to pronounce .
That ’ s it guys, and thanks therefore much for using Rachel ’ s English .

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